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Man and his endeavor to satisfy the inner thirst for wisdom and to know himself in reality seeks the consciousness of the Creator of all this solar system.

Not that there is not life beyond this solar system, but we, ourselves, at this present time, do not know and do not understand too much beyond our own household -- beyond the body of God, the Nameless One.

The great teachers and prophets down through the ages have formed schools and orders under the direct and divine revelation of the “White Brotherhood”, which operates and exists in a realm of life of which, at the present time, a description would not be recognizable or understandable to you until you have had certain spiritual experiences.

The forming of these orders was very definitely of great value to mankind.  They were for three things:  (1) They helped to service the already acquired knowledge of the human race scientifically.  (2) They were able to guide the consciousness of man in his evolution by direction of the Brothers.  (3) They were able to personally help those who learned faster and were ahead of their time in understanding and in spiritual development to gain greater understanding and attain their divine freedom.

They were able to guide the religions of the world so that every race and peoples could gain the fulfillment of their purpose in life.  Regardless of their mistakes and errors, they still left this earth with better and higher levels of understanding.

One may buy many books and read much.  But, as it is said in the Bible, “The spirit wearies of much reading”, which is to tell man that action is necessary with the reading and that he must put it into action in his everyday life.

Books are obtainable today on how to improve your wealth and how to move into greater and higher development in Yoga, the Essene teachings, the teachings of the Rosicrucian Order and many other great schools which have served humanity in such a wonderful way.

But, we are now entering the “New Age”. This is the day of the Christ. This is the beginning of the Judgment. This is the day when man shall only be able to live with some under- standing of thinking beyond what we call physical sight. 

Where, in other days, we spent several years in attaining illumination or realization, today, we are working in an atmosphere of the earth, which is, compared to the olden times of even 50 years ago, charged with energy and power increased four or five hundred percent.  Our atmosphere is much less dense than was that of even the earlier 1900’s.

This is a scientific fact.  Our earth bodies -- our physical bodies -- are much more sensitive, less dense, and getting more and more soul.

The Bible says that there shall be a new heaven and a new earth.  This we are conscious of.  This is why the comparatively new holy order of mans was formed, from which these teachings are set forth.  For, it is from both the occult and the mystic orders that these are promulgated and from those things gained through revelation and proven.

It is no longer necessary that man spend seven or eight years to gain spiritual realization.  It may be done through a Christian teacher in from one to two years. A man once said, we may discover a man at what he is and his prudence by his undertaking.


1.  In his goodness and justice by his deportment.

2.  In his grace and judgment of his acts.

3.  In his promise by his integrity.

4.  In his modesty by his recreation.

5.  In his temperance by his pleasure.

6.  In his judgment by the order of his affairs.


A man also said, “He who considers his own discipline, not as a vain ostentation of science, but as a law and rule of life, and who obeys his own decree and observes his own regimen that he has prescribed, follows the law of Christian chivalry.”


An understanding of god  

When we speak of God, we are speaking of a great fluent mind millions of miles across, the size or our own solar system, which has intelligence far beyond the concepts of man, as yet, and which works and lives in the ultimate of peace and joy, and which does, each day, the thing which you, as students, are seeking to do.


God knows itself

He, or it, works within itself.  This means that it is both male and female and that now man is learning to understand the balances of the reality the same as the Creator does. 

Man is also learning to control his own organs within his own substance and is radiating power within as well as without.

Then, if this be the evening in which you are reading this lesson, go to your window and look -- not at the stars of the Milky Way, but those of Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Mercury.  Then get a book on astronomy and see their motion.  Understand this, and you will understand the works and the physical manifestations of the body of it -- or Great Creator, the Nameless One, Allah.

Is this too simple?  Or, must you be confused in order to be happy?  This is he of which it speaks in the first chapter of Genesis -- he made man in His own image.


The spirit

When we speak of the Spirit, we mean that which motivates all life, color, sound and matter.    We are talking about the Spirit of God.  We are talking about how things react and work in the physical world and in what we call the non-physical world, or unseen.  For this is the demonstrated personality of God, the Spirit.

Look at the world personality and understand God’s nature.  Having use of the reality of these things, you will have an opportunity to understand not only those laws governing what we call spiritual things, but also, the basic things of scientific matters.

In our next lesson, we shall take up those things of the Spirit and vibration.  But for now, you should meditate on what we have just discussed.

Get quiet and just think about this description of God.  Know that you actually have within you, also, the knowledge contained within the mind of the Father.  But you have separated this center of intelligence from yourself, because of your trying to believe in the old colloquialism, “Seeing is believing”--closing your eyes and ears to greater truth and realization.

Remember, the vibration of the Father’s mind can be picked up through your instruments in your vehicle and understood.

Read the 23rd Psalm.

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