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         LESSON XII


Let us caption this:  thought vibration.


One of the most peculiar of all spiritual developments is attaining unconsciously an idea or understanding of how to work with the self.  Because we have gained control of mind and are able to work with the self, somehow or other, through some phenomenon of Nature, the radiation from the brain and body that would normally show up on an encephalograph, or a sensitive potentiometer is no longer going out into the world around us.


We are absorbing the truth from the self without probing the question consciously.  Actually, we are contemplating -- so to speak -- but when teaching, these contemplations come into our mind as if they were thought-out ideas.


This entire function is done in a conscious state while doing other active things.  The world in general has lost a very valuable tool of teaching in not having God's Computer, the self, ever-active in the individual.


For, we talk very glibly about become the Body of Christ, or a part thereof. But, I am certain that the Body of Christ surely does not contain in its cosmic density some of the thoughts which pass through many of our minds during the course of the day.


Thought waves emanating from us are our teaching broadcast schedule -- our daily performance on the airwaves.  Would you honestly teach to a class what you are thinking?


Let us first remember and gain a realization -- truly -- that whenever we use the word "vibration", we are actually talking about vibration of a physical nature the same as might be heard and experienced from a tuning fork except on a more inaudible level, and perhaps not as loud.


We might pick up a book on new thought and find a quotation such as:  "By this law, we find that when we think of health, the thought produces health vibrations and these vibrations flow through the body and produce health."  This is just a partial truth.  If you are interested in just a partial truth, then you are not thinking like a brother of this Order.


What do we mean by thinking health?  What is thought?  What is health?  What is disease?  What is health vibration and how does it produce health?


If you were to say:  "I accept health, Father, and perfection through the Lord Jesus," then I would go along with you because this is a perfect pattern of the spiritual body.  But we must learn to be critical of our words and learn to speak simply and demonstrate the laws which the Master has taught us.


It is the Spirit in the human body -- as you have learned -- that keeps all matter alive and active.  It is the third point of the Triangle which makes every cell, every nerve, every drop of blood in the body alive and functioning in accordance with the Word and Mind of God.


In modern medicine and psychology, they teach us and have proven that in the nervous system of man, an energy -- which they have been trying to analyze -- exists.  Many great scientists have worked on it, but all they have been able to do is give it a name -- a name to the energy which flows through the nerves.  They call it electrical nerve energy.  They have found that it vibrates like electricity and has properties and conditions like electricity and that it flows just like electricity flows through a copper wire.   


The principle thing to remember about this is that the energy in the nerves is a vibrational force which we call Spirit.  It flows into every part of the body and causes action there of various kinds needed for perfect health and body function so that life is maintained.


Let us remember one thing -- that through control of mind and good concentrative abilities, this energy -- this central supply -- can be directed along the thin wires of the nerves to any part of the body.  Therefore, it serves as a means by which healing can be done -- by the Spirit moving in all living matter.


As we continue to work on our consciousness of our own vehicle and learn its distinctions, the Spirit will motivate the energy and the vital forces of life in our body.  So always keep in mind that all energies are vibration and have their origin in the emanations from the Sun.


In the electrical sciences, a generator is presumed and defined as a piece of equipment which generates electrical energy.  But the modern field of engineering knows that this is an unfortunate name because it gives the impression that is generates electricity though it does nothing of the kind.


Man has not found a way to generate electricity.


Electricity is in the air everywhere.  It is one of the phases of the sun's energy.  A generator is nothing more than a pump or a device which controls and directs electrical flow through a conductor to operate other electrical apparatus.


Probably the most beautiful and powerful of all energies -- because it carries a mighty force -- mightier than any other force man knows -- is that of a bolt of lightning.  Lightning has been subtitled as static electricity because of the characteristics which it functions under.  It is hard to control and conduct over a conductor for any distance.


Contrary to the bolt of lightning, electrical energy can be reduced and confined to such small amounts, or what we might call, "micro-amounts", that is impossible to sense it with our ordinary senses.


For instance, in the radio set, there is electrical energy known as high frequency waves resembling brain waves.  This requires delicate tuning and adjustment when picked up to be able to be transformed back into audible sounds.  Yet, this fine and delicate radio wave has the ability to penetrate walls of a building, or even into deep vaults under the surface level of the earth.


All fruit and living things emanate electrical energy.  This energy can be picked up and registered on a galvanometer.  It is possible to pick up a handkerchief that has been in a woman's hand for only a few hours and measure the energy in it.  Thus, energy from the microwave to the bolt of lightning is a very real form and flow of energy.  Or, I might say, from the microcosm to God.


Some old mystics in times past used to practice thaumaturgy.  They attempted to read the life condition and nature of an individual from any article which the person owned.  The claim was that any article worn or handled for any length of time would have its vibrant condition changed by the electrical impulses from the body and the central nervous system.  They could tell by holding the article what nature was possessed by the owner.  A later modern name for this practice was psychometrics.


Psychometrics is nothing more of less than using one's spiritual senses and perceiving the reproduction of these vibrations in the brain and having them thrown on the brain screen where you get the picture of the holder.

As we survey the field of science, both psychological and physical, as well as those sciences which we call material sciences, we find one common bond in all of them.  They are explanations of various fields and ways through which vibration is identified, defining exact paths and evaluations of the natural movements of natural energies and forces which surround us in the universe, and which are also present in the human body.  Every cell of the flesh and bone is infused with energy, and, according to the nature of that energy, do these cells operate and manifest in certain functions of the body.

One of the most interesting forms of energy with which we have to deal every day is that of thought action of the mind.  Long ago science admitted that when we think we are utilizing certain powers and energies, and that we can tire and deplete ourselves through the overuse of mind and brain, just as well as the excessive use of the muscular structure can fatigue us.

It was discovered and admitted by science that when we think, the mind directs a certain flow of energy to that part of the body needed for the coming physical action.  For energy emanates from the brain externally as well as internally and some say and admit that much of the energy which is released for muscular action comes through metabolic refunction.

If you will rise and say, "Peace be unto the world," or any other phrase, the thought of it in your mind causes certain vibrations of the Spirit to flow along certain nerves causing the muscles to contract, and this makes your body rise from the chair. Vibration sent along the nervous system causes the mouth and tongue and muscles of the larynx to act, and this causes the sound vibrations to emit forth, and the words you had in mind come forth and travel through space.  This description is how thought in the mind produces actions and results.  This is how thought vibration works.

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