09-Golden Dawn


        LESSON IX

As we progress, we become more conscious of our being and we note that we perceive the motion and movement within our body by outward observation.  We note that we become conscious of the existence of our physical body.  We see, hear, taste, smell, and feel.

Before this perception, we had functioned with these senses, but were not really conscious of them.

It is also interesting to observe, likewise, that if one of the objects in our household is removed, the perception or consciousness of its being there continues.  It is retained by imagining that it is there.  The many mixtures of senses and consciousness compound together to give us this faculty, which we call imagination.

Very often, a long time after various objects and experiences have long since departed from our life and even ceased to exist, the perception of them still exists and this is what we call memory.

As we perceive these outer objects, do we really see them?  Or not?  For the mind looks inward and wonders if it truly perceives its own perceptions. 

For the broader our consciousness grows, the more abstract the perception seems and we tend to retire or withdraw into our own beings, instead of giving it more studious research.

Man usually has various appetites for good and a natural aversion towards evil.  The involuntary motions of the body tend to avoid evil and attain good.

The laws of attraction and repulsion attract us to certain conditions, things and principles naturally.  We believe this is our imagination, so they necessarily affect us.  Therefore, we develop appetites sometimes through aversion of good or evil regardless of our knowledge.

The live man is only starting to awaken but he feels awake.  He realizes for the first time that there are others around him that he does not see and that he has been asleep.  He now is conscious of himself and others, and becomes cognizant that this personal consciousness controls the power that moves his body.

Let us state here that one of the greatest of all barriers is removed if we can truly sense and grasp that the terms "matter" and "spirit" are all one, except one we do not see with the physical eyes and the other we do see with the physical eyes.  And even 30% of our physical sight grasps things in the unseen, for man is both visible and invisible in his present state of manifestation.  If we were to differentiate between a live body and a so-called dead body we would say that in the live body we have activity voluntarily and involuntarily and consciousness, but in the dead body we do not have either.  This manifestation is caused by the activation of the life-force by the Spirit of God.

The simplicity with which we explain these things, be they in scientific terms or not, will keep us from false and superstitious concepts which might waylay our understanding.  We might also use the terms material and immaterial elements which would give us a definite categorization of relative density.

When consciousness leaves the body in totality, all power and energy leave also.

The life energies are related directly to the consciousness and life-force, for in the consciousness is the intelligence and intelligence requires mind.  If consciousness and life-force are related, then mind and life-force are related and go in or out of the body together.

It was in the mass of mud and slime that a tiny bas bubble rose amongst the steaming decay of the living herbage of the earth to the surface, pulsating of its own breathing of oxygen and absorbing the light of the sun to become a cell born into the consciousness of the Christos.  It was then that the process of birth, life and transition began.  The cell grew to the limits of the consciousness, died by separating, and was reborn.  In its place were two small cells, each with a consciousness of the first through reflection duplicating its own kind. 

For here was evolution, the evolution of consciousness and that duality of form existent in progeny throughout the eons of time.

Within each cell was consciousness and in each group of cells was consciousness.  For they were trying to fulfill the pattern and the Word of the Father -- thus was created man.

In the perfection of the harmonious mass consciousness came then the coalition and manifestation of the laws of cohesion and adhesion.  Thus was the nucleus formed by the vibrational rate of the total mass giving spirit force. The Spirit of the Father gave motivation to the mass bulk and shape to fulfill the form.

Thus was the particular frequency and vibration of the various organs of the body and the nature and characteristic shape of them established, and the nucleus of the mass showed activity and was not attracted to or directed by any single cell.

Many nuclei manifested varied shapes and sizes and controlled the environment of these masses by the consciousness formed by the temporary unions.  The cells released them- selves as they were rejected and joined other masses and the final rate of vibration of the nucleus became the vibrational rate of the dual nuclear union.  Thus was the atom born.

For from each came tiny cells having characteristic shapes and consciousness, all adhering to the intelligence of the sun into a new generation of evolving shapes and sizes.  Thus was the life body, that physical part which fits into the matrix or the spiritual body of man readied, and the Father did breathe the breath of life into man and he became a living soul.

Now science may say, "From dust thou art, to dust thou shalt return," but just prior to this we have noted that life and consciousness run hand in hand.  Therefore, we must logically return to mind and mind-stuff from which the atom and the electron are only elements.  For all of this took place in the Mind of God, that cradle of birth, the great ocean of thought in which we live and move and have our being.

Whether that great ocean is conscious of itself, we have not yet reasoned.  And whether we, in our undeveloped state, shall persist and whether our Self consciousness is that great ocean, independent of all time, science cannot say.  But Plato said, "If goodness and love, like truth, be reality, then whatever atoms may really be, that which delights in virtue must be happiness and in harmony with the totality of the creation of things."

When we reach the point where we know whose Father was God's Father, then we'll understand this too.  But now we know this works and this is the criteria on which we function.

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