07 Golden Dawn


       LESSON VII 

In the dim days of the past, the earth was a lonely place looked upon by man as a solitary being -- without any neighbors, and alone in the whole universe.  But, when he learned he had neighbors -- other planets all governed by the same Laws and all moving about the same sun -- then his perspective changed, and he no longer felt that he had an isolated house. 

The human Soul, and its nature, as it appears before our minds now, seems in a different light.  Because man has been taught to know and to feel himself a part of a great family -- not like a wanderer -- but all controlled by the same central source of life and light.

New avenues of thought have enriched the many languages and old vocabulary, where, in that time long ago, the few intelligent individuals looked at the masses as barbarians.

Now, a nation looks at the world and it sees other nations -- perhaps using other languages -- but knows that they all are of one type, one people, under one God (or one supreme image) and must all have the same rights of human manifestation and living, and that all are born with the same prerequisites to reach the eternal light and power of which our Lord Jesus talked about.

Sometimes, people forget that when one studies God, one must study God's creation, and take these laws to put them to work in every day life.

In our work, we want you, our brethren, to be up-right men, and use the symbolic ideals in measuring your actions and relationships.

We implore you, as brothers, to look upon yourselves as stones in the mighty structure of the world as a temple. We want you to be free in your life -- free from superstition or foreign dictatorship of any kind.

This does not mean that you will not help to maintain certain ethical practices and responsibilities, or help those who carry on certain social affairs through their life.  It means we will not tolerate injustice or any autocratic empires existing for the purpose and life of one man.

You will find on the face of the earth many organizations, schools and movements with the same ideals.  But, you will find that the holy order of mans' greatest endeavor is to assist a great civilization to reach a higher, more noble state of existence and manifestation, and to point out the practical methods spoken of in the Christian dictates.

We should always keep in mind that each time we enter a church, we enter into a communion with the Holy Hosts, under the Divine Brotherhood, and that you are tuning yourself to thousands of minds, and the Mind of the Great Architect of our universe and His consciousness which is receivable by each one of us, and whose omnipotent power conceived man and woman.

We are further united by the holy order of mans in our earthly brotherhood by the greatest of all emotions -- that God's self can contact others and we may experience that which we know as love, which we express to others, and glorify our own being in our divine communion with one another. 

We must remember that -- as little children -- our minds were not contaminated with the purely objective part of life.  The mind of the child is always in attunement with the Divine Mind, and it is easy to understand that the first message any child understands is love given.  He gives this love to his mother, because the mother's mind is in full concentration upon the child.

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