06 Golden Dawn


          LESSON VI


Down through the ages, man has been using many different forms of rituals.  It has been known, too, that some of the ancient mystics have gone into meditation searching for attunement for many hours, or even as long as a week.

On the other hand, there are those who have used incantations, vowel sounds and various other forms of ritualistic approaches, and some more than ritualistic.  They have obtained results, but there is one thing we must remember today, and that is, this is not the same world -- we are living in stronger, more powerful energy fields.

There is the practice of breathing different rhythms, different ways, that has a wonderful effect upon the aura, and the intake of the life force.  There are also many forms of incense used in the conditioning of an individual.

One of the sounds used was the OOM sound, as in loom and moon.  This sound should be drawn out with a good, deep lengthy breath.

The use of various letters and works is an ancient speech of ritualism, and the sounds of these words, and letters, had a specific meaning.

In the forming of languages, especially the symbolic ones where hieroglyphs were used, the meanings and the choice, or position, in how that symbol was written in the word, was by reason for power of their sound.

In many of the ancient rites, in some very ancient languages, there are very interesting facts in regards to their pronunciation.  In languages, such as the German and Gaelic, some of the original meaning of the letters, and words, have been lost.

For instance, the R has always carried its own independent meaning in any word.  It is a rolling sound, and has to do with royalty and right.

Then we have the letter A which has always been of a possessive vitality of a masculine nature, and out of this, of course, developed the word, in ancient times, known as RA, the great sun god, which gave it its original form.

The letter M was an indication of maturing passive power, and carried a feminine connotation.  When added to A, it gave us the dual sex nature of man, or MA.

The letter O is representative of the universal immortality of life, without beginning or end, and therefore, when it is given together as a word with any other letter, as OOM, the word carries the power of immortal life, the maturing mother element, the ever-creating, or a benediction, or an indeterminate blessing.

We have known for many ages that the human voice carries the life force with it, and with certain vibrations, and energies, produced from the human body through the use of sounds, or words given, the aura of man would be strengthened and more visible.  The human voice will cause the vibration of sound to affect the aura.

In reality, this is why singing in the church at the start of the service was initiated -- to raise the vibrations of the church before the mass, the sacraments, or the church service actually began.  In the Jewish and Roman Catholic religious ceremonies, chants are used in Latin or Hebrew.  The vowel sounds are the keys to the use of these letters or words.

The psychic centers of man's body are affected and will respond by certain sounds.  You might find, in certain rites, the descriptions and details of many psychic centers numbering anywhere from 26 to 34.  In reality, there are only seven centers.  In this day and Age, the development of these centers we do naturally, and therefore, have no reason to be concerned about them, or do any special exercises.

The pituitary and pineal are small glands in the head which have a great deal to do with the consciousness, both inner and outer, and which act as transformers from one consciousness to another.  But, in the process we use, they are generally left alone, because our attention and development is centered upon seeking the Light of Christ.  Even so, there are certain simple exercises that will develop these glands and also the solar plexus.

The simplest form of exercises, which develops and sensitizes the glands for the raising of man's consciousness, is through thinking of them.  Become quiet and put yourself within one of the small bodies -- become it -- for five minutes several times a week.  Don't try any of the fancy exercises.  They are not necessary and some are dangerous.

We are seeking the development of intuitive psychic impressions, inner comprehension and cosmic realization through the functions of these glands, and by the use and development of only two methods.  One is the conscious acceptance of these glands; the second is the concentration upon the Christ Light.  The glands will automatically become enlightened.

As the body becomes sensitive and conscious of its inheritance and gifts, we soon learn to know what the Master Jesus meant, and many others at this time when He said, "The Kingdom of Heaven is within," for you will find that the proper balance of these glands, and centers, will open the portals to the cosmic mind, with all the effort that can be given it.

I believe it should be mentioned here that one should feel the little exercises and spiritual experiments given here, and should be used for at least seven days each.  For, it is the process of bringing about a peace, and understanding, of one's own divinity.

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