05-Golden Dawn


        LESSON V


In preparing one's own being for the approach to the Way, the illumination and God-realization -- perhaps the greatest of all barriers in the lessons we have to learn is the art -- of what some people call -- the elimination of the Ego.  But, it is what we term as putting the Ego in the right place.

This does not mean eliminating the inner self, nor the checking of personal expression, but it does mean getting one's Ego out of the way-- the individual personality, or individuality -- so that the Great Being within may function.

If we work on being an individual and building individuality, this means separating ourselves -- and we can separate ourselves -- from the cosmic -- from the Soul of all men -- or from the power and divinity within you which is the real person.

For all that is real within you is the Soul and self, and is an inseparable part of the Great Universal Creator and Universal Mind, which pervades all space in this solar system.  For, we have a flesh body, which is the temple in which the Master may reside, and in which, there is placed the part of the Great Soul.

The body resides on earth.  But it is a part of the Great Soul for the expression of its Godly work.

Learning of much in books, and education in general, sometimes prevents the Soul from expressing with the self, fully, its Soul personality.

The material side of our being may be called the individuality and is transient, which we change from time to time.  But this -- we chuck away as we go through transition -- as we go into the other world and leave behind the physical body.

The Soul is an individualized part of the Over-Soul, and includes our experiences and expressions of many lifetimes.  It does not really belong to us, but to the Father -- in reality.

It is not separate, but unified, which means that all men and women are united by the connections that exist between their beings and the Great Over-Soul.  The light of the self shines through the shell of the Soul, and its experiences, like the light from the filament of the light bulb shines through the glass shell.

Learn to eliminate the great I, and put the Ego in its place.  Learn to accomplish this through meditation and prayer.

                       Here, below, are a group of ideas:

1)  I will do no evil to mankind.

2)  I oppress not the members of my family.

3)  I have not suppressed the truth.

4)  I have not demanded first consideration.

5)  I am just in paying fairly for labor.

6)  I try not to exalt my name to earthly honors.

7)  I defraud not the oppressed of property.

8)  I feed the hungry.

9)  I have made no one to weep.

10)  I have inflicted no pain upon man or animal.

11)  I have paid my tithe to the temple.

12)  I have given just measure in all things.

13)  I have conserved my God-given supplies.

14)  I have encroached not upon the work of others.

15)  I have seen that milk and food were furnished to all children.

16)  I have kept not the tools from the laborers.

17)  I have kept the flame burning when I should.

18)  I have given glory to the Father and His manifestations.


In the temples of ancient Egypt , they were well-aware of this use of affirmations.  They also knew that unless the affirmation was given, and understood, in the full confidence of its reality, it would be ineffective.

In other words, there was no use in saying: "I am well.  I am well.  I am well", unless it was said with conviction and a knowing.  If you accepted perfect health, this was possible because your spiritual body was perfect.  

This is why--in the ancient religions--they had confession in which repetition of affirmations were used by the initiates in a daily routine, in order to advance their consciousness and clear away the negative conditions of the day.

One might use a prayer such as the following:

"O Great Creator and Master Jesus Christ of Earth and Truth, I appeal to the Father and to Thee that I may become conscious of Thy divine atonement and the reality of Truth about myself.


I know Thee.  I am attuned with Thee and Thy many laws of creation which exists, in reality, and function in this universe between Thee and myself.  I accept Thee into my being for Thou art there.

Take Thou from me all negation, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ."

The declarations, which we have given before the prayer, are things of the ideal which we would affirm in presenting ourselves to the Father.  These confessionals have been followed down into present day faith of many churches.  The Egyptians had some 42 principles in which they considered the aspects of right-doing to God.

Let us add here that time is not a factor in attaining the perfect consciousness with God and man together -- a merging of these two in consciousness.  In an attitude of willing resignation to time, what matters a few months -- a few years?

The attainment of God-realization in this Age -- the Aquarian Age -- is the paramount importance to acquire.  Then, we attain Mastership -- powerful, absolute and satisfactory -- through service.  These are most difficult to attain on this earth.  But, the joy, the goodness, the peace that comes from these steps -- no human value can be set.

Let us refer to one or two things which you might have read in regards to your church, and are sometimes thought to be allegorical in Latin or Greek.  The words are of Holy Assemblies or Divine Hierarchy.

People have different impressions of them.  But, in fact, the Order of the White Brotherhood is the hierarchy on which the holy order of mans and the holy order of the cross is based.

The Holy Assemblies, of course, refers to a group of Divine Beings, or Masters, of great authority related to use of religious power in a general way.  It also means Great Cosmic Conclave, or gathering of invisible Masters.

These Masters frequently make contact with persons in earth forms.  The mystics of all ages and the Great Teachers, here on earth, have referred to the existence, and the visiting and working in the cosmic consciousness of a Great Assembly of Masters.  This is sometimes called the Holy Assembly.

These are the personalities who have passed through all of the experiences of life -- learned all of the great lessons, mastered all the problems of Law and attained great growth, understanding and accomplishment, and left the earth plane -- taking into the cosmic the immortal minds that remembered -- not their bodies -- or remained on the physical plane directing the great evolution of man.

In any case, their minds, also, are attached to a part of the Great Consciousness.  The records of Chaldea and the Magi of Egypt in the early Christian period indicate that there are about 144 of these Masters in the Cosmic Conclave.

The holy order of mans wants you to realize that there is an assembly -- the Divine Assembly -- and that these Great Masters will come to you at certain times of the year when they are needed. 

Many of the Great Teachers of earth have regularly and periodically contacted the cosmic Master of whom they were well acquainted and from whom they gained many wondrously inspired teachings for the men of earth.  We find, also, that the admission of cosmic inspirations were of men of old in ancient times.  It is here that the loss of this has been a profound loss to the religions of the world.

Your conviction must come through concrete experience as a gradual awakening of greater consciousness.  There is no way in which your contact with them may be forced.  But in due time, it will take place.  We merely mention this because we know that there are those who are further advanced in the scheme of evolution -- may read these works and may contact the Heavenly Hosts sooner than others.  We don't wish you to be surprised by such contact.

For at some time during your work with the Order, there will be such a contact in which your mission or purpose in life will be one of service for the good of all people as well as for your own self.

The term Mastership is often misunderstood.  But Mastership constitutes beings whom have been mortal men and women -- as yourself -- who have met the momentous ordeals, tests, trials, and initiations, and have successfully mastered them by the application of their personal use of the powers which we all have, but which most of us do not put to the proper application and use.  Many of these trials and initiations were the things which brought about the freedom of the self, or God-realization, with the development of the Will and proper direction of Thought, and the strengthening and the development of man. 

These development in the realm of Mastership are not concerned with employment, legal business problems and so forth.  Our Mastership is of man's powers and the uses of the forces of God, Christ, the Laws of Creation, imagination, will, and the attribute of visualization. 

Man's assets -- God-given -- have existed long before he encountered any problems.  The mastery over the problems of home, bodies, and such of life, are more easily met and must be met by man, himself.

The cosmic Master is mainly interested in finding your place in life in which you have been divinely installed, whereby you may come to know your own capabilities and develop them to the degree of service that will be demanded.

A cosmic Master can instruct you by inspiration in learning to know yourself, but the rest depends upon you.  No Master will rob a man of his birthright, or make him helpless, or overcome his mundane needs.  Man possesses mind and mental abilities to work these things out.

The cosmic Master is interested in your illumination and the finding of self and the possibilities of self and, of course, the directions have been given to you.  You must utilize all of the material means and ways provided you to exercise your means to gain the end.

Let us mention here that the real method and purpose of meditations is to gain cosmic consciousness in this particular state of advancement.  As you sit quietly, in a chair with dimmed lights, or none whatsoever, looking within your own being -- seeking to become conscious of the higher level of existence -- you may feel a flow of power, force or energy.  Do not become frightened by this, or the fact that you are seeking to meet with one of the Masters.

It is an age-old superstition that you might run into some black magician, who could cast a spell on you -- bringing bad luck or impair spiritual development.  This is just a superstition and not a fact.  If you are seeking -- without fear -- the cosmic mind of the Father, you will have no trouble.

This world is the divine world of God and destructive powers may not be projected to it, neither will to be released through the medium of our Father.  If you fear such things, they will surely come upon you.  But, they will be through the influences of your own mind and thoughts.  Superstition of this nature is a damning thing.

Learn to know yourself.  Learn to trust the Master Jesus and the Grace which is given us.  This is the truth Path of the Aquarian Age.  This is neither occultism or mysticism.  This is the Path of the Age under the influences of Uranus.

Seek and ye shall find.  Knock and it shall be opened unto you.  Keep well in your thoughts those things given by the Master and you will have no trouble with any negative operations.

One might go to great lengths in explaining -- in many cases -- those things now given you in this lesson.  But we have given you the kernel of the truth -- so follow.

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