03-Golden Dawn


         LESSON III


It is an age-old custom  --even in these modern days -- that men shall seek a place in their latter years where they may retire, such a place as a village, the seashore, a mountain home-- where they may be by themselves and from their experience and their spiritual contact of a reality, be able to live a life in such simplicity that they may reach the highest degree of earth's realization. 

Every advanced brother of the Holy Order of Mans, seeking the principles of life, sooner or later desires a secluded place where he or she may enjoy the same strict privacy that our brothers of the earlier times did in their monasteries. The mystic also enjoyed this seclusion.

There is something very beneficial, as well as fascinating, about being absolutely alone with yourself and the higher vibrations of the hierarchy -- where you can be safe from intrusion and contemplate or meditate and reach a higher degree of cosmic attunement.

Even one hour a day of such separation is highly beneficial.  It is possible for everyone to have an occasional hour in the evening in some room in which outside interference is entirely prevented.

The ancient mystic -- when he entered into his room and closed the door -- shut out the material world and separated himself from it.

For here it is a well-known fact that the only way another could enter into that room was through cosmic attunement of vibration with the person within, and only with their permission or invitation.  This means that even other highly advanced souls could not project themselves into the room, nor could any psychic entities, unless invited to do so by the person within.

That is why the little private meditation room you create in your sanctum, or in your little prayer shrine, is so very important for worship, and also, a place of peace and protection against any intrusion from the outside world.

Only two fundamental cosmic rules exist which have proved to be true through thousands of experiments. These rules are that no person can project himself into the presence of another, who is engaged in any personal, private matter that is not open to the gaze of the multitude.

Thus, we have found that no one can make such a contact when one is bathing or writing a confidential letter, or performing any part of a personal, private or intimate matter.

Anyone attempting to intrude at such a time is halted by a very bright light that makes it impossible for him to see anything, or make any contact in any form.

The second law is that when the mystic is in his own private shrine -- with doors closed -- no one may enter except through invitation.  The only contact that can be made by the uninvited person is to get close enough to discover that you are in your private sanctum, and at such time will not be able to discover what you are doing, or thinking, in your sanctum.  It is a cosmic secret to you and your Master.

With such a condition existing, your little chapel or shrine becomes a marvelous place for study, meditation, and experimentation; it is at such a time -- under these conditions that you may concentrate upon an individual, or upon one of the Great White Brothers, and seek consultation of the greater masters, and invite them to come to your chamber, feeling certain that no one else can come in to intrude upon your visitor.

This means that all outside noises -- even of a psychic nature -- cannot enter.  It means, also, that you can carry on better experiments when the place becomes highly charged with your own frequency and the ultimate nature of your vibration will be properly received. 

At times when you are lying in bed at night -- preparing to go to sleep -- if you wish to visualize yourself as being in your little room you may have solitude even though actually, you may not be alone. 

If you think of yourself -- as you are preparing to go to sleep -- as being separate from the rest of the world -- it will help you to maintain a separate attunement with the cosmic. 

It has always been a custom, especially in early days in Europe , that a center room in each house was considered a holy room for the household.  The occupants of the household only entered this room in the morning, to give their prayers and thanks, or to wash their hands before mealtime and pray again, or for another religious thought.

For the real center is in the home.  The building of more and more churches, and the preaching of more bombastic sermons, will not help anyone's situation -- ever.  And we know that with your own altar as a place of worship and study, you will gain greatly.

In the Holy Order of Mans, we do not believe that a person should start to live a whole life of solitary confinement in such an institution doing nothing except meditation and prayer -- without helping his brothers through the work of the world.

We claim that each one of us has an earthly mission in this life which must not be neglected.  Nor should our duties to our own religious principles be neglected. It is, therefore, important that one should spend part of their time on earth helping in the world work, and a part spent in personal development.

We believe it is necessary for each one of us to contemplate on these things, and make his personal arrangements for some privacy in meditation and contemplation in accordance with his work in the world.

This, of course, includes the visualization of certain thoughts and laws that we may take into the cosmic mind to attain balance.

Because you have a family does not mean you are too busy to give some time to God, for at least two or three nights a week, or a half-hour, or an hour, or in the early morning.  You should do the utmost to make some arrangements with the others in your home, or the others in the brotherhouse.

Remember that the early morning period -- before breakfast is eaten -- is excellent for meditation and concentration when others are asleep.  The cosmic contact -- the contact with God -- is keener; you are more receptive.  Therefore, a half-hour spent in the early morning is very beneficial and helpful.  Your experiments will be much more conclusive in their

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