Today you stand on the threshold of the great world beyond.  You have gone through to illumination or have reached still further to God realization and have seen the Self and are starting to work with it, really work with it, because the Self is really you.

As we cross this threshold we experience and begin to explore what the Lord Jesus Christ spoke of when he stated, “In my Father’s house are many mansions,” for this is the great Temple of Creation through which each one of you must pass before we approach the threshold of the greater reality.  When we pass through transition into the higher light we go through further preparation for we usually do not know until we have realized it when we are going to pass into that greater world of reality, and it is not given to many to know.

We do know though, according to the advancing age, that man will live a longer life and that his transition will not be a sudden one nor will it be extended by suffering and misery, but will be a beautiful experience.  We are sure that none will have any fear of this transition for you will now become better acquainted with all the myriad of possibilities sufficiently in advance to be prepared for it.

Those who have reached Self-Realization and are truly working with the Self, regardless in which country or race, will start preparation for the future and the great work with the Great White Lodge, working in their spiritual body and uniting in the universal work we might call the invisible organization if we did not have spiritual sight. 

As members of The Holy Order of Mans, vowed to the service of God and man, their bodies are being prepared to pass through this transition and enter into the service of the Great White Lodge on the cosmic plane, and their brothers of the Lodge are in constant attunement and communication with them on the earth plane.  The exchange of communication and contact gives to us many fruitful messages and manifestations that help to guide and inspire those who have not yet reached this level.

The actual symbol and sign of this group of the brothers of the Holy Order of Mans, is the Star of David which is two triangles, because we are now starting to work on both planes.

This is a magnificent, peaceful and silent work around which and through which all 12 signs of the zodiac may find their expression and test the creative laws which they have learned in their approach to God.

For a number of years you have had the opportunity to determine whether you desired to continue in this work but now are vowed brothers under the Order of the Golden Cross through the Holy Order of Mans.  You are following this path to its ultimate goal of your own volition and your own expressed desire and have done so without coercion or outer influence, without promise of reward of anything except the benefit of your own self, and the joy and happiness which comes in the life of every advanced adept on the path through the sun.

Now you have passed all temptations from without which have tried to discourage you from sincere determination and to lead you into darkness.  This is why it is my duty to guard your goings out and comings in through instruction and answering of all questions which you may advance.

From this time on you will be under the protection and guidance, not only of your own inner words of the Self, but by the great masters who will look upon each as the chosen Sons of God.

You are the Children of Light and the good Lord and Master Jesus of this earth will look with concern to aid you in establishing yourself securely in the great Holy Family.

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