04-Golden Dawn


         LESSON IV


During meditation, spend a few nights working on the following paragraph.

The fiery Soul -- pure clear gold and tested in the Fire of God -- is the husband of the noble Sophia, for she is the tincture of the light.  If the tincture of the fire is perfectly pure, then will Sophia be united with it.  Thus, Adam receives again the most noble bride that was taken away from him during his sleep, and will take her into his arms.

This is neither a man, or a woman, but a branch on the pearl tree standing in God's paradise.  But how the bride received her groom in his clear and bright fire-quality, and how she gives him the kiss of love -- this will be understood only by him who has been at the marriage of the Lamb.  To all others, it will be a mystery.

This introduces into our studies of the higher Order the old thought and principle that the godhead is both male and female.  The Egyptians symbolized this dual principle of God by the words 'rah', representing the male; and 'mah', representing the female.  The compound word 'Rama' represented God as both male and female powers.

Jesus was claimed by the ancient mystics to represent the rose of life.  The return of Jesus to the consciousness of God at the time of the Ascension was called the Chemical Marriage.

This will open up to you a great volume of mystical understanding and you should delve into it more deeply by recalling all that you have read about the ascension of Jesus to the heavens and further studying its significance.

 The rose was also considered equivalent to the white lotus of the Orient, which grew in purity in the midst of stagnant pools of filthy water, and symbolized the pureness of the Soul rising from the earthly sordidness.

I do not mean that you make a purely and intellectual study of the following paragraphs, but rather, meditate upon one or two phrases at a time, and as great a length of time as will permit the inner self gradually to unfold a special meaning.  Personally, I have noticed, that sometimes two days are required for a certain mystical phrase to unlock something within my consciousness, or within the Soul, and to bring it gradually to my outer consciousness.

 Therefore, give as much time and thought to these paragraphs as possible -- as though they were a secret formula containing the cipher code that would solve the personal problems of our life in a mystical way.  Do not be in a hurry to reach any common conclusion that the outer self artificially may create.





He who desires to worship God's Majesty

In truth, he must plunge himself into the sacred silence.

Who in heaven will crown his head with roses

He must be pricked on earth with thorns.



                       The Christos


Toward Mary, all meekness, God so flamed up in love

That He considered it a bliss to become Her Child.

If you be meek like the Virgin Immaculate

Yourself shall become your Mother -- and God, your Child.


                       Blessed Virgin


Say, lofty Lady, was it meekness Thine

Which won Thee the right of a Mother of God?

For I, myself, am longing to become

The Virgin, the Bride and God's Mother

On this earth.


                      St. Alex, The Confessor

                         Patron of Beggars


How could St. Alex be so valiant

As to dismiss his bride on the nuptial day?

Why could he be a bridegroom, who was the bride himself

And had betrothed himself forever to the Divine Bridegroom?


                       A Strange Marriage


Oh, what a marriage!  The God of Glory, the King of Kings

Took a slave's daughter, my Soul, for His spouse…


                      By Silence We Learn


Be silent, my darling, for:  whose Soul has grown silent

Altogether, He shall receive more of God than He ever wished.


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