The Wedding Veil




As we go through life we accumulate along the way. Our life experiences stretch behind us like the train of a wedding gown. We find on this long train our pride in a particular project done well, a lesson that we learned from a series of hard and painful experiences. Perhaps we find there the joy from having a child or being in love. Then of course we find the disappointments; the places where we have been hurt, and scattered throughout we find guilt. This guilt comes in various sizes, shapes, colors, forms and textures. We have the denied guilt, angry guilt, martyred guilt and many more.

During this time of Lent we prepare ourselves to welcome the bridegroom, Jesus Christ at Easter. Just as spring brings new life so does Easter morn renew the Christ within us. But we must prepare and be sure we have our wedding garment shiny and bright for Him. Ah, but look at the train of our garment. Some places are of one color then another and there are places with dirt and grime. Some places we have visited so often that they are threadbare yet others hardly are touched at all.

So how? How do we clean this garment? In today's world most would likely answer - throw it way and start anew. And yes, we do have lives that are thrown away in one form or another - suicide, accidents, addiction, etc. But is that the answer you want for your Self?

Others will say we must clean and repair it. So they go about working on their physical body with exercise and diet until the physical is the beginning and end for them. But they find that it gives some luster to the garment yet it does not remove any stain, color or grime.

Now others still look at it and say well it truly is psychological and through right thinking and being proper I can clean this up. They do make some progress just as those that worked at their bodies did. But it still doesn't really bring about the true radiance of the wedding garment. At this point many Stop. They say well this will just have to do. But come Easter morning the wedding does not take place for they are not completely prepared.

So how - how do we prepare if all those "right" things will not make the grade? How do we prepare our Self to receive Him? Ah, but WE don't. Yeah, I know that is startling but you see the bridegroom paid the dowry cost long ago on the cross. It is only His Blood that will clean the veil we trail behind us.

Now I see you shaking your head in agreement. You have heard this so many times before that the words have no depth or meaning for you but are familiar. So wait. Let us really look at what this means.

Remember the wedding veil that trails behind us in all of our life experiences. Now that is not just the bad things we don't like or is it just the hurt and the pain we have felt. The veil is also all the joy we have known and the love we have given and received. For if we only give pieces of the veil it will be torn apart. We must give it all for it to be prepared for the wedding day.

And the Blood, how does it clean the veil? We know it is His forgiveness. So we must forgive in each of those experiences all those in our life and even ourselves. For it is only that forgiveness that lifts the guilt out to transform it to love. We accept the forgiveness that He gave us and is still giving us.

Which brings us to one other part that is overlooked. Simply it is that Jesus and His Blood does the work not us. We have to give it up and get out of the way. We can't just wad it up and throw it at Him either. We need to know what it is that we are giving and then really let go of it.

You see I told you about the wedding veil and how our life experiences trail behind us. We drag them down the aisle every day. The weight is so heavy at times that we can hardly take another step. But when Jesus renews the wedding veil, all those experiences are transformed to Light and they shine, sparkling with thousands of hues and colors. There is one more thing that happens. We have the veil that flows out behind us beautifully prepared and we gain another. The pure white veil before our face of the future with Him.

On our wedding day as we join with Him, He draws the veil up so we may see Him clearly. Then He kisses our face with the embrace of love and we begin our life -- TOGETHER.


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