Let Me Be the Taper

A Circle of Light- ever receiving from the Source and ever giving to All, A circle unbroken from the Beginning of Time throughout All Time
Dear Lord,

Let me be the taper to give your Light.

This morning as I was using a taper to 
take the Eternal Flame to the candles on 
the altar this simple prayer came to me. 
I watched as the flame had to burn and 
melt away the candle wax encasing the 
taper and thought how I ask for Jesus to 
melt away that which I have encased myself 
in. I saw how the fibers burned and then 
caught the flame, becoming One with it and 
asked that I become One with the Eternal 
One in this way. And then as the flame grew 
stronger I could move the lighted taper 
away to bring the Eternal Flame and ignite 
the candle wicks on the altar to radiate 
this Flame of Life at each of the candles. 
So I also ask that the Light be strong in 
me and by your hand guide me that others 
may be ignited in your Light and shine 
ever so brightly.

Yes, Lord let me be the taper to give your Light.  

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