During this time of year we are often taken up by the Christmas spirit. You know, the one where there is a joy of spirit and a wanting to give. For those who are drawn to the spiritual and esoteric life of Jesus, this season is especially important. We are looking at the meaning of the life of Jesus on this earth and finding the reality of that life within the life and light that is within each one of us. It is so special and wonderful and we are all so thankful that we are beginning even in a small way to really know our Lord and Master of Earth.

Today as I was driving home I began to sing the Christmas carol The Little Drummer Boy. It is one of my favorites and I am always joyful at this time of year that gives me this joy to sing. When I am alone my voice can get as loud as it wants in rejoicing even though in company my voice is nothing that would stop traffic. As I was singing the words, they had much more meaning than I have given them before and a scene began to unfold before me.

Here was this little boy who was poor and just a cadence drummer for the soldiers. All he had in the world was his drum and that probably did not belong to him but to the army he was attached to. He recognized from his own soul and center the great gift that had been given to the world in this little child, our Lord Jesus. His soul searches knowing his condition and worldly situation and realizes that he does not have a worthy gift to give to the child to honor and show his great love and respect. So the little boy gives the only thing he truly possesses, his own talent of beating the drum.

Thus one little boy offers all that he has to another child, the Christ child. Not only does he play his drum for him but he also plays his very best for him. He gives all that he has and the very best of his talent to honor the Christ child. I saw this giving - a real giving from the depths of his very being and I was so humbled. It left me with the thought that this is the real gift that Jesus, the Christ child, wants from each of us - to give the best of our individual talents in honor and love of Him. This is a gift that cannot be wrapped and put under the Christmas Tree but with the joyful Light that a gift such as this has; it is the most beautiful one that anyone will ever see.

Merry Christmas and may this season bring you joy and Light in ways you have barely dreamed about.

Your servant in the Joy and Love that is given to all of us daily,

Mother Mariel Ray


Drummer Boy
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