Mary, daughter of Anne and betrothed of Joseph, is with child and traveling to Bethlehem with Joseph. As they approach the city a conversation that Mary is having begins.

"Oy Vey, is my backside sore. Joseph I think Iíll get off this donkey and walk for a while. It is coming on sunset and we will rest soon. Ah, I can see the fires of Bethlehem on the horizon."

"Joseph here is a good place to camp Iíll just sit a while. Oh Look Joseph, Look. There is that star again. It is so bright. You know, I may be imagining things but it is almost as ifÖwell as if it is following us. Mmmm, when I look at it I feel warm and protected. A sign from our Creator that all is well with His Son."

"Yes, yes, Joseph go gather firewood for our camp and be sure to gather a few of the dried droppings of the animals so it will burn hotter tonight. I have something special in mind for dinner."

"Ah, little Jesu, I can feel your restlessness. Eager to see the new world are you? Such sights you will see. The world is so much more modern than when I was a babe. In the great Temple in Jerusalem I hear that you can buy the doves for sacrifice right at the door. Can you imagine?"

"Oh, but I know, little one, that your birth will herald great things, changes in this world that no one has even begun to envision. It scares me sometimes to think about it. I know what the prophets have said about when the Messiah comes. But Iíll tell you a secret, little Jesu, since that day when the great angel Gabriel told me I, I was going to be the one to birth Godís son, I have had visions and insights from time to time. Even now I can feel the presence of Jehovah here and see the bright angels in every color of the rainbow. They are always with us now."

"Ach, how my life has changed. As a young girl working and serving in the Temple, I often felt Godís presence, especially when I had the honor to clean the Temple Sanctuary. I would fall on my knees, glorifying Your Father, Our Creator and feel such ecstasy and pure love. Oh Jesus, I want to teach you all about the wonder and joy of loving God with all your heart."

"Back then I would pray so hard that God might grant me a special dispensation to be the hand maiden to the honorable woman who would carry Godís seed. Then God chose me Ė me! A simple girl. And look at me Ė not a handmaid in sight. Ha. Ha."

"Oh little one right now I have you all to myself but soon Ė Ooh! Maybe very soon, whoo! You will be in the world and I will have to share you. Such an awesome job God has given me. Your tutelage will be thorough; after all, being in the Temple all those years has to count for something. But Magnificent One I must trust in you for this is too important for such as me. Yes, I am sure I will be learning right along with Your Son even as it comes out of my mouth."

"Jesu, when I think of all the things we can do together I so look forward to it. Of course, Joseph will teach you his craft of carpentry. It is a noble profession. In my mindís eye I can see you grow to manhood, maybe become a great Rabbi. As the Son of God you should be the High Priest of the Holy Temple. But it is strange when I try to picture you with your own family everything is fuzzy and a sadness enters my heart. But then I feel that presence I told you about and one of those darling angels will catch my attention and I forget about all the sadness."

"I love you so much Jesus and youíre not even here. Yet you are here Ė inside of me."

Drops down on her knees to pray.

"Oh great and mighty Jehovah, Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to serve you. All through this I have felt Your Hand upon me and the richness of blessings You have given me."

"I know, oh Great One, that even in the midst of blessings great as this there will come trials and the road will not always be smooth before us. Help me, Oh Lord, help me to keep my eye upon You that through discernment I would be guided upon the path You have laid before me."

"Your Son will shine with such a brilliance that those around Him are sure to be in shadows. But if the time should come, O my Lord that someone should look upon my actions for solace Ė let them see I trust in you. Let them find an example of carrying Godís Light in themselves. Let them know the Truth Ė Emmanuel. God IS with US."



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