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Chapter 5

Take this message for My children for they as a group have done well.

But before them lies the test of their devotion and their conscious realization of me which shall bring the glory to our Father in Heaven.

They shall go forth and visit these cities and they shall leave their mark upon them and the people shall know they have been blessed by their presence for they shall shine like a living day amongst the populace of those cities. Receive My word and go ye forth and declare My teaching and bring many into the light and baptism and many shall come flocking to the Order to be of greater service.

Remind my sisters that if they are interested in women being equal to men with the same advantages of attainment which bring them the Divine Rite to function in the altar through my word, let them all forget all the mass mind nonsense about women and let them conduct themselves like Christian Beings and they shall then be accepted by all people.


Received February 26, 1974