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Chapter 4

In this time which I come unto you, I bring unto you the reality of Creation. Within Me are great wonders, speaketh My Father in Heaven.

For lo I have released many and they shall come to work with you and bear good fruits of the harvest.

For woman looks unto man, for she pictures Me as a man because I manifest principally a male reality.

When she looks not to Me first then she separates herself from My image, therefore she cannot find those who manifest My reality and she is not satisfied.

For in this day they shall learn the beauty of marriage, not for children but for the sake of giving, that they may receive the fullness of their pure nature and thus be glorified.

Of the many which receive Me, so they also receive My son, and in so doing will be rewarded.

For a mist shall fall upon the earth and many shall succumb to it, but he who is born again need have no fear.

Received April 27, 1973