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Chapter 1


For he that would live in My Son's house, the Lord Jesus Christ, shall be conscious of Me.

For he that judges by the heart shall fall heir to nothing, but he that judgeth through Me in him, judgeth wisely.

The judgment of My elite shall be like the reaper's sickle, for it shall purge the earth of the unclean ones.

He that liveth in filth has filth within, but he that keepeth My temple clean, watcheth over the house of God.

For the ways of the children of God are many, but the laws thereof are few, but may not be changed or denounced.

He that wasteth his supply shall fall short of My heritage.

The fruits of My earth are many. Give ye of them to all thy brothers.

Unto him who giveth his life in service, will I give all My Life unto him.

Judge not a man by what he eats.

Look well of your accounting to man, and be sure it is clean. For so likewise will be your judgment of yourself.

For if thou misjudge thyself, surely thy judgment shall come upon thee and hold thee.

Treat ye with kindness all that earth puts in your charge, for thou art lord and master of My animals.

Act ye in accord with the life which ye lead, for a false act in life is like a false finger, it gaineth thee nothing.

Beware of false incantation, for sound to the soul is either music or destruction.

Fret not of your life hereafter, for thou formest it by the life thou now leadest.

Praise ye the Light of the Christos, and thy world and My world shall be a place of pleasure.

Teach My little ones that are in My Care, My Truth of My Creation, lest thou be judged in that unfulfilled world in which thou placest them.