Book of Jesus Volume I

Jesus of Nazareth


Chapter 4


The one thing which most writers forget is that the Master Jesus came to this Earth with a pre-determined pattern of Life and that certain attributes had been assembled to fulfill this mission, which was also the Will of the Father.


In the crystallized condition of the earth and social status of the world two thousand years ago, there existed such a decayed condition that it was impossible for the mass of the people to be taught the reality of the power of the Christos, and the family of Light, Life and Love which is the Triangle of Creation.


Thus it was that Jesus Christ, being a highly evolved Master, came to earth and accepted the image of the Christos and allowed his body to be used as a point of mediation and symbol for that omnipotent power to express its triune reality -- Light, Life and Love. So that those people which accepted him would also be accepting the Christ, which in turn, when they accepted this through his symbol, made it possible for the symbol of God and the power of the Father to come directly to them as they had established a consciousness through the symbolic reality, which they could hold and then would become an active agent in their life. And this is what he meant when he said: "Only through me shall you see the face of the Father."


The condition of Earth at that period was that of an orb which had started by crystallize so badly that the many new starts by some new people here had failed, so it was necessary that some Cosmic Alchemy be performed in order to bring life and progression back into the planet.


Jesus returned here knowing that the Crucifixion, the Death, the Resurrection and the Ascension, were to take place so the last three great initiations would manifest on Earth.


But in order that this be carried out, it was necessary for him to feel and experience this, the same as one going through this for the first time.


It was necessary for him to feel the loneliness of the Garden, the same as when a person feels this and is not conscious of the initiation in everyday life. Then there is the time that all people turn against you and you are left not only alone, but turned against by all your friends and relations; thus it follows through all initiations. Then the illumination and rebirth -- and then comes the resurrection.


Jesus wished to assume and did assume it; he assumed a flesh body and form to be used in his life. This was necessary so that he might sanctify human flesh by putting that form into use. He made the physical form ready for the Resurrection in the Light Body.


In the Christian Cosmic concept, the world of matter retains its place in the Cosmic role of evolving substance, but still holds its primordial place, still essential in the union with the Body in Christ. Parts of this matter in its finer state will pass into and through the Transmutation, into the forming of the Bodies of Man and the denser world in producing the New Heaven and New Earth.


Likewise, if you are concerned with the progress and place in this time, what is going to happen in these days of change to Churches and Orders that have been in existence a long time -- such Orders will be approached, and are given as their final end the fulfillment of Christ; they will be transformed into a great and virtuous body as a carrier of Light. The world will be the widest form of Love of God in Service.


Jesus, who had assumed the personality of the Christos and became the living image on the Earth plane of the Messiah, the Anointed One, the Messenger, the One that literally gave up all even to taking the last three great initiations on the material, seeable level.


Jesus assumed the Reality of the Christos so completely that he increased in size proportionately to his consciousness and of the Christos, so that now he actually encompasses the Earth, and we live with the encompassing Being of the CHRIST JESUS.


The man in whom the Illumination has been attained, may receive and enjoy the Cosmic Vision of the Master, now Lord of Earth, even more real than other realities in the world, the power and presence of which is constantly growing.


Christ brought about the final determination of the Cosmic Triune principle in reality of this Universe, so that man may truly be said to live in a state where confusion cannot live or penetrate him, but here the universal need of Man is fulfilled and is most actively pursued.


Christ Jesus, then, in coming to Earth in the person of Jesus the Master, clothed his person in the most sensible body and with a personality most intimate, and a human charm as an individual which could only be motivated by the three great principles of Light, Life and Love of the Christos incarnate; a first offspring of the Father Creator. He adorned that humanity with the most entrancing and Masterful splendor of this universe.


He came among us as the Living Law of the New Age, surpassing all hope of perfection in such a crystal clear manner that man of all states of development could not help but see and feel his presence, either to hate or to love him.


At the time of his appearance and ever since, a thrill passes through the seething mass of Mankind that has, and still does make it tremble in every fiber, so it vibrates as a whole.



The multitude of the Elect was already starting to gather and isolating itself in the midst of the Multitude. This is still going on, in spite of everything -- the principle of unity which saves our world because of his redemptive love wherein all is in a process of returning to him -- NOT TO DUST BUT TO CHRIST JESUS -- for through the force of his magnetism and the Light of his being, the unitive power of his being, Jesus establishes again at the very heart of this earth, the harmony of all endeavors united and the convergence of them all, from all that turn to him which consists of the heart of the earth, the Golden Atom.


Let us read boldly from the Gospel without dogma and we shall see that no idea can better convey to our minds the reality of his redemptive function of the Word he gave; that of the unification of all flesh to one spiritual level and the same spirit of the great Christos, taking on the Divine magnetism.


Christ's prime role is to draw to himself, on his level of function, all that of the earth before him, so that it is functioning in harmony. Thus he will have an influence powerful enough to guide their wayward paths into a uniform direction. The intellectuals were the ones who hesitated and parted company.


The crucifixion of the Lord Jesus manifesting the Supreme Initiation was so that the Universe could subsist even in its natural evolution. It was necessary above all, that the dynamic soul of ONE and the same vigorous impetus should again be installed into man God loved, through God's choice of His incarnate Son as the prime mover of the restored Universe.


Christ Jesus then clothed his person in the most simple and most intimate charm of human individuality. He adorned that humanity with the most magnificent and most masterful splendors of the Universe. He then came amongst us as the synthesis surpassing all hope of all perfection, such that every man was necessarily obliged to see and feel his presence.


For on that day ignorance was conquered by his incarnation, and again was quickened within man the eagerness for the development that they saw in this Christ being and the desire to save the world that was withering, even in its natural roots, as he took his place at the head of creation on the earth.


Moreover, the road of our Savior was followed and man was called on to follow with him, on that very road that beings had always taken in order to leave the non-beings far behind.


The reflective, heavenly task to which Christ summoned and drew us, uniting us in one common urge, a sort of unconscious part, a continuous hunger, a terrestrial work of the former ages. That under the outward appearances of a kindly and humble and moral teacher, the law of purity and Christian Charity hides the operation which is pure fire, in which the original many facets of being are recast and fused into its unity and is consummated.


And in order to give us a true active work which would involve the organic form of the universe; thus making it Divine as in Jesus Christ in his own personal, mystical and Cosmic Body, who through the magnetism of his love and the effectiveness of the power of the Father coming through him, which was the love of the Father brought through our Lord and the effective power which he has given the Eucharist and its daily use, gradually gathers into himself the energy scattered throughout this orb and his creation. This is the active fiat in the Eucharist.


As Christ becomes more and more incarnated in this globe and in the universe, and expels the guilt which is great of the world, so step by step the other evil effects of the multitude and suffering, retreat and decrease. In its external and sensible form, no doubt, pain has not yet ceased to threaten us and disorganize us. The earth is still a place of blood and tears, but already the blood flows less freely and the tears are not as bitter above the tormented flesh and the agonized hearts.


For into the deeper zones of reality in which the soul is molded for eternal life, peace has entered; a peace such as the evil of the world has no knowledge and cannot give. The peace that is the awareness of the unity of Jesus Christ. The first really realized reality of his presence to those who have not known.


"So peace will come again on earth, but a peace unlike aught known before. Then will the will-to-good flower forth as under- standing, and understanding blossom as goodwill in men."

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