Book of Jesus Volume I

Jesus of Nazareth


Chapter 2


The primordial role of the Christ is to draw to Himself all that, before Him, moved at random. God chose the love of His Incarnate Son as the prime mover of the restored universe.


To show how Christ effected this restoration, some writers use exact analogies between the activities of Jesus and those of Adam. Here we see an existential approach to Christ's redemptive action, for it includes not only the Incarnation and the cross, but every action of his human life.


There was no aspect of human life that was not experienced somehow by Jesus: infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, a lifetime of human experiences sanctified by obedience.


By his total obedience, Jesus undoes the disobedience of Adam. Both were virgin-born -- Adam was born of the virgin earth, not of human parents; Christ Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary by the Spirit of God.


Adam sinned through the disobedience of a woman created out of himself; Christ Jesus recapitulates the Fall through the obedience of a woman who gave him birth, the Virgin Mary. Jesus' temptations in the desert and in his passion are paralleled by those of Adam, but Christ always prevails, thus overcoming Adam's disobedience.


However, Jesus' actions are not mere mechanical reversals of the actions of Adam. Through perfect obedience to his heavenly Father, in contrast with Adam's disobedience, he did break the dominion of Satan over mankind and the cosmos, but this alone does not assure the fulfillment of God's plan. His activities, through those commissioned to teach his work and administer his sacraments, are still being prolonged in the universe.


It is through the work of these that man encounters Christ, the fulfiller; and that Christ restores to man the Divine Life lost through sin and error. Through this Divine Life by which man re-creates the world around him in accordance with God's original plan of creation, the whole world enters into the "new creation" of St. Paul.


Race-religions are of the Holy Spirit, and are insufficient because based on law, which makes for sin and brings death, pain and sorrow.


Race-spirits know this, and realize that their religions are merely steps to something better. This is shown by the fact that all such religions point to One Who is to come.


The religion of the Persians pointed to Mithras; the Chaldeans to Tammuz. The Norse gods foresaw the approach of "The Twilight of the Gods," when Surt, the bright Sun-spirit, shall supersede them, and a new and fairer order be established on the regenerated earth.


The Egyptians waited for Horus, the new-born Sun. Mithras and Tammuz were also symbolized as Solar orbs and all the principal Temples were built facing the East, that the rays of the rising Sun might shine directly through the open doors; even St. Peter's at Rome is so placed.


Thus it was generally known that the One Who was to come was a Sun-spirit, and was to save humanity from the separative influences necessarily contained in all race religions.


These religions were steps which it was necessary for mankind to take to prepare for the advent of Christ. Man must first cultivate a "self" before he can become unselfish, and understand the higher phase of Universal Brotherhood -- unity of purpose and interest -- for which Christ laid the foundation at his first coming, and which he will make living realities when he returns. The Christian religion alone is looking not for One to come, but One to come AGAIN. As the fundamental principle of a Race-religion is separation, self-seeking at the expense of others, if this is carried to its ultimate, it must become destructive and frustrating to evolution, unless succeeded by a more constructive religion.


Therefore, the separative religions of the Holy Spirit must give place to the unifying religion of the Son, which is the true Christian religion.


Law must give place to Love, and separate Races and Nations be united in one Universal Brotherhood, with Christ as the Eldest Brother.


This has not yet been fully accomplished. The intellect can see some of the beauties, and readily admits that we should love our enemies, but the passions of the desire body are still strong. The intellect sees, in the abstract, the beauty but sometimes allies itself with the vengeful feelings of the desire body, in retribution or self-protection (as an excuse).


The second Coming depends on the time when Church can free itself from State and stop secreting the full teachings of Jesus and the ancients.


Jesus Christ was a composite individual; Jesus was the mortal, human part, while Christ was the divine, immortal Spirit.


The rise, the reality of the New Age and the revitalization of the Christ and the symbol of the Son is a world rebirth, the same as taking off the dark glasses of a man who has never seen the natural light and color of the world around him.


And make no mistake, that although this great Being exists, and for thousands of years has been known to exist, Jesus Christ is a reality which I assure you, and is giving birth to a new world in which the dying old man of dogma must be buried, and the unification with the Body of Christ and the reality it brings, bringing hope, Life, and joy into the consciousness of those who have given up, and death to the money changers in the temple.


Since the establishment of the reality of Jesus Christ, when Jesus took upon himself the image of the Christ which made him present and at hand, communication has been established between the souls that before his coming knew the feeling of being isolated, unassociated to one another.


At last, crossing the fallen barrier of the body, we are meeting and making contact with what everyone has talked about, the unity of Jesus Christ, the unity of Christ by means of the sacramental Communion which he communicates through his instruction, and this consummates the union of the faithful within himself.


Through an individual and integral contact of soul with soul, flesh with flesh, he is instilled into the matter of their being, their personal consciousness, the consciousness of the need to adhere to his Mystical Body which nurtures the seed of his resurrection, under the reflection and shadow of the Holy Family. In giving him the essential collaboration by exerting a specific effort and activity, we become assimilated into the active pattern.


By lovingly submitting our own anatomy to his, the cohesive factor of our personalities with him lies in loving kindness and humility, by feeling the needs of the community especially in tempering our lives with charity, which makes us see and cherish Christ in every man and gives us the impetus to go forward with immediate urgency even of a single act, because of the unification of all in the One, the kingdom of God, whose realization we have to work for.


For as long as we are not conscious of the reality of God the Father, his messenger Jesus cannot exist to us, for it is the reality of Jesus the Christed One which is the bond which holds together the fruitful efforts which we enact. If we walk with him in our consciousness, then we can compassionately love him who is also becoming a reality.


What more do I need to feel the reassurance of the peace and hope, which peace is what you might call a "soul peace," for it satisfies even in this apparently almost impossible world, where the reflection of cosmic reality exists.


God has made our spiritual growth possible through GOODWILL. The pure heart is the organ of higher life toward which all souls hope to direct conscious effort.


For the fundamental principle of the building of the body of Christ is making use of one of the most ancient of all arts, that of pure alchemy, the symbol of his pure body making us conscious of the moral value of human activity. In the dominion of spiritual morality the divine and the terrestrial meet and are fused.


Let us go back and recapitulate, as we have called this "the Alchemical Furnace" in the life of Jesus. Let us show what we mean in this matter. For the ancient alchemist was a very real person, for his body, his actions, his feelings were part of his tools.


The principle piece of alchemical apparatus was always purported to be the furnace, and it was called an athanor. We as a group, we as a body possess the alchemical instruments, the Great, the Only, which answers the athanor, which answers for the separation of the subtle and the gross, which determines the fixed from the volatile.


This instrument, complete as the world -- this instrument, as precise as mathematics, was symbolized by the five-pointed star.


It is the completion, the perfect, the proceeded of God. It is clearly and definitely the human organism.


In the Chaldean the word athanor means "Essence of Fire," so to speak, and our bodies form the base of the art in which the whole form in the operation of alchemy is performed.


The student is the metal to be transmuted in one way, one route, one use, and the metal must be cleansed in the mind and body of trial and error and purification before the inner secrets are revealed to him.


In their natural state, they cannot receive or handle high tension currents of nature's fire which would destroy the human organism of the average person.


It is absolutely a must that one become a part of that stone which Jesus spoke of before he can hope to make it externally. For unless he really has it, there is no book of instruction that could tell him how -- how to transmute this authority of mastery to someone else.


There is a "power of projection" which links teacher and student and is in fact a substance through which projection, he can communication the wisdom to the student and aid him in his development. This is a force by which the student may be transmuted from the base metal to gold, a liberated personality, the enlightened being. The illuminated one.


You will notice that all of these things took place in the Master's life -- the teaching, the healing, the removal of the entities, the transmutation of his body and the resurrection.


"Dissolution is the whole mystery of the art accomplished, not as some have thought, by means of fire, but in a wholly abstruse manner, by the help of Mercury." This work enables us to control those functions of our bodies which dissolve or break down into their constituent elements, the forms of material taken from our environment. Mercury, which sharpens and quickens the mind, is the true form of that substance which gives the true function of the mental powers.


The secret vessels of the alchemist are the organs of his own body, together with their etheric counterparts. The operation is really a chemical one, under the direction of man's self-conscious intelligence, which begins in man's mind, but is realized by means of changes effected in his physical body.


These changes to the individual as he becomes a new creature is what the Master spoke of when he said you shall be reborn. In consequence of these changes, he becomes a new creature, able to exercise powers which are unknown to the average being.


The Arabic base root of the word alchemy and chemistry meant "pouring" or "infusion." "Alchemy" has been termed by the dictionary as being a "medieval chemical science, whose great object was the transmutation of the baser metals into gold, and the discovery of the universal cure for diseases and means of indefinitely prolonging life."


The basis of alchemy, like the basis of yoga, is the idea that man is a direct consequence of the perfectly free, unmodified Spirit, whence all things proceed. This is the true essence of his being. The Great Work is the direction of energy derived from that essence according to the perceptions of an awakened intelligence.


The preliminary in alchemy is the same as the preliminary step in yoga -- that is, to eradicate from the heart all impurities, transmuting the body into a holy temple of God, purged from all uncleanness. The objective is not wealth, but health. Health is the sense of wholeness or completeness.


The initial step of this is certainly "heavenly intention" -- that is, a reaching inward to heaven.


The fire of alchemy is said to be a secret fire, often compared to a serpent or dragon -- a fiery force which yogas say is coiled in the Saturn center at the base of the spine. It is the use of sex forces for good.


Yoga practice raises this "serpent" power, stage by stage, through the seven chakras which alchemy identifies with metals.


Paracelsus, like other sages, declares the Great Work to be performed by the aid of Mercury, and that the only other agencies of the art are the powers of the sun and moon. Likewise does yoga recognize the importance of the power personified by Mercury, as the Upanishad tells us the object of yoga is something which is to be grasped by the mind alone. They also recognize the two other agencies, one hot and fiery called Prana or Surya (surya meaning "sun"); the other agency cold and moist named Rayi, the lunar current.


Alchemy says the whole operation is a work of the sun and moon, aided by Mercury.


In both systems, yoga and alchemy, preparation for the work is establishment of physical purity and ethical freedom from lust, avarice, and other negative tendencies. Success enables adepts to exercise extraordinary powers, to heal disease, to control forces of nature, and to exert a determining influence on circumstances.


The intelligence which aids this work is the self-consciousness of man, which though not the highest level of life-expression, has this power: it can perceive the true order of nature by discerning the principles behind the veil of surface appearances.


The mind of man, his Mercury, is able to discover principles, and to control by suggestion the forces of the subconscious life. It is able to invent and execute new applications, not provided by nature, thus bringing about a finer adjustment and organization of both environment and organism.


The result is the new kind of being, able to receive the influx of energies which would harm an ordinary human body fraught with impurities.


When he becomes illumined, he perceives directly the Truth that he is living the eternal life of the One Power which brings all things into manifestation, and sustains and governs everything in the universe.


At the completion of this Work, his transmuted personality expresses nothing but the inwardly perceived impulses of the One Power. He knows, not merely believes, that all his thoughts, acts, and words are direct expressions of God, the One Will.


He is often discreet in this work, not often revealing his Adeptship. An Adept knows the true significance of even the tiniest details of his daily life and in all things acts as administrator of the eternal laws of Being for the furtherance of the work of God, and the One Plan.


This is the High Goal of the Aspiration of the ages. This is the "confection" of the soul. One of the greats of both mysticism and alchemy.


"The old Adamical flesh of death cometh not to the heavenly flesh: No, it belongeth to the earth, to death; but the eternal flesh is hidden in the old earthly man, and it is in the old man, as the fire in iron, or as the gold in the dark stone. This is the noble stone (Lapis Philosophorum), the Philosopher's Stone, which the Magi find, which tinctureth nature, and generateth a new son in the old. He who findeth that, esteemeth more highly of it than of this outward world.


"He who hath it, and knoweth it, if he seeketh, he may find all things whatsoever are in heaven and in earth. It is the Stone which is rejected of the builders, and is the chief corner stone; upon whatsoever it falleth, it grindeth to power, and kindleth a fire therein. All universities seek it, but find it not by their seeking; sometimes it is found by one that seeketh it rightly. But others (that seek it in self, and for their own gain) despise it and cast it away and so it remaineth hidden still."


"In this Stone there lieth hidden, whatsoever God and the eternity, also heaven, the stars, and elements contain, and are able to do: There never was from eternity anything better or more precious than this, and it is offered by God, and bestowed upon man; every one may have it that doth desire it; it is in a simple form and hath the power of the whole Deity in it."


The Stone represents the union of the central Ego in man, Qabalistically termed Ben, the Son, with the cosmic-Life Power seated in Ab, the Father.


If we find this Stone, Boehme teaches the alchemical Truth that the find is also making, or confecting.


In one sense, the true Stone already exists within each of us, but only in its elements. These must be discovered, and then brought into the perfect union suggested by the presence of the two words, Ab and Ben, in the Hebrew Ehben, meaning Stone.


Jesus in his life, as we have shown in this chapter which we have called "The Alchemical Furnace," set a pattern which all people pass through to some degree according to the level at which they are functioning. There is the birth of the Master so ordained by the Hierarchy and his previous training, the preparation for the new creation, the rebirth by John the Baptist, the ministry, the crucifixion, death, resurrection and ascension.


These are all things which one must go through or any substance must go through in the hands of the true alchemist.


This parallel of Jesus' life and the alchemist's furnace is a true reality and it shows the glory and the meticulousness of how the Father works out His plans without disrupting the process of evolution through the initiation of ancient times. We may have, but we know not what, some new processes of life in this coming age, which I would not attempt to predict.


The whole which looks to be like a great complicated system of a life cycle is actually a very elementary system and extremely simple, carrying the same forms in all matter, be it human or mineral.

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