Book of Jesus Volume I

Jesus of Nazareth

Chapter 1

The perspective of our time gives us an advantage concerning the life of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and none can overlook the power and authority with which both his words and deeds have resounded throughout nearly twenty centuries. He has changed countless lives and the governments of nations. He is not responsible for the rash things humanity has done to satisfy its own desires, using his name as an excuse in many things because they had not been taught the whole truth. But where his teachings have been really followed, miracles have ensued.


He taught us, during his brief sojourn, all the laws and principles our present humanity could ever need to use for its upliftment in personal life to Science and through his acts performed the greatest of all alchemy which transformed the earth itself. He is the High Priest of our Order, though never identified with any sectarian priesthood.


As the Son of God, the Christed One, he opened the way through himself and his atonement for mankind to reach unto the Grace of God Himself, and to reclaim the divine gifts which the Father had bestowed upon man in the infancy of His creation, when God created man as the only permissible Image of Himself.


"Mystery" is a fascinating word, which immediately conjures visions of a veil to be pulled aside, or a package which must be opened in order to find out the delightful secret inside, which is there all the time but merely hidden from our view.


The Christian teachings are actually so simple, that the only covering lies in man himself. He has coated himself with layer upon layer of error and deceit and confusion, that must be peeled off to uncover the true and glorious Self within Him. But a mystery does exist, for until he does uncover the layers of error and deceit and confusion, he will never truly understand the simplicity of Jesus, the Christed One. For each new vista of understanding that unfolds, it will only unfold as one lives and experiences the preceding step to the way of which Jesus declared that he was the way.


The way that Jesus was talking about is following the same path, the vibration of his own being, going through the same realization, entertaining the consciousness of the Father through him that the one seeking the way might conceive of a Creator or Father God as he did through him. Accepting the way is to accept Jesus fully and to make a full attempt of taking on the consciousness of the Christos, of the Christ that you might communicate with him and thus sense the reality of God. It would take you to another realm of consciousness, to another world to which some day you will pass. For in so doing, you will certainly find a higher realm of consciousness and be able to physically discern the fact that you are on the path through reaching this higher purification and grace. For even at this level, the way is not visible to the physical eyes, understanding and vision but spiritually perceived with spiritual sight.


When Jesus was alone with the twelve disciples, they asked him, "Why do you speak to the multitude in parables?" And he answered them, "Because it is given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given. For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance . . ." The only reason they "had" anything was because they earned it as they went along. You cannot force this. And so it is with the Mysteries. The Mysteries are only revealed to those who join their lives with Christ and they only may understand them. For as the individual receives the light of the Christos, it then becomes a mystery which others cannot see what is so plainly before them.


The Christ not only was but still is. His words still are true. They are the words from the Father which he passed to us and are true and they are also living in this day.


Never is ALL revealed at once, for with each step a little more is given. Thus it is a never-ending Quest, yet the most fulfilling and greatest of all Adventures, which never grows dull or old.


Paul said, "In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of his grace which he lavished upon us. For God has made known to us in all wisdom and insight the mystery of His Will, according to His purpose which He set forth in Christ as a plan for the fullness of time, to unite all things in Him, things in heaven and things on earth."


The Book of Revelation, Chapter 10, says that "in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as He hath declared to His servants, the prophets."


The highest Mystery of all is our Creator, the first aspect of the Supreme Being which "thinks out" or imagines the Solar system in which we live and have our being, before the beginning of active manifestation of man, the great Creator and the creative Hierarchy which inhabits the heaven worlds of existence. This is considered as the field of our evolution. But it is that place which Jesus spoke of when he said; "I go to prepare a place for you, for in my Father's house there are many mansions."


The forces of nature and God which are God -- these forces also dissolve everything that has started to crystallize beyond the possibility of further growth and at last when the end of active manifestation has come, this force will absorb all matter where growth has ceased due to crystallization.


This action was exactly what Jesus set into action by the spilling of his blood on Calvary for all living substance as beings, regardless of form or state of growth. These will go on in the eternal life in existence until they have become Masters of the Work of creation. Here they will attain their eternal freedom.


The second aspect of the Supreme Being is that which manifests in matter as the forces of attraction and repulsion, adhesion and cohesion, thus giving it the capability of combining into Forms of various kinds. This is the creative Fiat manifest, which "The Word" has created as a means of molding the primordial Cosmic Root substance in a manner similar to the formation of figures by musical vibrations or sound, the same tone always producing the same figure. So this great primordial WORD brought, or spoke into being the Fiat in finest matter, all the different Worlds with all their myriads of Forms, which have since been copied and worked out in detail by the innumerable creative Hierarchies.


The Word could not have done this, however, until the third aspect of the Supreme Being had first prepared the Cosmic Root substance; (God) had awakened it from its normal state of inertia and set the countless inseparate atoms spinning upon their axes, placing those axes at various angles with respect to each other, giving to each kind a certain measure of vibration.


These varying angles of inclination of the axes and the measures of vibration made the Cosmic Root-substance (God) capable of forming different combinations, which are the basis of the seven great Cosmic Planes of consciousness. There is, in each of these Planes, a different inclination of the axes of motion, and also a different Measure of vibration, consequently the condition and combinations in each one are different from those in any of the others, due to the activity of "The Only Begotten."


We believe that these descriptions which we are using regarding the creation are the best way of describing what took


place. For here we have again great minds speaking of things, not wishing to really give unto God the reality and acceptance of His supremacy. One young seminarian presented me with a book called The Mystery Man of the Bible. It was a little book, well prepared. The English was very good in it. The logic was perfect in it, but here again is the great principle which is the stumbling block to many men who wish to serve God and man.


The writer was a very learned man who wrote it from a literary standpoint but he did not know or understand creation. He did not know or understand the great Jesus, the great teacher and worker of the works.


Any church, any order, or any Christian who knows that Jesus Christ lived -- that the Christos is a reality in this Solar System and that there is a Great Intelligence which is at the foundation of it which is in reality the Cosmic Root-substance. Give this God whatever name you may, this matters not and changes nothing in the creation.


If a power is in action and a force is working so that the work may be accomplished, we know that life is existent there. This is one of the stumbling blocks of many of our brilliant people today who are our Historians, so to speak -- fine professors of English, history, logistics, and so forth. They forget one thing and that is that the power of God does not need a system to work from outside of the original system and creative way in which the Father created it. That infinite power and base of which everything is made may heal, may bring into existence, anything at any time when it is needed.


They seem to forget or disregard the fact that there is a host of teachers that exist here, now come into the earth life - even come into the dense form of the earth when needed, that lived before and that have seen many of the things that happened during the time Our Master was here, that love him and still serve him and still have a fair memory of other times and of other places.


Christ would have the power to build and function in a vehicle similar to that of the Archangels. He could not descend any further into matter.


The Kabbala says that the coming of the Messiah from a sacred cubical stone of the Temple, a white light will be rising for forty days. This light will expand until it encloses the whole world. The king, the Messiah, will come through the gate of the Garden of Eden.


Hermes states in his Apocrypha, "In the middle of the plain he showed me a great white rock which had risen out of the middle of the plain; the rock was higher than the mountains and was able to hold the whole world. The rock was also red, having a gate hewn out of it, but the hewing seemed to be recent."


The rock is the ancient wisdom which belongs to the ages and has been given to man through many revelations varied to suit his growing development from the time he first received the link of mind in the Lemurian society.


All religions have been inspired by the Cosmic Christ, the great Being which carries the unifying Word Principle of God as the precept of His personality. This accounts for the similarity of the work and writing of all the great world teachers. The love power of the Cosmic Christ has united them even as pearls are strung on a golden thread into a single chain. This is the Pearl of Great Price of the great world teachers.


Every race religion and race teacher has been preparing the way for the coming of the Christ to the earth. This does not mean that the other great religions should now be dispensed with. They still have important work to do for the peoples to whom they were given. Nor does it mean that the Christian religion will ever be universally adopted as it is now understood and practiced; it is as yet but a suggestion of what it will be before the present epoch shall have passed over, during which time the Christian religion will steadily grow in beauty, influence and power.


Christ is the supreme World Savior. All other teachers, great and noble as they have been have belonged to our human evolution. This is true also of the high and holy Jesus. But the Christ came from the archangelic Hosts, not to any particular race or people.


He came as the Savior of the world, bringing the light of the Great Mysteries (the recent gate hewn in the rock) that all might become Christed and, rising above the limitations of race, country and creed, enter into one great loving Brotherhood that would reign with Him in the New Day of which the Holy Order of Mans is His tool.


"At the name of Christ Jesus every knee shall bow and every voice proclaim Him Lord, to the glory of God the Father."


The nucleus of the New race will be drawn from no particular nation or clime, but will be formed of peoples of every land who have learned to manifest the Christ within. The Christ power is the unifying principle that lifts above all differences of creed, caste or color.


"If we walk in the light as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another."

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