11-Golden Force

Chapter 11


Jesus said, "As a man thinketh, so is he" -- a quotation which has been repeated many times by many kinds of religions and many philosophers.

But, I say unto you, be not deceived by what you see with your physical eyes.

It is also said in the New Age, in these times, in the day of the return of the Christ, those who see only what their half-blinded physical eyes do see, shall die, as we call it, or pass through transition.

If we think for a moment of the first statement, "As a man thinketh, so is he," then turn to the realization that all physical consciousness is based on knowledge and understanding taught to us as intellect: this is physical manís consciousness.

Seeing, then, takes an aspect or function of thinking, as the picture is built on the screen of our consciousness only. Wisdom, which is the function which involves spiritual sight and bringing to bear of our other five senses -- this, of course, is the only true sight.

Man comes into this world through woman, and usually he brings with him the consciousness of the five physically functioning and five spiritually functioning senses; but as he starts to grow we start to impound into his consciousness that this thing is so, and that thing is so. Pretty soon, after a few years, we have unlearned him of all the truth he came into this world with, so that no longer is he able to hear and see with his spiritual eyes, but is ruled by mass mind, instead of by the God Mind as he should be, and then not only is he becoming educated -- yes, he is now educated to all the untruths.

What a start he has now. It will take him many years to unlearn what he has been taught, so that he may know the Truth and be saved, as the Christians would call it. But actually it is letting the God Force flow through him again so that he may once again see, hear and feel in a true sense.

We have become so unthinking that only that which our physical seeing tells, this is the only reality we know. Until we have put God first, and reality or things of spirit. Reality is Cause of any experience, be it a thing of feeling or your pay check, and only comes from Mind of Spirit -- or our part of it -- as our minds are a part of the Great Mind.

Man is, the true man is, like a soldier in a steel tank where the only visual contact with the world around him is the optical sights and windows made of prisms built in the tank. He is gaining an experience in this state of vibration which he could not experience except through the tank, likewise through his physical body or vehicle which protects him, the real him, very much like the man in the steel tank, it protects him from the attack of the enemy.

Think on yourself and all that is inside of you and place yourself at the center of being of your physical body, then look out at the world around you and see if the world around you does not look different, for at this time you will be in a place to take command of both the Ego and Will.

If you do this it will bring you a new concept of Life and we hope you will start and think. Think for your own good and many people around you, for donít forget that you are a broadcasting station and there are many receivers around you.

What do you want to build, happiness and success or hate, despair in your own family and the family next door?

For you are going to be in this physical body until you pass through transition at which time your sight will not be hindered with matter.

You will then function with your five spiritual senses "if" you are conscious of them when you go. You might not like what you see of the past.

Otherwise, you will be a long time, as a rule, getting to a place of self-control.

In this Christ Day, both physical and spiritual bodies will come together as one, and all things will be more and more vivid, more intensified. The emotions will react with more feeling and things which we did not feel concerned with ten years ago will be of the uttermost importance. These things would not have had then even a place in our thoughts; now we stop and consider them.

In this day, you must be doubly sure to have control of mind. The emotions and will are more violent -- more unrest, more disease.

The Christ is returning now, now.

This force will eliminate all negation and disease. But, you say, look at the war, destruction and fear, death all around us -- all of the negative thinking and thoughts.

Did you ever watch a man with a disease being treated when the Doctor gives him medicine? It is what he needs to produce a right and normal condition in his physical body. He will do what we all get better -- get well. Then, all of a sudden, he will go through a crisis where he will appear to get worse or sicker than he was before. This is a natural pattern, because the needed medicine is breaking up the pattern of disease and then nature will take over. After the pattern is broken and the toxic materials are eliminated from the body and, as the Doctor would say, a pathological balance is reached, he then will feel better and symptoms will disappear, and he is said to be cured.

This is what is happening in the world today. This world is sick with fear and greed; the bloated Egos, all of the illness of our world civilization, all of the things that we see demonstrated in the individual lives around us are mostly a case of being misinformed and ignorant of the power that they possess. One of the outstanding reasons for this is that they are ignorant of the real ways taught by the Master Jesus. Because the so-called Christian Church has not taught the truth, the way of the Master and what he did in his life here. Churchmen are and have been influenced by the almighty dollar and have seen that the way to keep people in slavery was to take out all of the teachings that referred to the Law so that the people would be totally dependent on the Church hierarchy.

Now the people at large are under the influence of mass mind, which is a dollar-conscious director of most movements. When it gets to the point that the people of misfortune in the streets are turned away when they come for help, then it is time we look and see what Church and how it performs, which our children go to. For I have known of more than one young man who was turned away by preachers or priests when they asked for help, not dollars, but spiritual help. One young man in a San Francisco jail, who later proved to be not guilty of the crime he was arrested for, asked me for a Priest. I personally called one twice and he never came to see the boy.

This is the time spoken of as the New Age or the Return of the Christ, and now the Christ Force is starting to break up the world pattern that man has made of materialism, and thus we see violence, death, war and many other things. The individuals are reacting to the healing of both mind and body as a person, as a nation, as a world which has been sick and is coming back to the Creator which made them, and all that is in the world of God.

Those that resist the Life Force, for there is life in all things -- only in Manís consciousness does death exist -- for death is the destroying element or action. If death existed as man depicts it, how could there be life?

God is everywhere, therefore, God would not destroy His own creation. Christ is the Son of God, so that Force of the Father through the Sun gives all life. Without life all things and persons and souls would not grow, for without life, there would be no action.

Without life to give action and desire of action or a yen for great and closer knowing of God, there would be no love of God, or love of Man by God. Also, the love of Man for one another is brought into manifestation only through acts between them.

The Christ Force is coming now in even greater force or intensity than it has. While man is planning to kill with atom bombs, and man is testing these lethal weapons, man is also, even without war, raising the vibrations of the Earthís atmosphere and causing the expansion of the dense material matter, thus causing it to be less dense.

The expanding of matter will make and is now making it easier for the Christ Force to enter the atmosphere of Earth. You might say to me, well, this is good -- yes, but not for those who have not mastered Self and Body.

This action will cause all kinds of violent reactions in those who do not understand and know God or the Golden Force.

Let me ask you, do you expect to see a man come down out of the sky when the Christ returns fully?

Do you pray just because you like to talk to the Golden Force -- sounds pretty off-beat does it not? Well, you can become conscious of the Golden Force or Intelligence of the Solar System.

Just look back. Could you always read? Did you always read? Did you always know how to do Arithmetic? I think not.

Have you tried to know God as hard as you tried when you learned Arithmetic? What did you do when you learned the system of symbols of Arithmetic and how to work the symbols together through their laws?

Just so, it is also necessary to learn how to shut out mass mind thinking and to follow the laws of God in prayer. To know this is the method of raising the consciousness, it can be raised -- it can be -- so, too can the Law and its working with them be used consciously. This is when God comes first with man, and all other material things second.

In this, and through this Christ Force returning to Earth, the negative things, evil, death, fear, destruction, are exposed, but will disappear from the mass mind of Earth when they are put aside by each individual man. The first step is, get to know thyself. If man does not do this, the power and forces of this atmosphere will put him aside. He will be relieved of his physical body.

Get to know God.

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