Preparation for the Light -

Glands & Blood Pressure

The suggested use of this exercise is twice a day -- morning and night, upon rising and retiring.



Put the two forefingers about one inch below the tip of the ears - and one inch behind at the base of the skull. This is the spot at the base (bottom) of the skull bone and between the cords of the neck where there is a hollow spot. It is right at this place that you apply the two fingers.



Place the index fingers with a firm pressure against the neck so that they actually push in on the flesh, and take a deep breath. Hold it for about twelve (12) counts, or as long as is comfortable. Do not dig in your fingers.

Do this three times and in between each time allow three to four minutes of normal breathing.



This will, clear the throat. It also affects the glands and balances the blood pressure. It makes a good blood tonic and give vitality to the entire system.

You may also sense a beat, which is not the beat of the heart, but the movement of the electromagnetic forces back and forth across the body.

Concentrating on the thyroid will help to bring the consciousness of the spiritual body into the physical.

This exercise will clear the throat and keep the blood pressure in the body in a normal condition. You will feel as though you had a good tonic treatment after each application.

Do not look for this inner change as anything very definite at the present time. It will not begin to manifest outwardly until it is quite complete inwardly. One thing is certain, and that is that most of you are more or less immune to any ordinary illnesses or any ordinary physical effects that may be common to those around you. During the winter months, colds and similar conditions that often cause a great deal of inconvenience will have little or no effect upon you; and in the warmer months, the effects of fatigue and physical enervation will not effect you as others are affected. Your sleep should be better, your nerve energy more even and with a greater reserve supply, your blood pressure should be more normal, and all in all, you should feel in very good health. This is but the first outward sign or what is going on inwardly. Likewise, there should be a great sense of peace, and a further sense of Cosmic protection and guidance, so that common obstacles that often upset other people as they arise, and cause them to worry or fret for a while, will have no place in your life at all.

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