Preparation for the Light - Develop Aura

Three feet around you, you make an enclosure, visualize a circular enclosure or space around you, as with drape folds hanging. There is a magnetic field around you, with the radiation from your body.

Disrupt the electronic atmosphere around you so the energy will be of such nature that sight waves and Light waves will not pass through.

Keep eyes closed five minutes, then if you look at objects in the room, you will find them becoming vague and indefinite. There will he a lesser amount of light within the enclosure.

Two different light levels make the difference in vision, from within or without.


To develop the aura, take a glass of water each night, sit alone in a dark room and hold a glass of cold, pure water, or clean water, in your hands so that your two hands are around the glass tightly. With hands and glass in your lap, concentrate your gaze into the glass of water until the magnetism of your hands causes the water to give forth a violet or blue haze or halo around the glass. Then this glow will come around your hands and arms.

Do this each night until the aura gradually increases in strength and quantity.

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