Preparation for the Light - Spiritual Hearing

Through concentration we develop hearing to a point where it will be more sensitive than it is naturally, although a person with the ability to hear spiritually is really a normal person.


The first and most important step in this process is to concentrate upon the ear while sitting in meditation or concentration.



Do this three (3) minutes each day on each ear; then six (6) minutes per day on both ears together for the next week.



The thought to be held in such concentration is that the spiritual consciousness of the human being is directed to the ears, that the concentrated power on the two ears will stimulate them to their most sensitive point of function.



Concentrating on the ears, when kept up for three minutes should gradually produce a sensation of warmth and perhaps a little tingling on the inner part of the ear.

This may not be sensed for the first 14 days of concentration, but from that time on you should feel the warmth come more easily.



After 14 days, one should notice certain sounds and impressions that may not have perceived previously. Sweet musical notes in the air or the humming of certain tones from the atmosphere.

When all is quiet, the moment concentration is stopped -- in fact one should not stop the concentration, but, continue while going about your work. Keep the consciousness of the ear lying in the background of the mind. And then you will hear high-pitched sounds which will indicate that the spiritual part of the ear is functioning.

The important thing is that when you concentrate, you put all your consciousness on the ear as though there were no other part of the body. Then you will really obtain results.


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