Beginning Exercise- Preparation for the Light


This outer Man, the conscious mind, also serves as a receiving clerk in the great factory, which we call the body. Each hour of the day it receives, through one of five different entrances strange cargoes of materials. Over each entrance is a different sign, to which materials are consigned. The signs read: Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, Feeling, and Tasting. The materials received are called "Experiences", and each one is slightly different.

As the outer man examines these shipments, these experiences, he finds most of them new and often puzzling to him. He can set about to guess how they should be used and what their value is. In doing so, sometimes he makes the sad mistake of putting too much importance on some and not enough on others. This brings about inefficiency in the factory - the body, and much trouble ensues.

Only final intervention by the chief executive, the Inner Mind, saves the machinery of the factory from severe damage when such mistakes occur. The Outer Man learns, but often very painfully, by such a method. However, he can learn more quickly and be of greater assistance by frequent conferences with the Inner Man about these "Experiences", which are arriving daily.

We suggest you try this conference method. Arrange a conference in your meditation chamber between your outer objective mind and your inner mind. With you sanctum properly prepared, your candles lighted, and your incense ignited, and while relaxed, say softly to your inner mind the following. "Today I have had numerous experiences. Each has some intrinsic value, which I can use, or from which I can learn to further my existence and the Cosmic purpose of my being. Reveal to me, oh Self, the true nature of each of today's experiences. Enlighten me as to their final disposition, that I may commit no error which will retard my advancement."

After speaking these words, review in your mind each of the dominant experiences of the day. After forming a clear mental picture of the experience, wait a few seconds before advancing to the next. An impression from within will come to you about the experience. It will either assure you that your objective interpretation of it was correct or you will be commanded in what light to regard it. The whole conference with Self, the inner man should take not more than fifteen minutes. The responsibility to act upon the directions, which your inner mind - your partner, may give you, rests with you.

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