Preparation for the Light - Candle part 2


  1. Get comfortable in a straight-backed chair both feet flat on the floor.
  2. At eye level in front of you place a lighted candle. Relax, letting go of the thoughts of the day and practice deep breathing from the belly to help bring about a peaceful state of mind.
  3. When you are ready, begin to gaze at the flame until you are truly concentrated upon it. You should not have any thoughts in your mind, for the whole mind should be centered upon the flame itself.
  4. Do this for ten (10) minutes, content in enjoying the flame and its aura. This will expand and you will see rays of light coming from it as you give your attention to it.
  5. You may notice that there are several parts to the flame and that they have different colors. One part is blue, the largest part is yellow, and you will also notice a clear area in the center of the flame.
  6. After ten (10) minutes, close your eyes and see the flame burning within you. Know that the fire of the Spirit is also burning out all dross in body and mind that would prevent the greater manifestation of the consciousness of Christ.
  7. See that flame grow also until it fills your whole being. Then give thanks.


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