Preparation for the Light


If your eyes are tired and strained, take a deep breath and then while the fingers are giving out energy, put the three fingers of the left hand over the flesh of the solar plexus, or about where the navel is.

With the thumb and index finger of the right hand, let the tips touch the closed eye lids.

This will make a short circuit through the eyes and sympathetic nerve system to the solar plexus, to the left hand and back through the left arm, the negative side of the sympathetic nerve system and the back to the side and the right arm and fingers. Warmth will develop in the eyes and solar plexus, and your eyes will be restored to their vigor.

Hold the breath comfortably long. Do not strain or cause your lungs to be painful from restraining the exhaling.

The energy which will flow sometimes will make a person feel as if they were floating or levitating. Do not try to do this.

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