Preparation for the Light

Remember that the key to success in any exercise is repetition, and in this exercise we must always precede relaxation by the use of tension in the part of the body your are working on. The tension arouses and activates motor nerve centers which control muscles. Relaxation is control of nerve force which energizes them as well as the brain center which distributes these nerve forces.


After you have gone to bed and turned out the lights and are ready for retiring, make yourself thoroughly comfortable, and this exercise will give you utter relaxation.


Begin at the toes, tensing them a little, enough to cause a tension. This will force the consciousness in the motor cells of the brain which control the feet. Then relax all the muscles of the feet.


Next, fix your tension on the muscles of the leg, between the knees and the ankles then tense them a little bit, then relax.

This step may be taken on any of the following:

1) The muscles of the legs between the knees and the hips.

2) The abdomen muscles, but do this while holding the breath. Then expel the breath and relax the abdomen muscles.

3) Do the same with the muscles across the chest, relaxing as you exhale.


Tense the muscles across the small of the back and then relax them. Do the same with the shoulder muscles.


Relax the muscles of the hand. Relax the muscles of the forearms and relax the upper arms.


Relax the muscles of the neck.


Then tense the facial muscles vigorously, then relax them completely.


Part 2

If your eyes are tired and strained at night, take a deep breath while your finger tips are radiating its energy, put the tip of the right index finger on the closed lid of the right eye, and the tip of the left forefinger on the closed lid of the left eye.

Then put just a little pressure on the closed lids of the eyes, and you will notice a warmth developing in the eyeballs. After keeping the fingers there for about two minutes, the eyes will feel relaxed and invigorated.

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