The Panorama of Social Disorder

The Discovery

Chapter 13


It was some months later -- about five months, if my memory serves me correctly -- when I received a message from the Master back in the valley. It was a strange sensation, because I was not used to telepathic communication.


I had just finished meditating in the evening and was doing a little prayer work, when, just before coming back to physical consciousness, I heard a distinct voice say, "I will meet you next Friday at the motel in Sausalito where we can spend the evening in talk."


He didn't mention the name of the motel. I was confused for a moment but thought, "Well, if I am to meet him, he will guide me. I will go."


I left San Francisco about five o'clock the next Friday afternoon and drove over the Golden Gate Bridge and into Sausalito. Since Sausalito is a tourist town and an art colony, there were many people on the streets at that time. I moved over to the curb, stopped and waited.


Where was I to go? I waited quietly until I felt that I had to look up ahead. Down the street quite a way, just visible, was the sign of a motel.


"That must be it," I said as I moved out into the traffic stream and drove down to the sign. I found it to be a modest place. I went to the registration office and was about to ask the Master's whereabouts when I realized I didn't know his name. I assumed that he wouldn't have used his spiritual name, or would he?


Then I thought, "He probably would use that and a surname." So I walked up to the registration desk boldly and asked if they had anyone by the name of Jonathan.


The clerk looked at me hesitantly and asked, "But what is his last name?" But before I could reply, she said, "Oh, but there is a gentleman by the name of Jonathan, Jonathan Summers."


"That must be the man I'm looking for," I told her.


I went to cabin 34, as directed, to find the Master resting leisurely.


His first comment was: "Well, my young friend, you are learning a little at a time. You are learning to listen to the inner voice and doing fairly well."


"May I ask a question, Master?" I inquired. He replied by nodding his head affirmatively, and I said:


"If the doctrines of Plotinus are true, then it would seem that the vast majority of our thinkers are continually thinking the wrong way because they are engaged most of their lives in prying into external things and do not seem to care what is taking place within themselves."


He looked at me rather sadly and explained, "Therefore, they will perish with their illusions. The Bible was right when it said that the ways of the worldly-wise are foolish in the sight of the Eternal."


More intently now, he continued:


"What will it serve you if you are full of intellectual rubbish about details of phenomena and illusions of life and you become a senile imbecile in your old age? What will it serve you to go roaming around the world gratifying your curiosity about the details of creation?


"If your external senses perish and you attempt to return to your house of flesh, you might find it occupied by wild animals. It would be better if they had fewer scientific speculations and more spiritual power. It would be better if scientists employed their time and energy for the development of clairvoyance, which they might use to gain real wisdom, rather than spending their time investigating and cataloguing the peculiar habits of some rare species of bird in North America or at the North Pole.


"If people would develop the power of healing to heal the sick by the touch of their hand instead of seeking new ways to poison humanity by inoculations of injurious substances, they would be much better off.


"There are thousands of people who work hard, are diligent and of average intelligence, who labor intellectually or mechanically and who do work that would be better left undone. There are vastly more people engaged in undermining and the destroying the health of man rather than curing his ills. There are more people teaching error than those teaching truth.


"The obstacles which arise in the external world are also the obstacles which arise in the internal world. External temptations cause internal desires, and inward desires require external means of gratification. There are still many people who do not crave the illusions of life but still do not have the strength to resist them. Many have the desire to develop spiritually and to gain immortality. But they believe themselves forced by external circumstances, which they feel they dare not resist, to employ their time and energy in attaining worthless things instead of using their strength to dive down into the depths of the soul to search for the priceless pearl of wisdom -- the pearl of great price.


"Mrs. Jones, who is a society woman, does not have the moral courage to break loose of the social customs because she is in fear of ridicule. She inwardly condemns the foolish social rules and games but she nevertheless submits to them. These are socially accepted and favored things, and it would be considered a social crime if she did not conform. Thus, she and thousands of others sacrifice their immortality to the stupid goddess of fashion or custom.


"Man and woman have not dared to break loose of the bondage of the mass mind or to express themselves in the way of eternal freedom, to receive the gift of eternal life through daring to ignore the ignorant and to find a place where they may receive the applause of the wise. The laughter of the fool in light of those existing in external darkness -- knows nothing. But the vast majority of people, rather than have their vanity suffer, would gamble their immortality against being criticized by their neighbors. For they have become used to the chains of society and to being brainwashed by the higher levels of dictatorial governments.


"Even the present day educational system and its specialization permits man to only know one small facet of the world of creation and assigns him to a pigeon-hole or cell in this universe with a number on his back, which is the number of his function. The viciousness and the moral depravity which it creates in a presumed educational system of high civilized standards is ironic. Inherent in the constitution of man is the desire to reach for something higher and better which expresses itself on the material plane.


"Man intuitively knows that no matter how rich in money and fame he is, he has not reached the state where he is content and at rest. We must learn sooner or later in our civilization that one of the great curses of man is his ignorance of his essential nature. The true system of science and religion has to be taught to be above all and must not crush the natural intuition and the God-given sight and spiritual senses of every child that comes into the world. What it adds up to is that the present education- al systems of the world are massive brainwashing organizations and not halls of learning.


"It is also a fact that ignorance and conceit are closely connected. Those persons, either men or women, who by some means have escaped the brainwashing procedures of our present educational system and are desirous of employing all their energies for attaining a higher position or state of living are drastically curbed and their ambitions are stepped upon. To rebel against the fashion of education is as taboo today as to rebel against a dictator over a down-trodden people.


"He who has attained a sense of elevation in consciousness is usually attacked from all sides because the other people have been educated in darkness and they don't attempt to understand him. They suspect his motives and persecute him. And woe to him if he had any human failings which they could fashion into slander.


"During the Middle Ages a period of deterioration took place in Europe when, enriched by robbery and endowed by dying thieves who wanted to buy salvation, the great lords and land barons lived in wealth and great luxury and feasted on the fat of the land. They passed away the idle hours in pious amusements and strived to gain material wealth. Instead of being beneficent to the people they became plagues on the land and they robbed each other as well. They continued in this manner until their cup of crimes was filled and then the great reformation caused the downfall of some and the reform of the rest.


"Throughout Europe, there are still numerous convents and other schools of learning and in America their numbers are increasing. But in the former the socialists and materialists look upon them with evil, but the unprejudiced observer will not deny that they are doing a great deal of good. Some are establishing schools, some hospitals. Above all are the Sisters of Charity who are renowned for their usefulness in the care of the sick. Some orders serve a useful purpose in benefiting humanity. Some of the orders, it is true, could increase many- fold if they permitted the Spirit, or Holy Ghost, to which they prayed to descend among their ranks.


"It is time that they learn to know prophecy with some degree of certainty and that they begin to understand the cosmic events through truth rather than by logic. There are many among them who have become Adepts, but are the others truly following, and do they actually know about, the conditions required to enter a higher state of consciousness? What do our monks and nuns know about the constitution of the human soul? And those souls that are entrusted to their care -- what is their experience when in that higher state called ecstasy?


"It seems to be a uniform, complacent habit of the modern church to talk much about souls, especially amongst the more evangelistic religions. But if they are questioned about the soul, little information is obtained from them; they have little to say. If the clergy, the priesthood, are not for the purpose of raising the vibration of the souls of men to the state of Christhood, then they have missed their purpose. For what benefit is mysticism, occultism or churchism if it is not to prepare man for his next life in its eternity?


"One great fact is quite evident: We can know the soul; we can understand it; we can see its expression in light. The functioning and manifesting of the soul are so definite, so distinctly apparent, that they cannot be mistaken. If we have had the door to Self-realization opened -- REALLY -- and if we have been able to see the Self and the light which comes from it and work with it, then we can see many of the reactions of the soul and we will not make a mistake.


"We can also mark and define what functions of human existence belong exclusively to the soul. Furthermore, these clear and unmistakable functions of the soul cannot be confused with any other part of man's existence. One mystic said, 'If we had never been told or heard or read about its existence, the soul of man would appear in our consciousness providing our studies and experiences and spiritual work were consistent. And through the knowledge of the multiple functions of man, it would have forced us to create or invent a soul to account for what we observed.'


"God created man out of the dust of the earth and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul. All mankind should truly take this statement literally, whether he be Moslem, Christian or Jew. Man's entire body is composed of the earth elements, but they would not hold their form if it were not for the powers and forces of the higher worlds and the Higher Intelligence.


"If we take the oldest languages, going back to the Zend of the Avesta, the language of the Atlanteans, and the languages that followed -- the Sanskrit, and then the Greek, the Latin and nearly fifty other old tongues, we find in all of these the words soul and breath were synonymous and had the same root. We find that when the ancient peoples, through their most learned teachers, wished to express the soul quality of being, they used the same word that they used for breath. But most of them made a distinction between Spirit and soul. By this we find that the oldest thinkers knew the relationship that soul and breath maintain toward man's existence.


"Let us refer in answer to many peoples' regard toward the priesthood and their powers. It is known that in the ordination they take on the responsibility of guidance and forgiveness, and their word, whatever it might be, will manifest. And what they bind in earth is bound in heaven and what is bound in heaven is bound in earth. Let us refer to Hebrews, Chapter 6, Verses 1-7:


"Therefore let us leave the elementary doctrines of Christ and go on to maturity, not laying again a foundation of repentance from dead works and faith toward God, with instruction about ablutions, the laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment. And this we will do if God permits. For it is impossible to restore again to repentance those who have once been enlightened, who have tasted the heavenly gift, and have become partakers of the Holy Spirit, and have tasted the goodness and the Word of God and the powers of the age to come, if they commit apostasy, since they crucify the Son of God on their own account and hold him up to contempt."


"It is quite evident that if our Lord directed us this way, then we should raise the dead and do the works and all of the things which he directed that we should as shown in this passage. The forgiveness of sin was certainly a minor attribute of the priest- hood, knowing that we have the use of the Law through the function of the Word.


"It is quite true that every priest should know the great reality of the word and to be able to cast out demons and heal the sick. He should himself be a God-realized person, if he is going to be a true priest and have those powers conferred upon him. He should also understand the Christian mysteries, which were in existence at the beginning of the world.


"It is quite evident that all that is lacking in the priesthood is the same as that which is lacking in our educational system. Instead of educating people to be the full creations of God as He intended, we have tried to break things up into bishops, archbishops, cardinals, deacons and so forth. And what we need are just men of God, called, who answer the call by giving up all and truly serving God and Christ through our Lord Jesus Christ here on earth.


"This is not to criticize our churches or priests or ministers; it is to lead the way to greater light and to help the people, especially the younger people, who are crying our for something real that works in life, that manifests in life, that manifests in their bodies. So that when they are baptized, they know the Spirit has moved through them, regardless of whether they have been to church or not.


"Yes, it is true that baptism is the first step toward the illumination. Yes, it is true that our mental institutions are filled with those who have seen things which are psychic and spiritual; but they are told they are crazy, and told that by many people who have less stability than they. It is true that if we follow the plain, simply teachings which the Master taught and know the back- ground of teachings from which he taught, we too would be happy and not have long faces.


"Slow, painful, and yet rapid changes are going on everywhere in Nature, even in the most rigid and orthodox systems. Priests are leaving their posts everywhere and sisters are leaving their convents. There is going to be considerable change. Already the teachings of the Middle Ages are being modified. But, I ask you, how can you modify the laws and the principles of creation? It is done. The Father has created this earth and this solar system. How can we change His laws?


"Must our children, still unborn, still stay and be educated under a veil of ignorance? Must we continue to tolerate wars, destruction, and crime all because we have not properly taught our people from birth; all because we will not pay attention to the country which we govern or are supposed to govern; all because we will not give unto the necessary laws and law-givers the consideration which is required to perfect them; all because we refuse to do our part in the governing of our land and our country, one which was founded by those who knew the truth and teachings of the Master and other Great Ones before him?


They knew that no country and no great organization of people could stand unless they conformed to the basic principles and laws of creation.


"This is what the Bill of Rights in the Constitution of the United States gives us -- a true form by which people may be governed both materially and spiritually so that their spiritual rights will not be infringed upon. We have the foundation and the frame- work with which to give our children the proper education and the proper opportunities, not only spiritually but materially. No one can function with just spiritual rights, but one must also have material rights and freedom with which to manifest upon the earth. A man who is not balanced spiritually and materially has problems. He is not a true Christian in the sense of the old, original way of life. There are things which are inevitable and infallible; they must be adhered to.


"But we have given over our country to those who would use it for THEIR PARTICULAR NEEDS AND DESIRES, without reference to, or consideration for, the needs and desires of others. It is true that our country should be based on and function through its existing laws, the premises which it started with, and become world conscious rather than just 'Our Country' conscious. And this does not mean the starting of another military campaign which is none of our business. For a military life or society only begets our own military conquest in the end -- destruction and disease, body of mind and body.


"Let us build upon the rock and foundation which we already have in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which such men as Franklin and others foresaw as possible. Then we will become to the world the shining light of truth and brotherhood and a manifestation of the laws of God."


With that my friend rose and said, "It is time I be gone. I'm not sure when I will be here again. But, remember, I will be here at different intervals even though I am not in a denser physical form. Now, farewell, and follow the instructions of the Brothers and all will be well."


At that he turned and left without any further adieu. I sat by myself in the quiet of the little motel room, and, I think, appreciated and was truly grateful for the wonderful gift which the Brothers had given me.


I left the motel shortly after and returned to San Francisco, going about my business, following instructions and doing my spiritual work. The days grew to weeks and the weeks into months and the months formed the years. I slowly but surely gained ground. Life took on a new and wonderful form. For now I was no longer alone, I no longer sought out friends, but friends sought me. My business grew, although I made no special effort, except to take care of my daily duties. I made a specific effort to do my daily spiritual work, but now it was no longer an effort but a joy. There were many things which seemed to almost drop in my lap -- opportunities in business, clientele which came and stayed and traded consistently with me.


In fact, the business became so profitable that I could take time off frequently to enjoy the spiritual gifts which I had been given and help others with both their spiritual and material problems. I often approached those in need to share the wonderful and joyous gifts which had so generously been given me.


It was about five years after my meeting in Sausalito that I took a vacation in Northern Canada. In fact, for the last two years I had been going into the Canadian Northwest on vacation trips. I had turned my store over for the month to a young man whom I had found to be very reliable and very trustworthy, packed up my fishing gear and drove north up into Great Bear Lake.


Why I carried fishing tackle? Well, I had to look like a tourist. Of course, I would fish a little -- what I could use and eat, I felt, was acceptable. I procured myself a cabin in an isolated area and proceeded to enjoy the sounds of life and the beauty and the healing forces of Nature.


One evening it became a little chilly; so I shut my cabin door and built a fire in the fireplace. I sat by the fireplace to enjoy an evening of reading and meditating when, to my surprise, a great hush came over the nightlife around my cabin and I heard the note of a silver bell. I realized that someone was near.


I looked about and there I saw sitting on the other side of the fireplace a Brother in a long robe. I didn't recognize his face but I knew he was from that unique valley which I had visited more than five years ago.


"Have you come to give me instructions?" I asked. "I'm ready to receive them."


He smiled and said, "We haven't met. My name is Thaddeus. I want to tell you that regardless of whether we appear or not for instruction, that whenever you have a need, the supply will not fail to come. There are no vacuums in Nature. Let me go a little farther and tell you of some symbols and other things in Nature to help you advance and become self-sufficient.


"I assume you have seen the symbol of the pentagram turned upside down so that the two points of the lower triangle pointed upward. In this symbol is contained eternity and time, God and man, angel and devil, heaven and hell, and the Old and New Jerusalem with all its beings and creatures of creation.


I nodded in assent, and he continued:


"Now let me take you to the laboratory which you were in. I'll take you with me in mind, so that I may show you some of the strange things, the curiosities of this laboratory.


I gladly assented, and suddenly we seemed to be engulfed in something -- the cabin disappeared and the laboratory took its place. I saw many new books, books entirely new to me, and he showed me many symbols, for I was questioning him continually. In one corner of the room was a small shrine which I had not noticed before and I asked him what it contained.


"This," he said, "is a shrine which contains many powers for the generation of fumes, with the aid of which man may see the elemental spirits of Nature.


"I have read a great deal about these spirits in the books of Paraceisus," I commented. "Never have I been able to see or hear any details regarding their reality in the world around us. I would think they would be very lovely spirits?"


Thaddeus answered, "All of the elementals are not always lovely, but they are natural. The elementals of earth have human form. They may be small, but they do have the power to elongate their bodies and to change their size."


"The gnomes, and also the pygmies which come in a similar category, are usually bad-tempered and touchy. It is well to leave them alone, for they are not friendly, although there are a few who become good friends with man.


"Occasionally, one can get them to reveal some of the secret treasures of the earth. As for the elementals of the air, they are of a more agreeable nature. Still we cannot rely upon their friendship. The salamanders, which are also elementals, are the living elements of fire and are rather ugly and better left alone. As for the nymphs and undines, they are very lovely creatures. These often associate with man and render greater service.


"One of the things," I said, "I would love to see are some of the water spirits, but I am inclined to believe they belong to the realm of fables.


"For many years, the accounts of seafaring men have spoken of the mermen and mermaids which they insist they have seen at a distance. I assume they are people very much like human beings and that the upper part of their bodies resembled a human's and the lower part of their body was part of a fish or some sea- creature. For the seafarers told great stories about their beauty and their wavy, long hair. They also told of how melodically they could sing, thus they were called sirens. One time one of these was caught and it proved to be a peculiar species of fish called halicore, which was mistaken for man on account of its color. It also made a noise like a dog. So perhaps those undines and nymphs which all the stories were about were nothing but fish.


"I will tell you a story," said the Brother. "Whether this condition exists now, I know not, as I have not personally seen this. But out of the memory of Nature let me picture this for you."


He went to the altar and in the brazier placed some dry maple leaves, dried leaves of laurel and some mysterious powder from the shrine. The room started to fill with white smoke, like a mist with a very sweet odor. Slowly the objects in the laboratory could only be seen dimly through the mist.


I heard a voice saying, "The halicore is a fish, but the nymphs and undines are elementals of Nature living in the element of water. Under ordinary circumstances they are invisible to man and, therefore, cannot be caught."


I knew this was the truth coming from within and, as I looked around, the walls were disappearing and the air around me grew denser.


I did not feel particularly oppressed or disturbed; in fact, I felt a great exhilaration. I came to realize that I was in what seemed to be the element of water, and was supported by it. Then the laboratory disappeared entirely and I was living and experiencing that which I saw. I was swimming, but my body was as light as a feather and required little effort to keep from sinking. The water, in fact, seemed to be my own element. I felt attuned to it as though I had always lived in it.


Then I noticed a light above me, a light which grew brighter and brighter as I rose toward it to the surface. When I broke the surface, I found myself in a great body of water, and I was bobbing in the waves like a cork. I noticed another light above me and I saw that that was the moon, a full moon which threw her silvery rays across the waves and ripples and foaming crests, causing them to sparkle like diamonds.


Far off in the distance was a coastal mountain range which looked familiar to me. It was either the coast of the island of Ceylon or a coastal range in South America. Anyway, there were large high bluffs, and I'm sure I had seen them before. And I shall never forget the most agreeable sensation of what I considered as some sort of spiritual bath in the Indian Ocean, or some ocean.


I felt that the last of my wishes were being fulfilled. I was free of my mortal body and its weight. I was free, or at least I thought so. I could see no difference in the body I inhabited before this experience; only now I seemed so light that if I floated I could move anywhere I desired.


There was a gentle breeze and across it came floating a faint sound, like that of a distant human voice. The sound came nearer, and I could hear it plainly. It was the song of a female voice. I followed the direction of the song, and soon I saw three forms floating in the water, rising and falling upon the waves and coming nearer. They played with each other as if they lived in the water.


I beheld three beautiful females with long flowing hair. The one in the middle surpassed the others in beauty and she was the center of attraction. Still nearer they came, until they saw me and stopped. They talked amongst themselves as if trying to conquer their fears of approaching me and speaking to me. When they spoke, their language was foreign, and yet I under- stood what they said. They invited me to go with them to their home.


"Your home?" I asked, "Your home in the water?"


"But no harm will befall you, for I shall protect you," said the queenly one.


With that she took my hand and dived deep into the ocean, which apparently was her home. Since I was not accustomed to deep water, many things ran through my mind and I became slightly panicked. She smiled at me and said, "Sometime later perhaps."


I blacked out for a moment, and I awakened in my cabin in Great Bear Lake.


Many years have passed since these events occurred. But periodically, whenever the need has arisen, there have been instructions, brief and to the point. I have now passed my ninetieth year and I am in good health. And, as I look back over the years, I've enjoyed them fully. And I have often wondered if I shall ever meet the Queen of the Sea again.


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