Introduction to Chromotherapy Lessons

 Introduction to Chromotherapy Lessons

    The “Color Philosophy” portions of these lessons were edited by Father Paul while he was still here, insofar as both the mystical and practical effects of color are concerned.  As for therapeutical color treatments to correct certain conditions, while he had done extensive work in this field thirty years previous, his notebook, the one recording his personal findings, is merely a collection of personal case histories which will require tabulation.  If any write up was made, it has not been located. 


    When he gave me the folders containing all his remaining material on light and color, the month before he left this plane, he asked that I put it all together and write it up slanted toward the healing course.  He then gave me an outline which the entire healing course would follow.  He also cautioned that some of the material on color was old.  Therefore, the first lessons on the science of light have been carefully checked and double-checked with latest scientific findings, and are as factually correct as can be in a changing world.  The lessons on color are presented for your own proving through experimentation.


   The color therapy and suggested treatments are mostly gleaned from the work of others prominent in the field, some of them medical doctors.  As these pioneers in color therapy were very enthusiastic in their claims, we advice that each treatment be checked out thoroughly more than once, under circumstances where no danger is incurred to the patient through delaying other treatment.  In serious cases needing immediate care and attention, we ask that you save the recommendation on light treatment to use in an auxiliary way, and not deprive the person of other treatment which is known to be effective, until we have more proof of how this works.  We know that some experiments are being conducted by scientists at this time; their findings are yet to be made public.  We also know there is more to these things than meets the scientists’ eyes.


    Be sure to record your own findings on color therapy quite systematically so as to further the effectiveness of this work.  Direct statements made by Father Paul included in these lessons are usually in full capitals, unless otherwise identified.


    The lessons marked “supplementary” are extra and should be omitted by anyone not going deeply into the study of color therapy, as they are not essential to understand the more important aspects of the subject.


Mother Ruth

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