The Importance of Mind in Color Therapy

 The Importance of Mind

    Even medicine is coming to recognize the mental and emotional aspects of illness and is attempting to treat them as well as the physical.  Color influences all of them, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and can thus be used to effect the complete harmony which means perfect health.


   Color is a force that can be used to produce definite effects even the force is so gentle we cannot feel it.  It can change the vibratory rate of different parts of the body.  To understand this it is necessary to know that the physical body has an etheric counterpart or etheric body.  This permeates the entire body and extends a little beyond it, being the matrix upon which the cells of the physical body are fitted.  This etheric body has an aura which can be seen by some sensitives and it has width, shape, density, and texture which vary according to the condition of the individual.  It has its own rates of vibration and these are affected by color treatments.  In any treatment given its effect upon the etheric body must be given consideration.


    That the finer vibrations in nature are of value in attacking disease has been realized by the homeopaths who work with minute doses.  In electrotherapy it is also found that small doses are more effective.


    In medical treatment of all kinds suggestion plays a part and this is also true in color healing.  The mind of the patient is somewhat relieved as soon as he knows someone is going to help him.  His emotional tension relaxes to an extent and nature has a better chance to put its forces to work and recuperate him.


    Any interference in the harmony of the body whether it is a lesion or an infection sets forces of nature into action – called by Bergson “elan vital” and by Freud the “libido” – the controlling center of which is considered to be the subconscious mind.  The Coue method showed how the subconscious was able to be influenced by the conscious mind, and its action stimulated by positive and constructive thought.  The negative attitude, that disease and suffering are a necessary part of life, results in the acceptance of them and therefore inhibits the action of the harmonizing forces.


    All manifestation is produced from the Universal Mind, including the individual mind.  The more the individual mind can be brought into harmony with the Universal Mine, the more quickly can the healing take place.  As a scientist has said, mind and matter are indissolubly connected and any chance in one is necessarily accompanied by a corresponding change in the other.


    All healing depends to an extent upon the mental attitude, therefore, and this applies also to color healing.


    It is useless to expect any system of treatment to avail without getting the mental machinery into working order.  Anything which tends to derange the mind reflects itself on the body.  It means that no emotion or feeling which causes depression, fear, envy, worry, hatred, malice, anger can be permitted if health is desired for they are all destructive forces which break The down the body.  Until some control is obtained over the mind, progress towards health will be slow.  It is worth while building up a good character if only from the selfish standpoint of health.


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    The plasticity of the mind is a factor which is of extreme utility in the process of regaining lost health and we can whittle away at all these weaknesses, obtaining control over them little by little.  Every time we entertain a mental conception we strengthen it and the repetition of a constructive thought will crowd out destructive or negative ones.


    Fear is one of the first bugbears to be banished if we would be impregnable to the assaults of disease.  Doubt is another.  Cultivation of the imagination is the next step, picturing in the mind’s eye the result desired.


    The human form, like everything else in the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms is made up of innumerable atoms in a constant whirl, changing every moment.  In health this incessant movement is rhythmic, harmonious; in ill health it is discordant and inharmonious.


    These movements or vibrations can be altered in character by thought or the power of mind.  Mind is more highly organized than ordinary matter and matter is subservient to it, just as the muscular system is subservient to the will.


    The final factor in color healing is the will.  There must be the determination to throw off the yoke of disease, backing up the imagination, the throwing off of doubts and fear.  A practice which will help in the exercise of will is to secure a few moments alone at some fixed hour, preferably the first thing in the morning.  Sit in a comfortable position in a chair and quiet the mind as much as possible.  Then make a definite statement along the lines that you are the master of your body, and disease and suffering cannot approach you.  Visualize perfect health in every part, at your command.  Continual repetition of this will in time bring conviction and the desired condition of health.  And yet the realm of color cannot be conquered by intellect alone; it must also be grasped through feeling.


    One more aid which can be used in conjunction with color healing is charging the sub- conscious mind, upon going to sleep at night, with the idea of health.  Words are used to clothe thought.


    Every variation of light and sound possesses its individual frequencies of radiation.  They are form of characterized energy as is everything else in the universe.  If one creates a known light frequency, the corresponding shade of light will appear.  Similarly, each positive thought will possess its own definite energy formation.  The energy frequency of a known object is the same, whether it originates in the mind of an Englishman or a Frenchman.  It is a positive thing, with a definite structure.


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    Sound frequencies travel at a much lower velocity than that of light (186,000 miles per second), taking five seconds to travel a mile through air.  The frequency increases from the lowest pitch to the highest.  Within the range of normal hearing each minute variation of the frequency has a different characterization.  If the frequencies are speeded up beyond the capacity of human ears to hear, there is still sound, which some animals can perceive.


   Continue to speed up the frequency and it will eventually be registered as a light experience, commencing with the infra-red, and as the frequencies continue to increase they will reach the ultraviolet and beyond.  It is remarkable that our organs of sense are geared to receive these high rates of energy vibration as human experiences.


    Continue the speeding up of the frequencies very much higher to an as yet unknown velocity and they begin to enter into the range of thought, which again is recordable by the consciousness.  So, just as every variation of sound and every refraction of light has its definite form, every thought has its set form capable of being recorded.


    If thoughts were intangible, possessing no ordered form, they could not be filed away in the memory and revived when needed.  The brain cannot record nothingness.  Thought must be tangible.  The number of recorded thoughts within the memory is incalculable.  It is aid that no thought is ever lost and that, under psychiatric relaxation, the mind can be induced to bring forth memories of the past that could have been consciously aroused.  Therefore, if thought experiences are positive characterized forms of energy, we can seek the way to relate them to the healing intelligence.


   It is logical that when a patient’s mind is strongly obsessed with the incidents of disharmony it may be incapable of directly accepting a remedial influence.  With the existence of a close condition of attunement between the healer and the patient, the healing directive is passed to the patient’s bodily intelligence.  There are much finer electricities in the sunlight than those which the ordinary eye can perceive as the blue and violet colors, and also finer electricities in the forces of man, which we term psycho-electricity, psycho-magnetism, whose penetrating power, as possessed by some persons, has wrought marvelous help to many.  For some persons are endowed with a magnetic healing touch.  This differs from spiritual healing.



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