Colors of the Body as Viewed with Finer Sight

 Colors of the Body

    Every unit of matter throughout the universe, whether it is a unit of mercury or a unit of gold, silver, copper, tin, iron, salt or what-not, has its distinctive color.  It is true that all of the mineral elements, and in fact, all of the elements of nature in the universe, give off various colors which constitute their individual spectrums; nevertheless, there is one part of the spectrum of color which is most definite for each element and this is known as the distinct color, or shade of color, of that piece of matter.


    This is not a mystical idea but one which science has verified, and the fact that every element of matter does have a distinct and outstanding line of color in the general spectrum has enabled science to locate or discover many minerals that were missing from the periodic table of earthly elements.  Every plant has its distinct color which results from the vibrations of the plant.        


Colors of Body Parts


    Persons with extended vision have noted that the various organs and parts of the body have their specific color vibrations.  Following are the results of the investigation, but one must remain open, and use his own sight too.


    In the lungs orange and red are well developed, and to some extent the yellow.


   In the stomach the ruling color is yellow, with a sufficient amount of blue to give it a yellow green cast.


    The sexual organs are surrounded by a reddish brown, being of a darker cast than the region of amativness in the head.


    The heart has been seen as a dark red.


    The bowels are yellow, with the lower part greenish mixed with some red.


    The lower back brain is a dark red which merges gradually into bluish white as we move down the spine.


  The spine is bluish white as the ruling color, with also a reddish brown cast at the lower part.


    The whole nervous system shows streams of bluish white light coursing all through its channels.


    The arteries exhibit currents of red light and the veins a grade of color less luminous than the arteries.


    Around the solar plexus all the colors radiate in a brilliant rainbow style.  A magnetic hand placed at that spot would have a healing effect on all below it but not so much above.


    A considerable variety of color is seen in the region of the hypograstric plexus.


    The feet send out quite a variety of colors, the warm colors predominant.


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    The head being the opposite pole of the body sends out a variety of colors with blue predominating, especially at the back and front upper portions.


    The psychic colors of the brain as seen by a developed sensitive are as follows:


    At the base of the brain in back the animal loves, the colors are a dark red, and in persons of a very low nature almost black.  In the upper brain the colors assume a yellowish tint and are far more brilliant.  In a high nature the colors over the moral and spiritual powers are almost dazzling, with the yellow ting nearly merged into white, and far more exquisite than sunlight.


    In the higher front brain, the region of the reasoning intellect, blue is the predominant color, and is lighter as it approaches the top brain, darker as it comes down to the perceptive powers, over the brow, with a little touch of violet in its outer edges.


    Benevolence emits a soft green light of indescribable beauty.  Over firmness, the color is scarlet. Over self-esteem purple. Moving down the sides of the head from the moral powers at the top towards the lower loves, the colors become orange, then red, then dark at the bottom.  Very low natures sometimes emit such a dark cloud from the base of the brain that they can scarcely be seen by the psychic.


    When a person laughs or sends forth happy thoughts it causes a dancing play of bright colors; but when in violent passion a snapping and sparkling red is emitted.


    Firmness is seen by some as blue rather than scarlet.  Firmness seems to form the upper end of a mass of polarized lines of force which run down through the whole spine and thus, when active, causes the whole being to become braced up into a rigid and powerful condition, hence the effect which we call firmness.  These firm conditions or polarizations come from electricity, and electricity is the blue principle.


   The eyes, perceptive and reasoning powers radiate blue emanations; animal energies including amativeness or sexual love a most beautiful grade of red.  Religion is yellow.


    The blue of the reasoning powers is a grade higher than the blue of firmness, the red of the front lower face is finer and more brilliant than that of the back hand, and the red of the more celestial grade of love is possibly higher than the psychic in the 4th grade of colors, as is the yellow or religion or veneration.


    The nose has a green emanation, the lips yellow, below the lips orange, the chin scarlet, the temporal region below celestial love violet, merging into the finer red above and the coarser red below.  This violet section includes ideality, sublimity, etc.


    All the colors appear more pure and brilliant as they approach the upper brain, and are far more magnificent in a high and noble nature than in a low and selfish one.  The region of religious aspiration is the most luminous of all; in a person of noble and spiritual nature an exquisite golden yellow approaching a pure and dazzling white.


    The perception of these finer ethers can be developed by many people with a little practice.

Colors of the Body as Viewed with Finer Sight, page 3


Healing Ė Contact Treatment


    Get in touch with the patientís vibrations.  If the body is suffering in any way, the vibrations of the life energy in the blood and nerves will be inharmonious and the patient will be out of tune.




    Have the patient sit in a chair; clasp the patientís right hand with your palm in contact with his.  Then close your eyes very tightly to keep light out of your eyes, and concentrate your mind on them.  Wait patiently until you see some faint lights in your eyes.  The lights will appear hazy and dull or very soft- and will seem to be all over the inside of your eyelids.  Sometimes it will seem as though you were looking into a large mirror which slowly passes into a faint glow or hazy tint.  It will take two or three minutes at first for you to see even the lightest tint.  It may take several daysí practice before you can see these lights; some will be able to see these lights the moment they touch a personís hand, even with the eyes only partly closed.


    The lights that appear are the colors of the spectrum, caused by the vibrations from the personís hand entering your hand and passing up the radial nerve of the arm to the sympathetic nervous system.


    The colors you will see are: blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and purple.  They may appear one at a time in both eyes, or one color in one eye with another color in the other eye, or two colors at a time, or sometimes three.  Seldom is more than one color seen and sometimes a great white light is seen.


    When blue, green, or yellow is seen, it indicates that the patient needs negative applications.  When orange, red, or purple is seen, apply positive applications Ė vibrations.  If a white light appears, the person may need both negative and positive treatment.  Give the positive treatment last, allowing a ten minute interval after the negative one.  Practice on anyone, because only about one person in a hundred is perfectly toned.  Of course, you must not practice on a stranger, but someone in your own group who fully understands what you are doing, and will not take it personally. 


    The strength of the colors show how lacking in vibrations the patient is.  Five minutes of holding hands is the longest time usually necessary to see the lights.  If no colors or white light appear, you have not concentrated well.

    The same results could be had by placing the thumb and first finger of the right hand to the right of approximately the fourth cervical vertebra.  This location is at the right side of the nape of the neck.

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