Color Psychology

Supplementary Lesson on Color

Color Psychology

    Color acts as a great cosmic tuning fork which can produce harmony in the individual’s life.  Life responds to color, and every thought has its hue.


    Through the intelligent use of color man can tune into the great cosmic plan and prevent those chemicalizations which produce inharmony in the body, or disease.  The incentive to the study of color should be a desire to serve the world more intelligently.


    Rudolph Steiner says, “This does not really belong to physics; physics is only concerned with light in space.  But color – color can only be studied properly by taking into account the realm of soul”.


    All life expresses as vibration and the rat of vibration determines the form of manifestation.  The vibrations registering as color can be measured on a machine, and another machine has been invented which measures the vibration of each thought.


    The vibrations of thought and color have an analogy between them; each thought produces definite colors.  These colors react upon the individual, influencing the personality and social relationships.


    It is therefore evident that a knowledge of the laws of color psychology will be of great help in solving individual problems and in helping the individual to help others solve theirs.  As we learn the language of color, its psychology and symbology, we become more responsive to its vibrations and influence.


    Each individual has his soul color which is the record of his actions throughout life; each thought, emotion and motivation is written in the color.  This soul color is not visible on the earth plane and does not appear in the solar spectrum.  On the lower planes the soul color divides into the three aspects of man; will, wisdom and activity, the colors of which more nearly correspond to colors on the physical plane.


    The color of the individual’s activity is the one through which that person can best express himself to others.  It carries the real inner self outward in its expression of God’s plan for the individual.  When surrounded in this color of activity outer influences will not be able to confuse or thwart the individual in his goal.


    The second color is the individual’s color of rest.  The use of this color brings perfect relaxation and restoration for tired nerves and body.


    The third color is the color of inspiration which helps the individual to reach his higher self.  It could be called “the spirit’s private telephone number”.  It is the color to use in meditation.  As its vibrations penetrate the environment of the individual he becomes aware of his real self and its glorious potentialities.  If one is not able to visualize color during meditation he should use a robe of the color, a lamp-shade or a length of fabric carrying its vibration.

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    Every individual is the product of his color responses to the various circumstances through which he has passed during the eons of time has been an individualized soul.  Color healing is a method of re-establishing the individual’s color balance.


    The balance is restored by placing the patient in his color of Rest, using spiritual, mental or physical means.  If physical means is used, the treatment may be from 5 to 8 minutes.  The color Activity then given from 3 to 5 minutes.  The two colors are alternated for a half hour.  The following day the Activity color is slowly increased until it is given equally with the Rest color.  On succeeding days both are increased until in 10 days time the treatment lasts an hour.  Then the treatment is closed with 10 minutes under the color Inspiration.  In time the balance will be restored.


    To find the color of Rest for the patient, place him successively under green, blue and violet and note under which one he is best able to relax.  This will approximate his color of Rest.


    The Activity color can be found by testing his reflexes under indigo, lemon yellow or violet.  The color which stimulates the most response is the Activity color.


    When the individual knows his color of Rest, Activity, and Inspiration, and his own Ray color, he can breathe in the Inspiration color in the early morning for the creative work of the day.  This can be followed later by the color of Activity to enable him to carry out his plans energetically.  The color of Rest is breathed in at the end of the day.


    Spiritual color healing is more important than any other but treatment in this can be given only by developed healers able to see in the higher octaves.  Unless the inner or spiritual eye has been opened they can seldom draw in the waves of cosmic color power and then send them out by a concentrated effort of will. 


    It is helpful in becoming color conscious to try visualizing color as often as possible.  Visualize the color desired as it appears in a flower, see it clearly, petals, calyx, stamen, perceive its perfume; then try to realize the qualities it represents: love, compassion and so on.


    When this visualization has been learned, the next step is to see the desired color as a jewel of sparkling radiance.  Jewel colors represent more nearly the inner plane colors than any other object in the material world.


    Color is the true language of the inner planes.  When one is surrounded with his color of inspiration he rises at least momentarily above the boundaries of self-limitation; his dreams, that are glimpses of his part in God’s plan, are no longer merely dreams but become reality, though glimpsed perhaps afar off.


  Goethe said, “Color is the sum total of the experiences of light on its journey towards earth.”  In like manner the colors in an individual’s aura express the summation of his experiences on his evolutionary journey, his responses to the events through which he has passed, as viewed at that moment. 

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    There are seven shafts of white light descending to the ego’s seven chakras.  These chakras are spiritual centers which activate the endocrine glands in the physical body.  When this white light is cut off for any reason the chakra cannot function and the gland is likewise unable to act normally.  These glands, it is to be remembered, are the tireless alchemists in the body, transmuting the chemical elements, or colors, into the powers of mind and body.


    In the perfected man the seven shafts of white light travel equally to the inner areas, but in the imperfect individual they stop where there is an obstacle in their path.


    If, for instance, one permits his feelings to be hurt and broods over it, an intestinal kink can be caused.  To relieve this kink and its resulting discomfort, an effort must be made to clean out such feeling.  If there is bitterness or resentment, the liver will be affected and there may be gallstones.


   When the white ray is blocked at the throat or power chakra, goiter and other throat ailments occur.  Such blockage may be caused by feelings of helpless submissiveness, negativity, inability to meet life bravely.


    When narcotics such as aspirin are used, the rhythm of the ego’s response to the white light is interrupted and the aura colors are dimmed.


    When the vehicles that radiate these vibration, the physical, emotional and lower mental bodies, are out of harmony with each other, there can be no free flow of life force, or God-life, to the individual.


    The first task is to establish perfect alignment between these bodies.  If the physical body wants one thing, the emotional another, and the mental something else, there can be no harmony.  When the inharmony persists long enough, the bodies can no longer work together and death ensues.


    Color is a method of attaining this harmony.  Start thinking beautiful clear loving thoughts and these will awaken like emotions which in turn react on the physical body producing health, each broadcasting colors which will blend in beautiful harmonizing patterns.


    Perfect color awareness will come in this quest for color knowledge.  Color awareness is a great line of defense for all problems.


    Chromotherapy may be said to be the science which uses different colors to change disease vibrations into health vibrations.  These colors may be visible colors applied by colored rays of one kind or another, or they may be colors invisible to human sight applied by physical or mental means.


    Visible light affects both physical and mental health.  Biologically, apart from vision, color affects growth, the healing of wounds, lactation, muscular tension and many other bodily activities.  Experiments have shown that colored dyes cause different wave lengths to be absorbed by the skin, variously affecting the organism.

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    The emotional and sensory reaction to color is accepted as an integral part of our modern culture and our language is full of such references.  Moods are associated with colors; gray, blue and purple with tragedy; red, orange and yellow with comedy or gaiety.  These, it should be noted are the outer world’s responses to color less than the subtle inner response. 


    In psychotherapy it has been found that temperaments vary in their responsiveness to color.  Color preference has a psychological basis: outwardly integrated people like warm colors; those who are inwardly integrated prefer the cool tones as they do not need the outer stimulation.  Emotionally responsive people react freely to color.  The emotionally inhibited individual is even shocked by color, for it intrudes into his inner life which he attempts to hide. The emotionally indifferent or rigid person is little affected by color and is unresponsive to its finer vibrations.


    Since color affects people emotionally, it must affect all parts of man’s being, including the physical body.  That is why it can be applied to healing all parts of the body, harmonizing the vibratory rate in the physical emotional and mental bodies.  Color healing aims to re-establish color balance and to release the tensions caused by color starvation that come from errors in thinking and feeling as well as from wrong living habits.  Color healing brings about a renewal of all life forces in all parts of man’s being.


The Irwin Trinity-Color System


    The physical, mental and spiritual systems are affected differently by color.  Not all systems agree, but according to the Beatrice Irwin findings the following colors influence the three systems:


    Physical                                            Mental                                              Spiritual


Sedative:                                          Sedative:                                          Sedative:

    Lead gray                                         Olive green                                     Moonlight blue


    Terra cotta                                   Recuperative:                     

    Moss green                                      Rose madder                                Recuperative

                                                            Fawn                                                 Orange

Recuperative:                                     Royal blue                                         Flame rose

    Golden brown                                Emerald green

    Turquoise                                                                                             Stimulant:

                                                        Stimulant:                                             Eau de nil

Stimulant:                                           Violet                                                Mauve

    Vermilion                                       Chrome yellow                                 Citron

                                                                                                                     Azure blue


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