Color Breathing Method

Color Breathing Method

(Combination of Physical and Spiritual Healing)


        Transmutation through color is to use color knowingly, for the benefit of the individual and in world service.  Man has always responded to color, but usually unknowingly.  Today science is making room for color-knowing upon its shelves.


    Thought forms are continually being created by every individual.  These thought forms direct the trend of his life.  They are responsible for the form and appearance he presents to the world.  Many people have permitted their higher selves to be imprisoned by their thought forms; they have not known how to destroy those useless forms with which they are finished.


    The skin plays an exceeding important part in binding the individual to undesirable vibrations, according to the trend of his thinking, whether fine or otherwise.  Most people have experienced moments of embarrassment or shock when they break out in perspiration with a slightly galvanizing sensation.


   If the skin were touched at such a time it would be found to be rigid, almost stony in texture.  This momentary activity of the skin has deposited between its layers particles of petrified matter.  These minute particles are highly poisonous and they cling to certain nerve ends in the skin which are connected with the nerve center stimulated by the emotional reaction.


    At this point the reader may note the nerve ends respond to specific colors, certain ones responding to one color and others next to them responding only to another color.  This accounts for the mottled appearance of the skin often noted, and especially during color breathing exercises.


    The particles of petrified matter deposited through emotional reaction clog the glands of the skin, in time causing wrinkles and the appearance of age.  The accumulation of faulty emotional responses is more responsible for the aging of the body than the number of years it has been functioning.


    This shell of impurities, the result of emotional storms (outwardly expressed or inwardly felt), must be released before life and health can find their full and free expression in the body.  Color breathing is a method by which these body surfaces can be cleared.


    Color breathing differs from other methods of metaphysical or spiritual healing in that it transmutes the inharmonious elements in the body, instead of casting them out into the atmosphere.  The thought forms that have caused the clogging of the life forces have a certain quality of persistence and when merely swept out of the organism they continue to clog and render inharmonious other elements of life.  But when the force is lifted or transmuted it may be of service to some other form of consciousness.


    Transmutation is the first step in color healing.  This transmutation does not refer merely to the “fires of the flesh”, though they too must be transmuted.  It refers to all the psychological factors which are the cause of illness.

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    Back of most illness are faulty reactions to some condition or happening.  Repression is one of the most frequent reactions which color breathing is called upon to transmute.  When an impulse or impression is pushed out of the conscious mind without taking time to rationalize it, or when a desire is strangled and its impetus is not expended, it becomes an entanglement to rise up and cause trouble later.


    In transmutation the color of the urge is changed to a more perfect tone and its quality “glorified”.  The dull brown of selfishness, for instance, is changed to a glorified golden brown of conservation, which is done by changing the desire for self to a selfless motive of benefit to others.


    The dull sensuous pink of the reproductive urge is glorified into the clear shell-pink of creative love and the soft salmon pink of universal love for all humanity.


    It is to be realized that sex is only one of the “fires of the flesh”.  It is the great “sounding board” of life, often inaccurately interpreted, from the murky American-beauty shade of pink to the selfish dull red of the cave period.  Transmuted to the crystal clear shell pink it is the creative urge of music, painting, sculpture, and poetry.


    There are psychic snarls that must be transmuted, not so readily seen to be “fires of the flesh”. Social maladjustments, over-sensitiveness, may result in intestinal kinks manifesting in other disabilities.  The colors which will help to correct this are the soft shell pink of tolerance and a certain jade green of tact and diplomacy.


    Happenings that are permitted to cause irritation need the rich delph blue of serenity.


    All the psychic snarls that have been painstakingly created must be transmuted and this is the work which color breathing can perform.




    Color breathing is an action of the skin rather than a function of the lungs.  Medical science has said “a healthy skin is characterized by ample cell respiration and loses its fresh vital appearance as age, dirt, lack of sunshine decrease skin breathing”.  This breath of trans- mutation is a most effective method of freeing the body from its self-created ills.  And it is a mental and spiritual house-cleaning.


    It is a radiant color breath that travels beneath the skin’s outer surface with each inhalation, rising in a rapid spiral; and passing out through the pores of the skin with each exhalation, carrying all impurities and obstructions with it.


    The rhythm of this breathing follows the individual’s natural breathing without strain to the lungs.



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    The breath starts at the feet and moves upward in a spiral ending in a swirl of color above the head, carrying the petrified particles of thought-forms and unwanted thoughts with it.  The completion of the exercise will bring a marvelous feeling of serenity and freedom.


    Color breathing has a gentle cyclonic action, working beneath the surface of the outer skin.  Even as the funnel-shaped cloud of a cyclone picks up whatever is in its path and flings it about, color breathing is like that force held in control, picking up only the undesirable things and transmuting them into that which is beautiful, and releasing it to the world.  Color breathing bathes the inner surface of the skin always in an upward sweep.


    It is of vital importance to select the proper color for each treatment.  The color of the thought-form which is to be destroyed must be known and its opposite used.  These colors can be known through color symbology.


    If the color breathing is to offset uncontrolled irritation, for instance, the color of irritation must be known.  The atmosphere about the person who is irritable, which is called the aura and is visible to a clairvoyant, would be light scarlet and the thought form would appear unpleasantly angular.  To soothe the outraged nerves a color treatment of serene blue should be given for 15 minutes.  This can be applied by the treatment lamp, concentrating upon the beneficence of this color.


    Then the color breathing is begun, visualizing the blue rays entering the soles of the feet, moving up through the instep to strengthen the arch of the foot which represents under- standing and correct reaction to life.  The blue is then seen to rise spirally up the thighs, about the buttocks, abdomen, and the entire body to the throat, between the layers of the skin.  When it reaches the throat the arms are lifted high above the head and the color is released in a swirl of blue.  With it goes all the limiting actions of the past, transmuted to add strength to the world.


    An emotion is never to be released until it is transmuted which means rationalized into that which is good and beneficial.


    This exercise at first will probably require about 18 breaths, but if it is practiced daily in a few weeks it can be accomplished in 6 breaths.  The number of breaths required is not of great importance but the vividness of the visualization is paramount.


    Color breathing is not to be used as a builder nor to correct wrong habits of thought.  This is to be done with the color current.  Color breathing is a transmuter, liberating one from the accumulation of the past, cleaning up the old debris.  Only when this is done is the building of the new to be begun.  This color skin breathing is not to be used as an escape from moral responsibility, or a false easement.


    In India there is a school of color work which teaches the intoning of the note key to the color desired.  Sometimes exercises are combined with the breath which include the intoning


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of 5 vowels keyed to the visualization of the proper color.  This acts directly upon the power center of the throat and is of value in cases of throat affliction.


    Each individual responds best to one of the seven rays of the spectrum.  If one knows his color ray he may more readily connect with those of vibratory rates which are most harmonious to him.  If he is in harmony with one of the first four rays, red, orange, yellow or green, he can draw freely from the magnetic vibrations of earth and will recuperate by drawing energy up from the earth’s surface, through the soles of the feet and the base of the spine, and he will become revivified through the environment of the out of doors.


    Those more in tune with the last three rays, blue, indigo or violet, draw down their force from the electric current in the ethers.


Effects of Color


    Green conveys a feeling of life and tranquility.  Red enlivens the green.


    Yellow enhances life; it gives a feeling of joyousness, cheerfulness.


    Blue as experienced through the senses draws the individual out to a larger world, it gives the feeling of immensity, transcending the small and petty.  When mixed with white it has a gentle uplifting effect, withdrawing us from the material.


    Red burns with a fiery warmth, fiercely and with power.


    These are the movements of color, the feelings they produce, less through the sense experience than through a more subtle reaction.  Many are not aware of these feelings, yet they can tell through color much about the condition of another person, for instance, by the color of his skin his condition of health.  We tell by the color of the leaves on a tree the condition or the tree and the season of the year.


    Those who are insensitive to color experience a dullness in their whole inner life.  When they awaken to color and begin to pay attention to it in the outer world their inner awareness expands.


    Because color is perceptible to the physical senses, and to the higher ones as well, it influences both and can heal both body and higher consciousness.

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