Color Philosophy

Blue – Part One  

Blue Philosophy


    Blue is the fifth fundamental color vibration, and is both symbolically and medically the opposite of red in its effects.  It is called the “coldest” color, and when used in decoration makes things seem farther away.  Blue stands for the vertical, as with height and depth; blue sky above, blue sea below.  As the color of the sky, it also used to symbolize heaven, or in the church, Truth and Eternity.  The ancients spoke of the blue sky as that which “endures forever.”


    It is the first color belonging to the cold, non-stimulating or astringent division of the spectrum, its effect being to slow down and steady the energy of the reds and yellows.  It is considered a color of calmness, courtesy, harmony and happiness.  Psychologically, the blue vibration raises the consciousness to the realm of spirit – hence its value in spiritual healing, meditation, devotional services, etc.


    “True blue” describes the person who is loyal, devoted and sincere, someone to be trusted.  In its highest brightest sense it is a happy and uplifting color, like the “bluebird of happiness.”  It is a color of virtue, also of illusion and mystery, according to the hue.  Whereas a red dress might suggest allure or audacity, one would incline to look up to or respect a woman wearing blue.


     The clear blue of water or endless space is relaxing, quieting to the emotions.  It has a carefree feeling.  But dull blue, or too much blue, can feel drab and depressing.  One with “the blues” needs a warmer color to cheer him, in the reds or yellows.  Ice-blue is very cold.  A room without sun might feel colder if it were painted blue, but a sunny exposure would be relaxing in blues or greens.


    Blue is the color of Spirit, or of the higher mental or spiritual body.  It is the color from which the highest inspiration is born.  Not for the coarse or material-minded, it is for the ethereal, spiritual natures.  The darker hues, when clear, especially denote refinement and higher thought.  As the night sky, “Blue is darkness made visible.”


    The Cosmic Soul or higher mind of nature expresses much of the peace, beauty, and harmony of Creation through the Blue and Green rays.  The blue has a calming effect on mind and nerves, and is successfully employed in cases of insomnia.  Truth, peace, poise, and serenity are the main features of the mental influence of the Blue ray.  It has to do with the gateway of the spiritual aspect in man, and with his religious instinct, or his devotional and mystical nature.  It is related to the Spiritual body, and thus the root-cause of your present condition of life.


   The center associated with blue has to do with all bodily rhythms, such as the periods of waking and sleeping, of respiration and even the coordinating influence of the millions of bodily cells, with the connective activity which links their work together.

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    Its opposite or color complement is orange in the rainbow spectrum.  Blue is the symbolic color of the element Water, and sometimes the moon.  It is also used to denote Jupiter and Juno, god and goddess of heaven, and through this influence it indicates good fortune and expansiveness.


    In healing work, blue is useful for its soothing aspect, which cools the blood and quiets nerves.  It acts as a strong sedative and represent, mildly antiseptic.  Where pain needs to be relieved, even after treatment of another nature, blue can be used.  It is especially good in the relief of neuralgia, toothache, or rheumatism, and to relieve fears.


    Darker shades reminiscent of the blue night sky are helpful for relieving insomnia.  The blue vibration is also useful in nature having to do with correction of areas such as the neck, throat, palate, larynx, tonsils, lower jaw, ears, hips, thighs, stomach, mammary glands, esophagus, upper lobes of the liver, and lower lobes of the lung.  The sciatic nerves, femur, ilium, coccygeal and sacral regions of the spine, iliac arteries and veins.  Lungs and diaphragm.


    Where the blue vibration is strongly developed within a person, it inclines to make him sensitive or emotional, with a strong rhythmic sense which may express in fondness for music, dancing, or poetry.  It gives a good memory, and some psychic attunement.


    Where deficient, poor memory may result, lack of rhythm, improper functioning of the organs mentioned above, lack of coordination of bodily cells, and/or harsh temper.


    Excess of the blue ray makes for over-sensitivity, uncertainty, idle visions, depressed manner, dependency on others, timidity, or digestive disturbances.


    Father Paul says “blue has a fine, soothing electrical effect.” And “we use the color blue for the color of reunification.”


In the Aura:


    Pale ethereal blue signifies devotion to a noble ideal.


    Pale blue indicates simplicity, innocence, and candor.


    Electric blue:  great personal magnetism.


    Deep blue: spirituality.  Deep clear blue: pure religious feeling.


    Bright blue: loyalty and sincerity.


    Blue in the aura generally shows a spiritual and artistic nature, with good spiritual understanding.  It is the color of inspiration and devotion.        


Color Therapy

Blue – Part Two


    From a psychological standpoint blue is a spiritual and meditative color.  It relaxes the mind and stimulates it toward spiritual and philosophical matters.  The two most familiar hues of blue are the pure or cyan blue, called Antwerp or cereleum blue by some, and the French ultramarine blue, often called royal blue.


    The cyan blue does not transmit red or ruby light.  To find out if blue glass is suitable for color treatment, hold it up to an electric light bulb and see if the filaments appear pale blue or white.  If they do it is suitable.  But if they appear ruby colored the glass transmits red and is not to be used for cyan blue treatments.


    The color blue is usually associated with cold, and has a cooling effect.  The victim of keen frost usually has a blue skin, and snow itself has a bluish tint.  Drugs which are used to allay inflammation, or as astringents or nervines, are generally blue.  In therapy blue is cooling and tranquilizing, though too much is depressing.  People of sanguine temperament are benefited by blue as it cools them down, but they would be over-stimulated by red.  The blue color induces sleep and relaxation from stress and strain of extreme activities.


    For an over-heated and excited system a blue or lilac under-vest will reflect the cool electrical principle and have a quieting effect.


    When a general exposure to the blue ray is given it should not last more than ten minutes.  Longer than this will cause a feeling of tiredness and depression.  Sensitive persons feel tired and depressed if they remain in a room predominantly blue in its furnishings, though a properly soft-blue room can also bring a feeling of great peace and upliftment.


    The metals and chemicals which radiate blue are lead, tin, cobalt, copper, nickel, zinc, cadmium, aluminum, manganese, titanium, copper sulfate, phosphoric acid, chloroform, tannic acid, oxygen.


    Blue glass for treatment should contain oxides of copper and ammonium sulfate.


    Foods containing the blue coloring include blue plums, blueberries and some others.


    Blue is soothing, anti-inflammatory and astringent, increases the metabolic action and growth of healthy cells.  It slows the action of the heart, decreases circulation, relieves inflammatory pain, lowers temperature and reduces nervous excitement, and is generally healing.


    Blue is not to be used if there is poor circulation, low vitality, dormant or sluggish conditions, congestion of organs, poor metabolism or cold cervix.  The lowering action of blue on the nerves is not as decided as violet but it should not be used in nervous depression.


    A list of the diseases which can be controlled by the blue ray include throat troubles of all kinds, fevers, typhoid, scarlet fever, chicken pox, measles, cholera, bubonic plague, apoplexy, hysteria, epilepsy, palpitation, spasms, acute rheumatism, jaundice, biliousness, colic, vomiting, purging, dysentery, diarrhea, inflammation of the eyes, bowels, skin, teeth, headaches, insomnia, nervous disorders, shock, painful menstruation.

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Use of Color Charged Water


    Dr. E.D, Babbit recommends ceruleo as marvelous medicine.  Water charged with that color and taken internally is recommend to relieve diarrhea, dysentery, and inflamed or painful stomach, gastritis, epithelial cancers, insomnia, etc.


    As a gargle held in the mouth a while, it cures beyond most remedies a cankerous or otherwise sore mouth, inflamed gums, etc.


    As an eye water for inflamed eyes it is believed unequalled.


    As a wash it often cures chapped hands or dandruff immediately, relieves burns, especially in the form of a compress, destroys red eruption, making the skin as soft as silk, and heals wounds and hemorrhages. 


    As an enema it relieves inflammatory conditions of the womb or rectum very wonderfully, and is especially good when taken hot from the sun.


    As a nervine it is remarkable.  It is not to be used wherever organs are too cold and dormant.


Some actual treatments using blue:  


Blue is a cold color and causes contraction of the arteries thereby raising the blood pressure.  It acts specifically on the blood and has a tonic effect, being also antiseptic and lessening suppuration.


Rheumatic conditions yield to blue treatment as do some skin afflictions.  It is beneficial in inflammation but must be used with caution if there is high blood pressure.


Persons who have low blood pressure accompanied by headaches will find relief from the blue treatment, which is also beneficial in treating carcinoma.


Blue causes a contraction or tightening of the etheric body.  It is soothing to the emotional body in cases of over-excitement and has produced marked improvement in cases of mania.  In emotional conditions blue is more soothing than green.


Laryngitis is healed by drinking half a glass of blue solarized water every half hour and gargling with some of it.  The blue light is used on the throat.


Hoarseness is resolved by blue in small but frequent applications.  At the beginning of the day use the blue breathing exercise and focus the blue light on the throat for half an hour.  Three times during the morning and again during the afternoon drink half glassfuls of blue solarized water, gargling with some of it and holding it in the back of the throat.


 Teething can be relieved by keeping the infant in the blue light for some hours every day until the heat subsides.


Goiter has been cured by focussing the blue light on the throat for half to three-quarters of an hour accompanied by gentle and etheric massage.  A gargle with blue solarized water will also help.

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Fevers, which are due to the increase of red, are assisted in throwing off the poisons in the system by blue light and blue radiated water.  Typhus responds to the blue light alone, though the blue water will also help.  Typhoid can be remedied by the water alone; so also can remittent and intermittent fevers but the light treatment can also be given with benefit.


Eruptive fevers should not have the symptoms checked while nature is throwing off the poisons and color should be used carefully, although radiated water can be given if there is great thirst.  In cases of delirium blue light may be administered.


Dysentery responds readily to blue radiated water which nature carries to the affected part internally.  Care should be given the diet, avoiding meat and starches, taking sago, rice and arrowroot.  Milk kept in a blue bottle and solarized for 10 minutes is also good.


Blue solar radiated water can be recommended for diarrhea, biliousness, and colic.  For this last a dose every 10 minutes will bring relief in an hour.


Bleeding piles gain relief from external application of blue water and blue light.


Blue water and indigo water are indicated for jaundice and palpitation.


Wet compresses of blue solarized water will ease cuts, burns, bruises and strings.  When there is an inflammation with the sting, apply blue light.


Acute rheumatism is remedied by blue light and blue water.  (Chronic rheumatism requires the orange treatment, as already noted.


Animals respond readily to color treatment.  Blue water and blue light will prevent their feeling extreme heat and are antidotes for poisoning.


In hydrophobia bite, for man or animal, apply blue light to the wound for 2 or 3 hours daily and wash it will blue radiated water, keeping a wet compress of the water on it if possible, and drinking a medicine glass of the water every 3 hours for the first 3 days, then reduce it to 2 or 3 glasses daily and later with just one glass upon retiring.


A case of loss of voice through shock was successfully treated by focusing the blue light on the patient’s throat for 40 minutes at a time twice a day and applying violet superimposed by blue for an hour.  Her voice returned in 9 weeks.  During this time she occupied a room with blue cellophane over the windows. 


Treating with blue:


Anodyne – an agent that soothes suffering.


Antipruritic – An agent that prevents or relieves Itching.


Counter-Irritant – An agent that allays irritation.


Demulcent – An agent that allays the irritation of Abraded or Scratched surfaces.


Diaphoretic – An agent that increases the Perspiration.


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Febrifuge – An agent that dispels or reduces Fever.


Vitality  Builder – An agent that builds the life principle by stimulating the Pineal Gland, Area 1.


    Blue, complementary to the ruby, is to be used for treating all cases of auto-intoxication, unless tuberculosis be present, in which case ruby only is to be used.  All cases of syphilis are to be treated with blue.


    All toxic conditions not defined as to cause are to be treated by blue.


Blue is the color that has the greatest bacteriocidal action.  It is the color to use in all acute infections and will produce some surprising results in many acute cases.  Blue is sedative and soothing to the nervous system, and relaxing.  It is the color to use in the treatment of arteriosclerosis and in cardiac hyper-tension.


    Blue is a specific for the treatment of gonorrhea.


    It is useful in allaying the pains of cancer.


    It is helpful in the treatment of all nervous disorders that are characterized by muscular twitching and jerking such as tics and chorea.


    Blue, indigo and violet light heal on the same principles as the drugs but with a more delicate and less harmful effect.  Many case histories show the power of these colors to heal specific conditions.


(1)  A woman of 59 afflicted with sciatica for 11 years, with knee, ankle and feet swollen to twice their normal size.  Blue glass was inserted in a west window and the light applied to a large purplish lump on the ankle.  In 2 or 3 hours the lump disappeared together with the pain.  But subsequently swelling and pain occurred in the knee which was relieved by a blue glass bath in less than an hour.  Within a week she was able to walk easily and the heretofore useless toes of her foot became normal.


(2)  A violent case of hemorrhage of the lungs was cured by sitting at a window in which blue glass was placed over half the sash, the blue light falling on the nerves of the back of the neck for about an hour a day.  After about 6 weeks she was much improved and red pimples appeared on her neck indicating the treatment was bringing out to the surface toxins in the blood.


(3)  A month old child had a hard tumor on the submaxillary region which disappeared in forty days under an hour’s daily treatment under blue glass.  Had the light been concentrated on the place through a lens and alternated with yellow and red, the cure would have taken place more quickly.


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Blue – Part Two 

Variants of blue


    Blue and green aid digestion.


 Blue and white in combination are more animating than blue or violet light alone as it contains the electrical power of the blue and the healing power of all the rays in the white light.  Since the blue color has a chemical affinity for red, the blue rays of light seize upon and combine with the red portion of the white light.  This will produce a greater heat than the white light alone if more white than blue is used.  But if an equal amount of white and blue glass are placed side by side, the effect will be much more cooling than the transparent glass alone.


    Blue and white combined give the penetrating, calming principle of blue and the warming, animating principle of white light, enabling both to be taken at the same time, one part of the body being under the blue color and the colder parts under the clear glass.  In fever or nervous conditions more of the blue should be used; in chronic cold, glass of pure sunlight should be used almost entirely.


    Cases successfully treated with blue and white:


    Associated sun and blue light applied to the bare spine and hip of a vigorous young man suffering from rheumatism of the sciatic nerve brought about a healing in 3 weeks, after all the usual medical and galvanic treatments had failed.


    Blue glass placed in the upper part of a sunny window effected the cure of a woman’s long standing invalidism and nervousness.  She sat in the blue and sunlight continuously, letting the blue rays fall directly on the spine for about 20 to 30 minutes at a time, morning and afternoon.  This proved too strong for her to bear and she continued in her ordinary dress.  The change in 2 or 3 weeks was very noticeable, the color returning to her face, her appetite becoming better and strength and vitality returning.  In about 6 weeks she was able to go up and down stairs and before long to walk outdoors.



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