The Aura, Part Three  

The Aura-3

(as explained by Dr. Hunt)


    Long before the Zuni Indians were aware of the existence of the white man they had perfected in their healing arts the use of prismatic color and sound.  They took shells which they found in their magic Corn Mountain and polished them to paper-like thinness, then painted each shell one of the seven colors of the solar spectrum.  They held these shells between their ears and the sun, the combination of the color and the sound produced having a specific healing effect.


    Color, sound and fragrance are the three basic remedies against human diseases, in the words of Nicholas Roerich, the Russian painter and mystic.  They have always played a very important part in occult teaching.  In the Egyptian temples at Heliopolis color was used both as an aid to worship and as  healing agent.  The temples were so placed that the sun was broken up into its 7 rays and the individual bathed in the particular color needed for the restoration of health.


    Before the dawn of speech man depended upon senses that were a function of the subconscious mind; during the Atlantean period he had “long sight” and “long hearing” which he lost as his body became more dense and he gained rational experience.  His negative and uncontrolled faculties of involution are replaced by the positive self-controlled ones of evolution.  He is learning now to extend and control his seven-fold powers, attuning them to an at-one-ment with nature in brotherly service to mankind.  The loss of these ancient senses will be regained through labor, love and effort of will.


    Franz Mesmer in the early part of the 19th Century, who was called the Father of Magnetic Healing, showed that the magnetic atmosphere about an individual, called the aura, indicates man’s physical condition and also his mental and spiritual state.  Medical men have regarded the body as a machine which, when out of order, has to be adjusted by physical means, thus correcting only results.  Mesmer demonstrated that no proper diagnosis was possible unless the conditions of the subtler bodies are observed and their inharmony adjusted.


    Mesmer taught that the stream of cosmic energy sent forth by the sun had to be drawn in to the body and distributed to the proper centers in the body.  This electrical energy is like a ray of white light which has to be broken up, as it enters the body, into the 7 colors of the spectrum and the proper color sent to each chakra to energize it.  Upon this depends the health of the physical body.


    The white in the aura coming from God-head, is projected inward.  All the colors are radiated outward by the individualized consciousness, the soul’s response to the white light of vitality.  The shafts of white light in perfected man all travel evenly to the center of the aura.  But in the imperfect individual the shafts stop at the auric level where the inharmony occurs.  It is at this point where there is blockage that the endocrine glands are prevented from functioning properly, causing the physical illness.  The endocrine glands are the alchemists which transform the solar elements, chemicals, colors, odors, sounds, foods and thoughts into stamina, balance, mental power and attainment.

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    In regards to foods, man should feed upon agricultural products created by the Universal light if he is to conform to that light.  It is through the channel of these 7 centers that man is affected by the vibrations of color and all the other octaves of cosmic energy which nourish his subtle bodies.


    Color and music play an important part in the evolution of the subtle bodies of man.  Specific kinds and tones of color and music affect the different bodies and the mental, emotional and physical planes.  The more subtle the tone, the greater is its effect on the higher bodies.  The quarter tones of ancient Hindu music producing equally subtle tones of color, influenced the mentality, philosophy and advancement of mysticism.  Ancient Egyptian music was third-tone, producing less subtle tones of color which had special effects upon the emotional body.


    The half-tone of modern music affects the senses and the physical body, or the realm of materialism and physical effort.  The effects produced by these vibrations on higher planes than physical vision can perceive, influence not only the subtler bodies but health and behavior.


    Apple-green, for instance is the color of sympathy on the higher planes and in the emotional body.  When this color is used, or sympathetic music such as Mendelssohn’s played, it tends to increase this color in the aura of the individual and thus develop the quality of sympathy.


    Each person has a particular color and sound predominant on each plane.  These colors of the three vehicles, the physical emotional and mental will make a beautiful harmony if the vehicles are in tune.  But if the body is ill, the emotions uncontrolled, or the mind undeveloped, the colors will be discordant.   


    If an individual is entirely lacking in a certain quality, a color treatment for that quality will not help him; the most which can be done is to apply such color as will gradually weaken the opposite or self-centered emotion and give the positive quality a chance to grow.


    Within the past few decades, Light Research Institutes have been established in several countries to study the effects of color upon the body.  Chromotherapy is being used in many clinics and by medical men in the treatment not only of nervous disorders but for every kind of illness.  Science is studying the effects of color on emotions and mind as well as upon the physical body, and color psychologists are working with industry to relieve tensions and lessen accidents, creasing the well-being of employees.


    Lasting benefits from color require a degree of color awareness.  True benefits at the higher level come with unfoldment of spiritual faculties.  The patient must in fact learn to heal himself by becoming a radiant channel of power and service to others, drawing in and projecting the light and color.


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   The first lesson for the individual to learn is harmlessness to every living thing, gradually attuning himself to universal brotherhood and love until he realizes love is the power which dissolves all inharmony in the body.


    Diagnosis in color healing is made by placing the patient in a darkened room preferably with dark walls so that the radiations from the auras may be readily seen.  The healthy aura appears clear and bright, the colors extending in waves several inches from the body.  If the colors are dull and there are dark blotches or stains there are conditions of ill-health in the body.  The vibrations can usually be seen to curl inwards over the affected part, showing where the blockage of life force is occurring.


    Wrong thinking is the cause of such illness; this out-pictures in the mental aura as a know blocking the influx of white light.  As the wrong thinking is persisted in, the know is drawn tighter and tighter and is projected down into the physical body as a stoppage of some kind.


    Manly Palmer Hall said:


    “All living organisms continually are exuding an insensible perspiration.  These subtle emanations are actually extensions of etheric nerve force beyond the terminal circumference of the physical nervous system.  The aura or physical magnetic field, therefore, is an emanation from the nerve terminals which surrounds the body with a dim but discernible radiance.


    “These auric emanations from their nerve terminals with an appearance resembling fine fur.  When intensely magnified, each separate emanation is visible as a stream of minute geometrically shaped particles pouring with great velocity from the skin’s surface.


    “Not only is the human body itself surrounded by a field of these emanation, but each part of the body – organs, systems and secretions – have their own emanations or auras.  Even the separate cells, molecules, atoms, and electrons are seen clairvoyantly as centers of fields of magnetic emanations.


    “The colors, the extend, and the rates of vibration of these magnetic fields reveal the intrinsic natures of the structures from which they proceed.  No important change can take place within the structure of any living organism without modifying its aura.”



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