The Aura  

The Aura-2

Part Two


Other Octaves of Color


    There are other octaves of color beyond that which is seen by ordinary vision.  Eminent scientists, Sir John Herschel, Stokes and Hunt among them, have had the belief there are other grades of color besides those which are visible.  “We might almost be led to believe,” said Herschel, “in a repetition of the primary tints beyond the Newtonian spectrum.”  There are many people who can see these different grades of color, especially with the outward eye closed.


    After the first grade of color, which is visible, comes the odic light, or 2nd grade; then the 3rd grade which, being more connected with the mental and soul forces I have named psychic.  Above these are still finer grades of color which may be called 4th and 5th grades.  Thousands of persons are able to see these finer grades of color, some with their eyes wide open and in bright daylight, while in the company of others or the turmoil of daily activities.


    These colors reveal the higher laws of force.  They can be seen radiating from the head and all other places of the system, as the finer fluids animate them.  (Through them the health conditions of an individual may be perceived.)  In the more evolved, the astral, mental and spiritual aspects are more clear as seen in the aura, their colors more perfect.  The colors work through the etheric organs, through thought and feeling, directly upon the physical body.


    A correspondence can be noted between colors and human constitution.  There is a 3-fold aura which corresponds to the 3-fold human constitution: red for the physical aura, yellow for the astral-mental aura, and blue for the spiritual aura.  The aura is the visible expression of your mind, soul, and spirit – their powers, tendencies and potentialities.  It also reflects the health condition, the type of personality-radiation and thought tendency.


    There is an esoteric meaning of color science, whose aim is to build into the aura the 7 pure rays, to revitalize, heal and transform the being from within.  One’s thoughts and feelings cause vibrations of certain colors and our auras are continually throwing out color tones, caused by certain wave lengths, either dull or bright which is the intensity according to what we are manifesting within.


    Scientifically, color is the result of etheric vibrations of different wave lengths.  It is not merely ornamental or static, but an active, vital radiation.  It is a definite guide to various colors due to the motivation of deep, subconscious instinct.  The colors they radiate can throw light both on talents, and their psychological makeup.  It exerts a powerful influence on mind and emotion.  This is not a lifeless, static phenomena, but a vital force, a strong power and influence in our lives.


    Color vibrations have both subjective and objective aspects, the subjective influencing our mind and senses, and the objective aspect having an effect on our outer life and personality.


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One of the deepest influences that color can have upon us is through its power to create beauty, through skillful use and harmonious combination.


    Colors can affect people in a restful way, or they can revitalize, inspire, or stimulate.  We should choose colors in our environment to radiate cosmic vitality.  But not only must we become conscious of color vibrations in the environment, but we need to remember that each individual is also a living, mobile color-screen.  We continually project by means of our aura, rays and emanations of color from our inner selves.  Auras may shine with brightness of vitality, or may be obscured by gray thought-clouds.  The aura changes as you change.


    The medical potencies of the coarser mineral elements can be judged by their color, as can the finer potencies of the vegetable kingdom; of water, air, electricity and magnetism; and the still finer forces of sunlight.


    Sunlight is a truly celestial materia medica, more safe effective and enduring than that of cruder elements.  Its movement, like that of all the finer forces of nature, is wonderfully soft yet penetrating and powerful.


    Minerals are the crudest healing forces of nature, the coarsest of them being held down in the earth.  In the more refined form they are absorbed by plant roots and become available to man in food and food-medicines.  A still higher grade of food-medicine is found in the part of the plants growing above the ground which receives the refined elements of sunlight direct from the air.  The finest potency of all comes from sunlight.  But even this is transcended by the fine psycho-magnetic radiation which comes from highly organized human beings.


    American scientists have paid little attention to this, but in Russia extensive research has been conducted into these finer areas.


    How would the scientist photograph an aura?


    A fingertip is placed on top of a sheet of film (emulsion side up), which in turn, is lying on top of a dielectric (non-conduction substance).  Underneath the dielectric is an electrode attached to a power source.  The fingertip conducts the current and also acts as an electrode and a ground.


    The ensuing radiation from the fingertip makes an impression on the silver halides and crystals of the film emulsion.  Upon developing the film the typical fingertip aura of a relaxed, healthy individual displays a full white band approximately 1/16th to 3/16th inches wide, a light bluish band and dark blue streamers.  An individual plagued with anxiety producing psychological or physical problems might display a broke and/or sporadic aura with a possible reddish or reddish-orange blotch located within the fingerprint.


    An electrophotograph of a leaf displays an aura extending beyond the edges.  The shape of the subsequent aura depends upon the structure and density of the leaf.  A thin leaf will show

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a luminescent internal structure; a thicker type might show a reduction or absence of an internal glow.


    The energy body, separate from the physical body, is a whole, unified organism in itself.  However, this energy body penetrates and surrounds the physical body, flowing through and around the major organs and having surface points throughout the system.  This could be closely analogous to the meridians and surface points referred to in acupuncture.


Notes from a class by Father Paul:


    “Two different people wearing the same garment would register differently on a spectrophotometer (an instrument for determining the relative intensity of two spectra, or the corresponding bands of color in two spectra).  Why?


    “The machine has no likes or dislikes, but the person’s atmosphere acts as a filter, and the color is screened through this atmosphere.


    “Your atmosphere is something you have to determine.


    “How do you let in more light?  Because you have determined you want it there.


    “What causes light to be cut off from the earth?  Because the earth has an atmosphere, and man’s thinking blocks it out.


  “And later, when you come through illumination, the individual cell has an atmosphere and as the body grows more in light, the cell becomes illuminated.


    “The same things hold true on all levels.”  


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