The Aura, Part One  

The Aura-1

(From a lesson on Jesus by Father Paul)


    In the following work of this lesson, I will explain some things about the psychic and give better understanding of the realm and its function.


    The aura, which so much talk is heard about by many metaphysical people, the aura is a magnetic field around any magnetic body including even some mineral life.  It is a mixture of the radiation from the physical body and spiritual body of man but in order to make a true observation of this, it necessary that one have spiritual sight, for the physical eyes will only observe the radiation from the physical while part of the sight of the physical eyes is of spiritual quality and spiritual sight.  It isn’t until one becomes truly cognizant of this that he can really observe with this sight and that they have opened up to the Christ Light and developed true sight of spiritual and psychic things.  For the spiritual quality of the aura is only noticed by spiritual sight in reality.


    Auras have actually no color but they are radiations of the spiritual body passing through magnetic emanations produced by them.  They are electromagnetic in nature with exceptionally high vibratory rate beyond the vibrations of light in the ocular range of spectrum and the human eye’s optical nerve is not sufficiently sensitive to produce the sensation we know as color.


    While we cannot see them directly except with certain special lighting effects, using lights of lower frequency, but of the same type as the aura, we attune the spiritual self to the aura and thus emanations or radiations are transmitted to our sympathetic nervous system which receives and transmits vital life forces and passes it on through the rami or structure.  This gives impulses which gives consciousness of color.  Actually, the color arouses within our own being.  By the latter method, one may close his eyes and still see.


    If you wish an explanation of this, it can be given as follows.


    The afferent and efferent nerves carrying impressions to the brain, and energies back from it, are also called sensory and motor nerves.  These two sets of nerves are connected with the spinal system.  The spinal nervous system deals with the sending of power and the receiving of impressions.  It carries the objective intelligence of the brain.


    The other system is called the sympathetic nervous system, which carries the subjective consciousness, and is of constrictive, healing nature, cosmically guided.  It works much like the spinal system, but on the psychic level.  These nerves are connected with the psychic centers of the body, the twelve glands being most important.


    Some are organs, some plexuses.  The most important are the thyroid, pituitary, pineal, adrenals, or apprarenals, thymus, gonads, parathyroids, and pancreas.  The sympathetic system controls and regulates growth as a source of healing power by means of the glands, and it makes possible sympathetic responses.


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    The sympathetic nervous system does not run down through the spinal column, but on either side of the vertebrae.  It does not transmit motor power to muscles, but carries a divine energy, a vital, creative, curing power to all parts of the body.  It carries the divine and psychic intelligence to all parts. 


    In the psychic body, the sympathetic nervous system works for the subconscious or cosmic mind, carrying more refined vibrations – psychic energy.


    In the material body, the spinal nervous system works for the brain, going to every organ and part of tissue, flesh, and blood.


    The two systems connect and are related, having communication between.  At every vertebra, they contact by means of short “rami”.  These rami establish the slender connection between the two systems, which permits the transmission of both material nervous energy and psychic nervous energy to all parts.


    Since this sympathetic system is closely related to the Cosmic through the soul and the infinite sources of God, the subtle influence of the planets affecting the cosmic vibrations would affect the psychic conditions or the organs and nervous system of man.


    The veins of a leaf emit the strongest aura.


    The auras of objects are affected by persons handling them.  These vibrations do not alter the structure of the molecules and atoms of the articles themselves, else this material nature had become changed.  Rather, such vibrations emanating from the human being became immured within the magnetic fields of the atoms.  These affect our sympathetic nervous system, as we become conscious of personalities whose auras were in contact with the material substance.


    The human aura mingles with the atomic aura of the substance.  Matter of all forms has its natural aura, but that does not include the higher vibrations of consciousness.  The aura of consciousness mingled with the aura of matter leaves a distinct effect that can be distinguished, as a high note can be heard along with lower ones.


    A good subject for psychometry is a glove, rolled and held between the palms of both hands to get both negative and positive vibrations.


    To gain an impression, hold object between thumb and forefinger of both hands at once.


    Psychometry: In regard to psychometry or vibrations – the internal pattern of any object is related to its energy pattern, or to the picture which its radiations etch in space.


    The health of a person causes either a weak or a strong aura.  A weak aura is always grayish in color and does not extend far from the body, one or two inches, like a hazy outline

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around the outer edge of the body.  Pure white is the most perfect and highly evolved aura, but at the outer edge of the white there is always some degree of a brilliant violet.


    Midway between gray and white there is usually a blue edge indicating the aura is still in process of development and growth.  Other colors may flash in various parts of the aura, depending on health.


    The psychic are in the brain on the left side of the head may cause a red flash, or tinge in the aura at that point, when psychic development reaches a high degree.


    The aura is nature’s way of protecting the body from injurious radiations of a vibratory nature such as would cause unpleasant sensations, or disease.


    The vitality of the body, or of an animal or plant bodies, is electrical in nature.  Energy in the human body is a high rate of electrical energy, and this energy can be directed and controlled for magnetic healing, and this magnetism can be drawn by contact from one body to another.


    The human aura normally extends about 3 or 4 feet around the body which is well-developed physically.  The psychic person has an aura of a brilliant color extending about 8 or 10 inches around the body, while the rest of the aura is invisible.


    Its invisibility does not prevent its good work, but prevents other magnetic and electrical currents from having too much effect on one’s body.  The aura acts as a neutralizing field of magnetic condition between the body and the outside world.


    The aura of a large magnet as used in industry is wholly invisible, yet powerful.


    This discussion of the aura and other things of this nature are purely of an informative nature and are given not that you should seek after them, but to enlighten you a little on the subject, for we seek the Christ, our Lord Jesus and it is only with Him and through Him and Mary we will know the Father to the best of our ability.

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