Alphabetical Listing of Specific Treatments

Alphabetical Listing of Specific Treatments

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(These are old and need to be proven or updated)

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Acute Anterior Poliomyelitis – Infantile Paralysis: Blue light body radiations for 10 minutes, front and back.  Olive oil rubbed full length of spine before turning on the light.  Daily treatment with careful attention to diet and bowel elimination.


Amenorrhea: Ten minutes with blue light over the pubis, 10 minutes over the sacrum with the blue light, and 10 minutes blue light introduced into the vagina with the aid of a vagina speculum.  This treatment relieves but other treatment for the cause is advised.


Anemia: Red light on the torso with face upward 15 to 20 minutes and the same on the back.  Follow with ultra violet.


Aphonia: Cobalt blue globe over the throat and chest for 15 minutes, then the same on the back of the neck.  Oil the skin with olive oil.


Asthma, Bronchial: Red light 15 to 20 minutes on chest and back, first oiling them.  Ultra violet is a splendid addition to the treatment.  Two to 4 months the average time for complete relief.


Baldness: Try sunlight through blue glass.


Bladder: In cases of irritation, can be benefited by the use of blue-water, and blue color rays alternated with yellow over the lower spine.  If there is involuntary discharge of water, use purple or green light, and abstain from liquids as much as possible.  There is no need of drinking much liquid as the bulk of our foods is largely composed of water.  Many people in excellent health do not consume a pint a day.


Boils and Carbuncles: Blue light for 30 minutes over the point of infection.


Bronchitis: Relief through the same treatment as for asthma.


Bursitis: Cobalt blue 30 minutes daily over the affected part after oiling.


Cancer: Blue light followed by ultra violet given daily is helpful in skin cancer and some breast cancers.  If no response in 6 weeks, discontinue.


Cataract: Blue light over the affected eye, having the patient gaze into the light for 30 minutes.


Cervicitis and Endo-Cervicitis: Ray with blue light introduced into the vagina through a vaginal speculum for 15 minutes, then 30 minutes externally over the abdomen.  Epsom salt douches 4  times a day, one ounce to 2 quarts of very hot water.  Drink water freely.


Chicken Pox: Body radiation with blue light for 30 minutes back and front followed by ultra violet.


Chorea; St. Virus’ Dance: Blue light front and back, 20 minutes on each side after oiling. Daily treatment for 24 to 36 days have brought wonderful results.   


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Constipation: Yellow light is helpful in most any stomach, bowel or liver trouble.  Interrupted yellow light with deep therapy lamp placed over the abdomen, interrupted quickly.  If the patient can be placed on a table raised at the foot end at an angle of 20 degrees it is helpful.  Oil the abdomen with olive or almond oil.  Colon flushing and dietary regime, or may also use yellow water.


Colitis: Same treatment as for constipation.


Coughs and Colds: Radiant cabinet sweating and ultra violet body radiation is helpful.  Use red light over the chest and between the shoulders for 30 minutes.


Cystitis: Blue light over the bladder for 30 minutes daily.  Have patient take a teaspoonful of Epsom salts in a pint of hot water on an empty stomach every morning.


Diabetes Mellitis: (1) Same as for constipation, with radiant light cabinet sweats. 

(or 2) Diabetes yields to yellow and red strips of glass alternately, unless irritation be present; then blue glass should be substituted for red.  White light is also useful in this disease.  Animal food should be reduced to a minimum.


Diarrhea: (1) Treat as for constipation or (2) use blue light and blue water.


Diptheria: Blue light on throat for 30 minutes is an adjunct in treatment.  Good results have been obtained with cobalt blue globe used inside throat, the patient lying on the back with mouth open.


Dropsy: Blue light is effective in relieving swellings.


Duodenal Ulcer: Blue light.


Dysmenorrhea: Same as for amenhorrhea with blue light.


Ear Affections: Blue light over affected area for 30 minutes.


Eczema: Blue light over affected area daily for 30 minutes; followed by ultra violet.


Endo and Myo Carditis: blue light over the heart area for 45 minutes.

Enuresis: This nervous affliction is treated over the bladder with blue light for 15 minutes and the same over the back.


Epilepsy: Yellow light for long periods over the abdomen, the same as for constipation.  The author believes intestinal stasis is an exciting factor in most cases of epilepsy.


Fevers: Blue light benefits all infectious diseases for 30 minutes on front and back.


Fistula: External application of tepid blue water.


Gastralgia: Yellow light over abdomen and back; colon flushing.


Gastric Ulcer: Yellow light over gastric area for 45 minutes, followed by ultra violet.  Bland diet, colon flushing, rest and quiet.


Gastritis: Same as for Gastralgia.


Glaucoma: Blue light over the eyes daily for 30 minutes with patient gazing into the light.

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Gonorrhea: Blue light for acute and chronic cases for 60 minutes.  In prostatic involvement place a metal dilator into the rectum and irradiate the dilator and surrounding parts with blue light.  The usual course runs from 2 to 6 weeks.


    In the female, treat same as for cervicitis.  The usual course runs from 2 to 4 weeks.


Gonorrheal Arthritis: Cobalt blue over the affected area after rubbing olive oil on the tissues.  Treat back and front followed by ultra violet.  Sweating the patient in radiant light cabinet or Epsom salt bath is helpful.


Gout: (1) Blue light over sore toe and foot, or (2) orange water and glass.


Hay Fever: Blue light for 30 minutes over face; ultra violet in nostrils.


Headache, inflammation of the brain, nervousness, hysteria, palpitation, apoplexy, toothache, sunstroke, sciatica, neuralgia, tumors, hemorrhage, earache, itching of the skin, sore eyes, bubonic plague, vomiting, sleeplessness, erysipelas and most fevers are amenable to blue light.


High Blood Pressure: Blue light 30 minutes front and back daily.


Hepatitis: Yellow light close to gall bladder.


Icterus – Jaundice: the same as for hepatitis.


Iritis: The same as for glaucoma, blue light over the eyes for 30 minutes.


Laryngitis: The same treatment as for aphonia and diphtheria, cobalt blue.


Leucorrhea: same treatment as for cervicitis, except for frequent douches, once a day being sufficient.


Lumbago: Irradiate back with blue light while patient sits on a chair swaying body slowly from side to side.  Keep patient moving about slowly so the muscles do not set and relief becomes more difficult.  Rub with oil first.  Ascertain the cause of the trouble which frequently is constipation and autointoxication.


Lupus: Blue light over the affected area for 45 minutes.  Ultra violet also useful and constitutional treatment should be given. 


Mastitis: Blue light over the breasts for 30 minutes and over 3rd, 4th and 5th dorsal for 30 minutes.


Mastoiditis: Same treatment as for ear affections, blue light for 30 minutes.


Mumps: Blue light over glands affected for 30 minutes daily until relieved.


Nephritis: Blue light over the kidneys in back for 45 minutes after oiling the area with olive oil.


Neuralgia: Blue light radiation over painful are and constitutional treatment for the cause.


Neurasthenia: Yellow light over abdomen and back for 30 minutes each side.


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Neuritis: Blue light over painful are and constitutional treatment for the cause.


Orchitis: Blue light treatment over testicles for 45 minutes.


Paralysis can be relieved by yellow and white light over the spine, red glass over the pit of the stomach, and a strip of yellow below that.


Piles or Hemorrhoids: Focus blue light on metal dilator in rectum so a convective heat may be absorbed in the rectum.  Do not stretch dilator at first but gradually until the tight sphincters are relieved.  Twelve to 36 treatments are usually sufficient, or apply blue water externally.  Walking as an exercise should help.


Phlebitis: Blue light for 30 minutes over affected area daily.


Pneumonia: Red light over chest for 30 minutes and between shoulders.


Potts Disease: Red light over the body front and back for 30 minutes.  Localize over the affected area for another 10 minutes.


Prostatitis: Same as for gonorrhea.


Ptomaine Poisoning: Blue light over affected area after rubbing skin with oil.  Radiant light cabinet treatment helpful.  If intestinal stasis and constipation are present use yellow light over bowels and give colon flushing.


Rheumatism if chronic responds to orange glass and orange water.  If acute, use blue-green and white light or plain blue glass.  (More will be tabulated on this later).


Scarlet Fever: Blue light for 45 minutes over back and kidney region daily.


Small Pox: Same as for chicken pox, blue light back and front for 30 minutes.


Spinal Meningitis: Same treatment as for infantile paralysis, blue light for 30 minutes front and back.


Syphilis: Body radiation with blue light followed by ultra violet.  Sun baths also very helpful.  Elimination treatment indicated.  Check frequently with Wassermans to  note any change in condition.


Tonsillitis: Same as for diphtheria.  Treatment of tonsils with forefinger behind tonsils is helpful.  Treat also as for constipation.


Toothache is helped by filling the mouth with blue water and retaining it for some time and also exposing the head to strong sunlight through blue glass.

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