Color Philosophy

Yellow - Part One  

Yellow Philosophy


    Yellow represents the third color vibration, and is most active in the higher brain, or cerebrum, as its general organ of expression.


    It is called one of the rays of mind, stimulating the mental faculties in the creation of thought, and giving help in visualization.


    Generally it arouses optimism, cheerfulness, and a balanced outlook on life, equilibrating in its effect.  By stimulating the higher functions of the brain, yellow aids in developing tact, mental alertness and discrimination, and helps establish emotional balance.  It is said to make joyful through greater attainment of the soul and one’s Self, and suggests as well the joy, gaiety and merriment, the comfort and cheerfulness of the fireside.


  Heroes and heroines of older legends were usually depicted with yellow hair, as it seemed to suggest the lighter, or finer, side of life. Yellow to many of the ancients was the animating principle of life; to the Chinese it symbolizes nobility.


    The yellow ray of mind, flashing as it does golden streams of awakening light, can be used for mental stimulation.  It is a good color to use in a room devoted to mental pursuits, such as for writers, artists, and all creative workers – the paler shades being especially inspirational.  A yellow-shaded light is helpful when doing mental work as in studying.  Too bright yellow, however, while stimulating at first, will soon have a somnolent effect.


  As the ray of maximum light, yellow holds first place in the spectrum for brightness and luminosity.  It has a positive magnetic vibration, with a powerful effect on the nervous system although in healing work when nerves are very active and irritable yellow should not be used.


    Being active on the mental plane, yellow is called the Wisdom ray, related to the astral or mental consciousness.  Its rulership of mind and high intellect indicate a love of mental employments and pleasures, rather than physical.  Yellow relates to science and usually appeals to persons of intelligence and discernment.


    Both astrologically and alchemically, the yellow vibration corresponds to Mercury, and to the metal quicksilver.  It aids in the alchemical processes having to do with extracting materials for body structure.  It is sometimes used to symbolize illumination, dissemination, magnanimity, or intuition.


    A murky yellow is associated with sickness, with treason, deception and cowardice, from which the expressions come “a yellow streak,” “yellow journalism.”  It is also used as a symbol of quarantine.  


Yellow – Part One, page 2


    Excess of yellow leads to indecision and tendency to substitute thinking and talking for action.  Its deficiency may result in over-activity if red and orange are strong; or in mental depression if blue is preponderant.


    Yellow is a color relating to the Sun, as well as to Mercury, and is of a high vibrational rate.  Hence yellow-subjects are rapid thinkers, and show great activity of mind.


    The red, orange, and yellow rays are magnetic in effect, flowing upward from the earth toward the solar plexus.


    The opposite color of yellow is violet.  It is the yellow factor that denotes richness in milk or cream – the butter-fat content, rich in vitamins A and D.


    Rudolph Steiner says:  “Yellow must shine outwards – it wants to radiate.  When yellow is given weight it loses the luster of spirit and becomes the color of gold.  If it is to become fixed, it must become mineralized color – color fixed in matter.


In the Aura:


    Dark dingy yellow indicates jealousy and suspicion.  Dark yellow signifies deceit and treachery.   


    Dark mustard colors show unpractical people, somewhat lacking in character, who dream away the idle hours.


    Dull, lifeless yellow indicates false optimism, visionary mentality.


    Pale primrose yellow: great intellectual power.


    Gold present in the aura is very good.


    Golden yellow indicates the intellect in its higher phases and aspects, and high soul qualities.


    Father Paul said: yellow has an influence that is vitalizing and refining.


    Yellow is the purging light of Christ.  Gold comes out of the whole thing.


Color Therapy

Yellow - Part Two


    In healing, yellow is active in the region of the upper intestines, in the shoulders, arms, hands, and lungs.  Through stimulation of the higher and finer functions of the brain it aids in the development of metal alertness.


    It relates to the powers of intellectual analysis and concentration, and acts on the brain center of the nervous system.


    It also has an effect on the heart, the dorsal region of the spine, the spinal cord, and the aorta, and has some affinity with the liver and intestines, with a cleansing and healing effect on the skin.


    Yellow is a stimulant of the mental faculties and useful in cases of mental lethargy or mental deficiency.  As a mental color, it stimulates the nerves, and invigorates.  To some it may be too stimulating.  


    Both sensory and motor nerves are stimulated by yellow, especially the solar plexus.  It can be used in all negative, despondent and melancholy conditions.


    It is generally inadvisable to use yellow in nervous or excitable conditions, in insomnia, nausea, diarrhea, heated or inflammatory fevers, nerve troubles such as sciatica or neuritis, but a short exposure to the yellow alternated with a full exposure to its complementary blue may be useful in establishing a vital rhythm.


    Combined with red to make orange the result is invigorating, energizing and life-giving.  The therapeutic yellow is the color of a ripe lemon, the brightest color in the spectrum with the most light rays.


    Along with the mind and the nerves, yellow color stimulates physiological functions.  It acts as a purgative and laxative when the colon and abdomen are exposed to its rays.  It stimulates the liver and gall bladder assisting in the sufficient supply of bile in the colon for better elimination.


    Drinking water charged in yellow wine bottles cured a woman of long standing constipation in one case.


Charging Water:  Water can be charged somewhat in a few minutes of bright sunshine, or by placing yellow-orange lenses out of doors where the light can strike them constantly, and putting in fresh water every two or three days to keep it fresh.  In severe cases it is well to take 2 to 4 teaspoonfuls of charged water before each meal until the bowels move, or even every hour if needed.


    Yellow, because of its sodium principle, is used most successfully in case of ulcers to build the stomach, and relieves stomach trouble generally.  It increases the appetite and aids in the assimilation of proper food for better nutrition.  The lymphatic glands are affected by food assimilation and are activated by yellow.


    This color also increases metabolism, and activates all body functions except the spleen.  An over active spleen is depressed by yellow.

Yellow – Part Two, page 2


    The use of yellow for diabetes increases metabolism, and activates all body functions except the spleen.  An over active spleen is depressed by yellow.


    The use of yellow for diabetes stimulates the pancreas for better assimilation of natural starches and sugars.


    Yellow is used as a stimulant for a sluggish liver when the bowels are not in good order.  Exposure to yellow should be brief.  For all kinds of paralysis, chronic rheumatism, dropsy and other dormant conditions it is beneficial.  It has a stimulating effect on cells and activity of the skin without causing much rise in temperature.


    It is used most successfully in cases of paralytic strokes and nervous breakdowns and deficiencies.  Infantile paralysis responds rapidly to the irradiation of yellow.


    It assists in loosening calcium and lime deposits such as arthritis and neuritis and many similar conditions.


    Yellow is useful in tubercular cases counteracting the vibrational rate of this affliction, but it requires somewhat prolonged treatment.


Yellow also:


    Helps in stimulating the eyes and ears.


    Assists in ridding the body of worms.


    Stimulates the heart for better circulation.


    This color is a capital cerebral stimulant and an emetic or laxative.


   Alimentary Tract energizer - An agent that activates the food passages, Areas 8 - 9 - 18 - 19.   


    Anthelmintic – An agent that is destructive to Worms .


    Cathartic – An agent that produces increased bowel action, Areas 9 – 10 – 18 – 19.


    Cholagogue – an agent that accelerates the flow of Bile, Area 7.


    Digestant – An agent that aids the process of converting food into materials fit to be absorbed and assimilated into the physical body, by stimulating the gastric and intestinal glands and pancreas, Area 8 – 9 – 18.


    Lymphatic Activator – an agent that increases the functional activity of the Lymphatic Glands for Nutrition.


    Motor Stimulant – An agent that increases the functional activity of the motor nervous system which energizes the muscles into motion.


    Nerve Builder – An agent that builds the Nerves, by stimulating the Choroid Gland for Cerebro-Spinal fluid secretion, area 15.


    Splenic Depressant – An agent that decreases the Functional activity of the Spleen, Area 6.


Yellow – Part Two, page 3

Actual Cases:


    A chronic bronchial irritation was treated with hot sunlight filtered through yellow glass and was immediately relieved.


    Costiveness was relieved by drinking a half-ounce of water in an amber colored vial held close to the yellow rays of a kerosene lamp for 7 minutes.


    A patient using water charged with the sun’s rays through yellow glass found it an unfailing cathartic and exhilarating to the spirits.


    Dyspepsia may come either from an increase of red or of blue in the system.  The increase of red is usually indicated by excessive thinness; the increase of blue by over-weight.  In treating either, the yellow color breathing should be done early in the morning and half a medicine glass of yellow solarized water taken between meals.  The yellow light should be focused on the solar plexus daily for 30 minutes.  There should be an improvement in about a week.


    If the patient is overly thin, showing an increase of red, indigo treatments should also be given.  The light and water should be given twice daily for a month or two.


    Diabetes originates from poor digestion and more fat is formed than blood.  The same treatment as for dyspepsia will benefit this condition, with the yellow ray and yellow colored water given twice daily, decreasing the formation of fat and increasing the blood.  Two months will be required.


    For constipation homeopathic doses of yellow solarized water and yellow light focused on the naval for 30 minutes night and morning will remedy the condition and should be accompanied by the yellow deep breathing.  If the effect proves over laxative, a dose of blue solarized water will counteract it.


    Paralysis in some cases can be benefited by use of the yellow ray as this is primarily a disease of the nerves and brain and the lack of power in ordering the nerve force to act.


Variations of Yellow:


    Ambero used in the form of charged water is a great nerve animating principle, according to one practitioner, and is especially effective in arousing liver and bowels into action.  It is doubtless the most exquisite laxative in the world, as tested for many years.  A prominent New York manufacturer declared it was worth thousands of dollars to him; and a lady whose whole being was revolutionized by it called it “elixir of life.”  Charged solid substances have the same effect.   




    In the lemon color there are found more elements than in any other color.  Many of these elements are looseners, thus increasing the effectiveness of lemon in most chronic conditions.  It helps loosen and eliminate mucus throughout the entire body, also loosening congestion in the colon and acting as a laxative.  If this treatment is followed by yellow, better results can be obtained.

Yellow – Part Two, page 4


    Lemon loosens and dissolves calcium and lime deposits throughout the body as does yellow, but in a slightly different manner.  Use lemon for all chronic disorders as these conditions must be loosened and dissolved before they can be eliminated from the body.


    Lemon color is effective for loosening colds, and like yellow it also stimulates and builds the brain for clearer and more positive thinking.


    This color activates the thymus gland for more rapid growth in retarded children, and is most effective as a bone builder in cases of breaks or soft bones.


    The lemon fruit is about the best known food to loosen and clean.  That is why it is so helpful in cleansing diets.

Lemon Color Treatment:


    Antacid – An agent that neutralizes or counteracts Acidity.


    Antiscorbutic – An agent that corrects Scurvy, a disorder of Nutrition and dietetic errors.  


    Bone Builder – An agent that builds the Body Skeleton.


    Cerebral Stimulant – An agent that increases the functional activity of the brain, Areas 1 – 15.


    Chronic Alternative – An agent that produces a favorable change in the processes of Nutrition and repair in Persistent Disorders.      


    Expectorant – An agent that promotes the ejection by spitting of Mucous or other Fluids from the Lungs and Windpipe, Areas 2 – 4 – 5 – 17.


    Laxative – An agent that mildly loosens the Intestines, Areas 9 – 10 – 18 – 19.


    Thymus Activator - An agent that increases the action of the thymus gland, Areas 4 – 5.


Yellow Addenda – By Dr. Wood  


    Yellow is a nerve stimulant.  The yellow or amber yellow of the deep therapy bulbs is a chologogue or hepatic stimulant.  It acts directly upon the solar plexus and stimulates peristaltic movement.  The author advises its use in all hepatic and gastro-intestinal cases.


    From a psychological standpoint yellow is a symbol of light and warmth.  It is very stimulating to the mind and a useful color to apply on melancholy patients.


Yellow – Part Two, page 5


    Yellow is indicated in nervous conditions known as brain fag, also in many stomach troubles caused by nervous conditions.  The radiant yellow is a mental stimulant and in rhythm with the complementary violet gives a feeling of passive contentment.


    Such yellow or orange substances as saffron, valerian, mustard, dandelion, senna, podophyllum (May apple), colocynth, sulphur, figs, gluten, castor oil (yellowish), ginger, or yellow and some red, are known to be stimulants to the brain or nerves of the bowels, liver and stomach.


    All purgatives or laxatives stimulate the nerves of the bowels, by means of the yellow as the leading color, although in drastic purgatives, as well as in emetica, diuretics and brain stimulants, a good deal of the red substance is also used as a blood-rousing principle.  Some of the yellow stimuli animate the bile, which is a green yellow substance and is in itself a laxative.


    Yellow with some orange and red excites the nervous system whether in drugs or light.  Laxatives and purgatives have yellow coloring, and cerebral stimulants, diuretics and tonics have yellow tinged with red or orange.  Yellow is a dominant color in poisons and is injurious to nervous people.


    The yellow, aided by some red (yellow-orange) is animating to the nerves, being laxative, diuretic stimulating to the brain, liver, etc., and especially desirable in constipated, paralytic and stupid conditions.  It should not be used in delirium or diarrhea.



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