Spiritual-Physical Color Treatments  

Spiritual Physical Color Treatments


    These treatments are based on the work of an authority on chromotherapy.  We have combined here the various uses of color from visualization and affirmation to charged water and light treatments Ė using either a lamp or direct sunlight.  These appear well worth your study and personal experimentation.


The application of Red:


    The universal breathing affirmation which is to precede this, said by the patient as well as by the healer, can be accompanied by a visualization of the dawn or sunset on snowy mountain peaks as a warm or peachy pink spreading over the entire earth and all its inhabitants, the individual inhaling this pink color and exhaling the radiance and goodwill far over the horizon.  Without goodwill the healing will not be permanent.  The universal affirmation is:


O Thou radiant spirit of divine love

Enter my inner consciousness;

O Thou spirit of divine love, dwell in my heart

That love may make radiant

Each thought, word, deed,

Ever shining as my brotherís beacon

Radiating joy, peace, power!


    When the colored light treatment is given, the healer first of all surrounds the patient with the universal peachy tint mentally given.  He asks the patient to cooperate by using the universal affirmation followed by the one for the red ray.  This is as follows:


O Ruby rays, flow through me,

Flow through me, and energize

My bloodstream, my bloodstream.


O Ruby Rays, stimulate activity, activity;

And instill iron stamina, staunch stamina.


O Ruby Rays, recharge my will

Why Thy goodwill,

For health and joy

For me and all I will fulfill.


    After the patient has cooperated in this way, he is placed on the couch under a sheet and the red light radiated upon the soles of his feet from a distance of about 6 inches.  If the treatment is for anemia a second color, orange, is radiated upon the spleen area for 30 minutes.


    On sunny days the noon sun power will be especially beneficial, focussing it on the soles of his feet through a red screen.  At the same time the patient is to breathe in the ruby rays.

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    The treatment begins on the soles of the feet, then the lamp or the red screen is gradually moved to the ankles, the calves, the knees, the thighs and to the coccygeal center or chakra, remaining from 5 to 10 minutes on each place.


    To end the treatment green or blue is radiated on the patient for 10 minutes so there may be no undesirable or irritating effects from the red.


    When the beam of red is focused on the body the red rays decompose the salt crystals in the organism, causing ions to form.  The minute ions are the carriers of electromagnetic energy in the body.  The red light splits the ferric salt crystal into iron and salt and the blood absorbs the iron while the salt is discharged from the body which is thus strengthened.


   The color treatment for paralysis is somewhat different from the above.  Paralysis is usually due to shock or frustration of some kind wherein the patient is mentally or emotionally confused and, not knowing what step to take next, refuses to take any and the motor nerves cease to give orders.  The patient needs some new and absorbing interest.  Red gives an urge to action, strengthens will power and courage.  The adjustment of the mental attitude seems to take place more readily if the patient is unaware of its relation to the cure.  Yellow is often helpful in treating the mentality in such a case.  The patient is also given purple solarized water to drink between meals.


    The purple or magenta ray is played upon the patient lying face down on the couch, starting at the coccygeal chakra.  After 15 minutes on this spot, the light is moved slowly up the spine to a position back of the solar plexus taking about 5 minutes to do it.  Then the purple color is focused on the soles of the feet for 15 minutes.  If the legs are paralyzed focus the purple light on each sciatic nerve, playing it upon the back of the legs in an upward direction.


    Next change to the red light, radiating it on the knees, shines, and feet for another 10 minutes.


    Indigo is to be used next, 5 minutes on the solar plexus, then moved slowly to the throat center where it is held for 5 minutes and then changed to the blue light for 10 minutes.


    A complete cure will take 3 months or longer.  The red-magenta rays can be discontinued in 5 to 8 weeks, depending upon the severity of the case, as an overdose of the red, which stimulates adrenaline, would be harmful.


    In infantile paralysis the ruby shower should be employed by red light treatment and rubbing with the red salt bag.


    (See also the lessons titled Red, parts I and II)


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    In giving the orange color treatment the patient is asked to cooperate by visualizing the sun lighting and warming the earth and its children; at the same time breathing in its wisdom and light.  The red part of the ray is sent to all parts of the physical body and the yellow to the mind, the red giving strength and energy and the yellow making the mind dynamic, alert and good-natured.  Good nature toward all is essential in permanent health.


    Accompanying this visualization the following affirmation is to be said:


O freeing orange, O buoyant rays,

Float in me, float in me,

Salving, restoring conscious will,

Conscious energy,

Above all limits of bodily mind.


O warming orange, dispel all chills

And kindred ills; in me health thrills.


O lifting orange, transmuting rays,

Waken, unfold, my budding powers.

Bring me wisdomís bright new powers,

Bright new powers.


*    In practicing this orange color breathing affirmation, breath from the pit of the stomach feeling as if the breath were coming from the feet.  Breathe through the nostrils.




   The visualization for the universal affirmation before receiving the yellow light treatment consists in seeing golden currents of sun-radiant air flowing within the earth and enriching all the peoples of the world; see this golden light flowing into your body permeating every part of it.  Do this first thing in the morning before an open window while taking about 20 deep breaths.


    Following is the mantra to use with the yellow color breathing:


O yellow beams of gold, enrich my intelligence,

Strengthen thy sun-radiance, aged-wisdom

In youth unfold



Empower my solar-plexus to digest, assimilate,

Inhaling golden atoms of joy,

All fear abate.


O saffron rays of wisdom prana

Flow in golden currency feeding cells

With cosmic manna through my entirety.



Spiritual-Physical Color Treatments, page 4


  Yellow rays carry positive magnetic currents strengthening the nerves and awakening and vitalizing the mentality and reasoning faculties.  They stimulate the third chakra at the solar plexus which controls the digestive processes.  It has a cleansing and eliminative action on liver, intestines and skin.


*    Diseases which are benefited by yellow color treatment include digestive and liver ailments, diabetes and skin diseases.




*   The color breathing for green should be accompanied by the visualization of early morning light shimmering on dewy grass, the refreshing green of leaves after rain, the sun sparkling on shining trees at noon, green shadows at dusk dancing through the leaves, natureís prana.


    Accompany this with the green ray affirmation:


O Ray of emerald symphony, sustain, upbuild

             my wayward heart;

Its strings attune in symphony, teach me to

             do my poiseful part


O chlorophyllic builder true, heart-force in

             fields and men renew

From thee the tempo true is bidden, O strengthen

             thou the beat, the rhythm.


The pulse of brotherhood regain bring forth

             the honey, harbored, hidden

In human hearts now freely given, sweet food

             in all, for all sustain.




*   In the color breathing for blue visualize a cloudless bright blue sky of an early summer morning being breathed into the lungs and absorbed by every eager pore in the body, and think of yourself as sailing high aloft above the earth and all the minute activities upon it, absorbed in the consciousness of blue.  Then give the affirmation:


O tranquil ray of sapphire blue, calm thou

my mind

In solace new, in solace new.

Quench thou all fevers in coolness new,

refreshing dew.


Spiritual-Physical Color Treatments, page 5


Tone thou my speech, O ray of blue,

And make it true, and make it true.

Help me to learn, O ray of blue

To rest in you, to rest in you.

Help me to learn, O ray of blue,

To speak anew, to speak anew.

Help me to learn, O ray of blue,

To sing in you, to sing in you.




Before giving the indigo ray affirmation in the color breathing, visualize the deep indigo of the desert midnight sky and drink deeply of it.  Or imagine yourself in the deep indigo of a mountain lake, like an indigo trout inhabiting the lake, drinking deeply of the indigo waters which flow and ripple over your entire body and mind.


    Then breathing rhythmically as you inhale and exhale the indigo, use this affirmation:


O deep rays of indigo blue, bathe my eyes with

          tender hue

Give me sight to see anew, give me light for

          seeing true.


O deep rays of indigo blue, bathe my ears with

          deeper hue

Tone my ears to hear anew, tune my mind to

          hearing true.


O deep rays of indigo blue, bring me in

          devotionís hours

The balm, the purity in mental showers

Release new fragrance from brain flowers

Sweeping all brown leaves away.


   Indigo is a great purifier of the blood stream and likewise controls the psychic currents of the subtle bodies.  It combines the deep blue of devotion and clear thought with a faint trace of stabilizing red.  Great changes take place under its influence on all levels of being.  It is electric, cooling and astringent and can induce local or total insensibility.  But it enables the individual to see and understand more deeply. 


*   It governs the chakra in the center of the forehead called the spiritual eye, controlling the pineal gland and vision, hearing and smelling on the physical and higher planes.  Its complementary color is yellow with which it has an affinity in regard to the mind.


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*   For the color breathing of this hue visualize the desert at sunset being overspread with a mist of pure amethyst changing to deep violet as dusk deepens.  There is complete silence everywhere.  Breathe it in reverently feeling it penetrating every nerve, fiber and cell, nourishing and uplifting all spiritual life within.


    Then use this affirmation while inhaling and exhaling deeply:


O zenith ray of violet power

Cleanse my dark blood with purple shower,

Soothe thou my nerves with passions lower

Bring forth true inspirationís flower.


O amethyst ray of spiritís radiance,

Strike thou the chord of my soulís cadence

Bring forth the poetry, music fragrance

One art uniting Ė none in vagrancy.


O violet blaze in meditationís bower,

Flash me keen intuitionís power,

Dull mental shades no more shall dower

Thy mystic petalled lotus flower


The humble modest violet slight

Shows arrogance, power in simple might,

Guides egos from dark paths of night

In service selfless endless light.




*   To determine what conditions should be treated with each hue, study the lessons on the individual colors with the recommendations given.  For example, Violet Part I (Color Philosophy), and Violet Part II (Color Therapy.)  For practical instructions see lesson Methods.




    White is the arch transmuter embracing all the colors and lifting the powers of any one of them to their utmost perfection.  But it can only be used in its spiritualizing sense.  The visualization for the in-breathing of the white light requires the still of every restless thought and feeling a profound calm encompassing the consciousness.  While breathing deeply feel yourself lifting the power and energy within you to meet the descending white light, and see it multiplying and surrounding you in a white wall of protection.  If you are the healer, place the patient in the center of this all-encompassing white light, and then extend it to include all in the world.


Spiritual-Physical Color Treatments, page 7



   The affirmation for the White light:


O dazzling white, pure ray serene, uplift my soul

          to meet thy gleam;

Fill every atom with power supreme, make ill-thought

          life seem but a dream.

O respondent Father, seven rays in One,

Teach me to blaze my hidden sun,

Love merged with strength, no more diverse,

Encompass the mighty universe.


    White is not a color ray in the healing sense although it magnifies the power of each, but its appreciable activity operates on the higher planes.  Its power manifests everywhere, as Dr. Babbitt says, ďthe whole world, mineral, vegetable and animal is ever being transformed into new and beautiful growths, forms and colors under its magic touch, showing its almost omnific power.Ē  It is the white light of Christ consciousness which produces the healings at such places as Lourdes and other shrines.


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