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Lecture by George Starr White, M.D.  

Methods of Diagnosis With Color

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Color to Diagnose Disease


    As the life emanations from a healthy body are deflected by the magnetic meridian and the tension of the body organs are changed by the same energy, some other energy must be able to act on the animal energy of life force.  After trying sound waves of all kinds, I began to work with colors.


    I first used the ruby employed in a photographic dark room.  This obliterated the effect of the magnetic meridian on a healthy subject.  This ruby also enable the magnetic meridian to act upon one suffering with tuberculosis the same as if he were healthy.


    Many persons gave this “ruby reflex” when they complained only of being tired, nervous, etc. and later it was found they had tuberculosis.  It was also found that a person with cancer gave this “ruby reflex.”


    Although I have tested many thousand cases with the ruby light, I have found no disease except tuberculosis and cancer that would respond to that color.  Later I discovered a color that would differentiate cancer from tuberculosis.


    I found that tuberculosis could be diagnosed by this method at the very inception of the disease, and before a diagnosis could be made by any other known method.


    By degrees I found that other radiant colors would enable me to diagnose other diseases.  By using various tints of the diagnosing color the exact stage of the disease can be shown.


    I have never found a person suffering from any malignant disease who would give this magnetic meridian reflex when facing from east or west to north or sound unless some radiant colors were employed.


    This method of diagnosis I have termed Bio-Dynamo-Chromatic method (Bios meaning life; dynamis meaning force; chroma meaning color.)


    Light, color, sound, electricity and radioactive energy are forms of motion and their rate and motion differentiate them from each other.  The effect of light is seen in all forms of life.


    Colors also produce a far-reaching effect upon the development of all forms of life.  Bacilli when exposed to ultra-violet rays are changed into a different species.


The Sympathetic-Vagal Reflex


    In the body is a nervous organism which might be likened to a telephone system, the brain being the central office and the ganglia the sub-stations.  This nervous system is the most

accurate index of external energy.  The internal organs are controlled by the sympathetic and vagal nerves.  Any stimulation of the vagus produces what is termed “vagal tone” and with a change in vagal tone there is a change in the tension of the viscera.  The tension of the viscera changes under external energy.

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    Light, color and sound, as well as human energy, energy from a magnet and the magnetic meridian all produce a change in the tonicity of tension of the viscera.  This change in tonicity I call “Sympathetic-Vagal Reflex”.


Color as a Means of Differentiating Polarity and Rates and Modes of Motion


    The positive pole, or extremity, has one rate and mode of motion; and the negative pole, or extremity, has another.  Between these two poles or extremities there must be an endless diversity in rates and modes of motion.  In colors we have a means of differentiating rates and modes of motion in a manner than is more subtle than any known instrument.  This is done by utilizing the physical law known as interference of motion or energy, radiant colors interfering with any energy acting upon vital force.


    Energy that is neutralized by the negative pole is also neutralized by the dark-room ruby light; and the energy that is neutralized by the positive pole is also neutralized by the blue light that is complementary to the dark-room ruby (Cyan blue).  The combination of these two radiant colors produces a shade of purple which will neutralize energy that is neutralized by both the positive and negative poles.


    Negative electricity to the body is irritating and exciting. Red light is also irritating and exciting.


    Positive electricity is sedative.  Blue light is also sedative.


    Between the ruby light at its end of the spectrum with its particular rate and mode of motion, and the blue light at its end of the spectrum with its particular rate and mode of motion are limitless rates and modes of motion.  Every shade or tint or combination of colors represents a rate and mode of motion, each differing from the other.  This gives some idea of how much more fine and accurate the differentiation of energy by means of color is than by the most sensitive magnetic needle.  I now employ radiant colors for diagnosing disease.


    Instead of using the word polarity in discussing diagnosis of disease by means of polar energy I use the term “rate and mode of motion.”  Different rates of mode and motion may be toward the opposite pole but still have entirely different rates and modes of motion, as shown by the fact that one radiant energy will neutralize one condition and not another.


    There are limitless rates and modes of motion between the poles.  They can be differentiated by means of radiant colors but not by galvanometers or magnets.






    T                     C                                                                                 S     ·                          G


Methods of Diagnosis With Color, page 3


    In the diagram above the letters T and C stand for tuberculosis and carcinoma respectively and they are the plus end of the line.  S and G stand for syphilis and gonorrhea and they are at the minus end of the line.  The energy from tuberculosis and carcinoma are both dissipated by negative energy, but the energy from syphilis and gonorrhea are both dissipated by positive energy.


    T graphically represents the rate and mode of motion of tuberculosis.  That rate and mode of motion is dissipated by the rate and mode of motion of dark-room ruby radiant energy.


    C graphically represents the rate and mode of motion of carcinoma and this energy is dissipated by the rate and mode of motion of radiant energy represented by non-actinic orange.  This cancer color will not dissipate the energy from tuberculosis.


    S graphically shows the rate and mode of motion of syphilis and that energy is dissipated by the radiant energy from a certain blue radiation which is complementary to the dark-room ruby or cyan blue.


    G represents the rate and mode of motion for gonorrheal infection and that energy is dissipated by the rate and mode of motion of a color represented by a combination of dark-room ruby and cyan blue – purple.


    The dotted line at S graphically represents the minus or negative pole of the magnet, while T represents the plus or positive end of the magnet.  Now if this line were turned into a circle, G would come between the positive and the negative end, and therefore would contain the energies of both the positive and negative poles.  This is shown in the diagram below.


    It is actually proved by the fact that the energy from a gonorrheal lesion is dissipated by the negative and positive ends of the magnet - “neutral” energy, or as some might say “iso-polar”, but both terms are wrong technically.  So instead of the term polarity in Bio-Dynamo-Chromatic work use the terms “a rate and mode of motion dissipated by” such and such a color or combination of colors.


    This dissipation of energy can also be understood when one considers how sound, which is a rate and mode of motion, can be interfered with by another rate and mode of motion thus producing silence.


Methods of Diagnosis With Color, page 4

 Higher Colors of the Brain


Animal Energies

     A – Amativeness: dark red

     B – Sexual Love:  red


Higher Energies

     C – Self-esteem, Pride, Power:  purple

     D – Firmness:  blue


Moral & Spiritual Powers

     E – Religion, Veneration:  yellow

     F – Higher love:  red

     G – Benevolence:  green


Mental Powers

     H – Reason:  blue

     J – Perception: darker blue

     K – Ideality:  violet


Eyes:  blue

Nose:  green

Lips:  yellow

Below lips:  orange

           Chin:  scarlet

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