Color Philosophy

Orange – Part One  

Orange Philosophy


     Orange is the second fundamental color vibration, a hot and dry color, but less intense than red.  It can be made by a combination of red and yellow; the color of flames.  The heat rays of orange are therapeutically more powerfully heating than red, as they exclude the cooling rays of the active blue-violet end of the spectrum.


    The orange ray is linked with the vital force that flows into the body from the sun, and is thus highly valuable.  It is concerned with the task of absorbing and distributing vital energy.


    Orange is, in fact the symbol of energy, physically revitalizing, and acts as an antidote to feelings of repression and limitation.  It calls forth self-confidence and positive thinking, and thus has value in such fields as salesmanship and display.


    Orange , being partly red and partly yellow, combines physical energy with mental qualities and has a releasing effect on both.  It aids in assimilation, distribution and circulation, not only of substances but of ideas and mental concepts.  Being the middle ray between the physical and mental principles, orange is of vital importance mentally in the assimilation and visualization of ideas.  It also has the effect of conferring optimism and courage to the mind, with the will to succeed.


    Orange is a mild stimulant, especially for the nerves, promoting increased vitality, and affording quick recuperation from fatigue produced by mental work.  It is warming, cheering, non-electric and non-astringent.


    In normal, well-developed expression, the orange vibration makes for strong vital health-conditions.  By reflex upon consciousness, it manifests in an aspiring, frank, magnanimous, generous, humane, firm and honorable disposition.  Sometimes pride.


    It is definitely of a plus-vibration, and care must be exercised in its use, since it could lead to over- stimulation.  Some people cannot harmonize with the orange vibration and therefore should not wear it.  Used in excess, it inclines to feverish trouble, domineering temperament, inordinate ambition, fondness of display, overindulgence and prodigal wastefulness of vitality and resources.  Therefore this color must be used with discrimination according to the individual’s nature.  Its strong vibration can be modified with one of less potency, such as blue, yellow, or green.


   When to be avoided: In fevers, acute inflammation, delirium, diarrhea, neuralgia, palpitation of the heart and any over-excitement, yellow or orange-reddish tones are not to be used.


    A lack of the orange vibration, on the other hand, or interference with its free expression, causes health to suffer and depression of both physical and mental reflexes.


 It is through the center corresponding to the orange ray that the cosmic life-energy enters the personal field.  This color is also harmonious with the Sun, and with the metal gold.

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    Orange affects the hands, arms and shoulders, the lungs, and the upper ribs.  It is also connected with the absorption of subtle forms of energy from the atmosphere, and with the utilization of these in the higher intellectual functions.  The orange rays influence the process of digestion and assimilation.


    They are a powerful tonic, with a direct effect in building the energy of the body, and have some influence on the emotional or astral nature of man.


    They can also be used to treat spleen and kidneys, bronchitis, and chest conditions, and venous disability.


    The orange ray is one of the best of the yellow group.  It is the color of vitality, and mental force, and relates to wisdom.  Combining the vigor and stimulation of red with the gaiety and gladdening qualities of yellow, symbolizes magnanimous warmth and prosperity, plenty, harvest, autumn, glory, kindliness, expansion.


In the Aura: 


Bright, clear orange indicates the tonic force of health and vitality.


Excess of orange in aura denotes vital, dynamic force.


Deep orange indicates pride.


Muddy, cloudy orange indicates a low intellect.



Color Therapy


Orange – Part Two


    Orange or deep amber combines red and yellow, which can usually be used in its place.  It is specifically useful for warming and animating cold, negative and dormant conditions.  It can rouse and vitalize chronic inflammation before this is treated with blue or green, and is beneficial for a cold cervix.  In eruptions such as smallpox or scarlet fever it is useful to alternate with blue so as to produce a vital rhythm.


    Yellow is the central principle of nerve and brain stimulus, with the more violent types of stimulus tending toward the red or orange.


    In drugs emetics are yellow with some red and orange, such as Indian Hemp, Lobelia, Tartar Emetic, Bloodroot, acting principally upon the pneumogastric nerve.  Laxatives and purgatives have yellow as the chief color with red in drastic purgatives.  May Apple, Senna, Colocynth, laxative fruits such as figs, prunes, peaches.


    Ailments benefited by orange include chronic asthma, phlegmatic fevers, bronchitis, wet cough, gout, chronic rheumatism, kidney ailments, gall stones, prolapsus, cessation of menstruation, mental debility, epilepsy. 


    Metals and chemicals which radiate orange include selenium, iron, nickel, calcium, rubidium, manganese, carbon, oxygen (slightly), and many alkalines.  The glass to use in orange color treatment should contain selenium, and uranium oxides, manganese and red lead.


    Foods with the orange color include the orange skinned vegetables and fruits such as carrots, rutabagas, pumpkin, oranges, apricots, persimmons, mangoes, cantaloupes, tangerines, peaches.  Include such orange foods to help build strong lungs.  There is also a rumor that the moderate use of spices can be helpful to the lungs, acting as well as mild laxatives and stimulants to the digestive tract.  Since we are also warned against an excess of spices, be cautious to use them lightly.  Most spices come under the orange-color influence.


    Orange stimulates and increases the pulse rate, but does not affect the blood pressure. It strengthens the etheric body, enlivens the emotions and creates a general sense of well being and cheerfulness.


    If used for too long a time it will over-stimulate and result in tiredness.


    Orange color as used in specific treatment, according to recommendations of those who have experimented with the use of color:


    Chronic asthma is treated by taking a half a medicine glass of orange colored solarized water, warmed in the sun, every 10 minutes for an hour and the orange light is focused on the chest and throat.  The treatment should be repeated every 3 to 4 hours until relief is felt.


    During healthy intervals oranges should be eaten freely, or an ounce of orange solarized water taken between meals.


    Blue light can be applied to the throat after the chronic symptoms are removed in order to strengthen the health of the larynx.  In the early stages of asthma blue-indigo water and light often are helpful.


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    For prolapsus the patient lies with legs and feet raised to a 45° angle and the orange light is directed at the knees toward the trunk.  The subject is asked to breathe the orange color upward, feeling the consciousness and bodily functions including circulation moving upwards.  This treatment should be given twice daily until the organs adjust themselves.


    Gall stones can be dissolved by breathing in the peachy universal love rays, the divine solvent, drinking the orange radiated water and applying the orange light.


    A case of gall stones combined with rheumatism in the legs was successfully treated by having the patient relax face downward on the couch and the healer sweeping the hands downward from the hollow of the back over the legs and feet eliminating the trouble.  The orange light was then focused on the feet for 10 minutes, and 20 minutes spent in raising the light up the back of the legs to the lumbar vertebra, where it was held for 15 minutes on the chakra at the spleen.  A magnetic treatment with the hands was given at this point in a circular outward movement.


    The patient had 6 treatments after which medical x-rays showed the gall stones were gone and the rheumatic pains had ceased.


    A recurrence of the trouble may occur, however, unless the emotional bitterness and resentment which has caused the crystallization of the stones is removed entirely from the mental-emotional nature; the universal color affirmation and visualization is powerful in doing this.


    Inflammation of the kidneys has been cured by orange light treatment using the light and taking the orange solarized water, in one case a large quantity of gravel being passed in 3 days and no subsequent pain.


    Bronchitis, if chronic, may take some months to improve as the orange color has to first rectify stomach and bowel disability.


    The healing power of yellow light with some red and orange was used successfully in the following cases:


    In a cast of costiveness, sunlight was applied through a yellow-orange glass focused through a lens on the bowel.  In 10 minutes perspiration was produced over the whole body and in 18 minutes a gentle passage occurred without pain.


    Wet cough with much phlegm is greatly helped by the orange light treatment upon the lungs and the orange colored water taken internally.  Two treatments in the morning and one in the evening will generally bring about improvement in 2 weeks.




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Orange is used for:    


    Respiratory Stimulant – An agent that increased breathing; Areas 4 – 5 – 17.


    Parathyroid Depressant – An agent that diminishes the functional activity of the four Parathyroid Glands, embedded in the right and left thyroid glands.


    Thyroid energizer – An agent that activates and increases the functional activity of the Thyroid Glands, Area 3.


    Antispasmodic – An agent that relieves spasm or sudden, violent, involuntary, rigid contraction, due to Muscular Action.


    Antirachitic – An agent that corrects Rickets, Bone Softness and soft teeth.


    Emetic – An agent that induces Vomiting, by irritating, Area 8.


    Carminative – An agent that relieves Flatulence or Distension of the stomach or Intestines with gases, Areas 8 – 9.  Relieves cramps throughout digestive system.


    Stomachic – An agent that tones the Stomach, Area 8.


    Aromatic – An agent that induces the qualities of Spices.


    Lung Builder – An agent that builds and stimulates the lungs, Areas 4 – 5 – 17, and is used for tuberculosis.


    Colon – It relieves spastic and sluggish colon and small intestines.  It increases all kinds of discharges and elimination.


    Menstrual pains – It may be used successfully to relieve menstrual cramps and limited discharge.


    Boils – Use orange to draw various conditions to a head, such as boils, carbuncles and abscesses.  The congestions can then very easily be activated by the yellow color to be discharged from the body.


    Galactogogue – An agent that increases the secretion of milk after childbirth, by stimulating the mammary glands, Areas 4 – 5, to aid in supplying milk for the baby, thus eliminating any need of artificial and less satisfactory formulas made from cow’s milk or goat’s milk.  Mother’s milk is nature’s natural feeding for the baby.  If the mother eats the best of foods nothing can possibly compare with the milk supplied by the baby’s mother.


    Orange is indicated in all cancerous or malignant-growth conditions.  In the pre-cancerous stage, orange will often abort the oncoming bane.  In all cases where  malignancy is suspected, orange is indicated, with its complementary violet or purple.


    The orange arouses the nerves and to some extent the blood.

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