Color Therapy

Methods I

Older Methods  

Some Older Methods Used in Chromotherapy


(Note:  None of the methods tabulated in these lessons are of Father Paul’s work, but give the background from which he worked by showing the findings of other experts in the field.)


    The positive side of any force lies in the fine rather than the coarse principles, in the intangible rather than the material side of things.  The pure white light of the sun is best for ordinary use especially for well persons but under certain conditions various colors are more effective.


    Chromopathy is based on eternal truth.  Man occupies the highest scale of refinement in the visible world and the refined elements are best for him.  They animate not only the physical being but the mental and feeling side of his nature as well, thus beneficially affecting his whole self.  The exquisite and soft character of a force is an indication of its power, not its weakness.


    Chromo-Chemistry is the basis of the exact science of chromopathy, which is a delicate materia medica more refined and penetrating than allopathy, hydropathy or electropathy.


    “Let there be Light” was one of the first commands of the Creator of the universe.  Light therapy is a method of applying artificial light, applied by carbon arc lamps, mercury quarts lamps and radiant light, or the so-called deep therapy lamp.


Deep Therapy Lamp:


    The deep therapy lamp produces radiant light and heat.  Its action upon the general metabolism of the body is as follows:  First, the oxygen-carrying function of the blood is increased by a greater percentage of hemoglobin on account of the direct action of the irridation of the light rays.  There is a stimulation of the lymphatic system and increased elimination of waste products by the sudoriferous glands and other excretory organs of the body.  In many ways we have an action from the deep therapy lamp very similar to that of the sunlight itself; we have a solar spectrum and its 7 octaves of color; we have an  ultra-violet and infra-red rays.


    Deep light irradiation is indicated for use in acute as well as chronic diseases.  It first raises the temperature by the absorption of the infra-red rays into the blood stream and then reduces the temperature through its action upon the oxidation and excretory processes of the body, eliminating the toxins and stimulating the metabolic functions.


    Dr. Wood, who for some time was a practitioner of color therapy, commonly used the three primary colors, red, blue and yellow, and also green.  In his words:


Some Older Methods Used in Chromotherapy, page 2


    “In using the colors it has been found for best results it is better to use colored bulbs in the deep therapy lamp than to use screens made up of different colored glasses.  One reason for this is that the addition of any kind of colored screen to the glass bulb completely refracts out all of the ultra-violet rays that come from the deep therapy bulbs; it also inhibits the action of the infra-red rays.  The best colored bulbs for the deep-therapy lamp have the color blown into the glass.”


*     *     *     *     *     *     *


    It must be clear that whenever the word “glass” is used in reference to color treatments, it is to be assumed that the material used is not ordinary glass, which always absorbs the ultraviolet radiation.  Colored glass light bulbs would give the same result, and would not transmit ultraviolet.  Therefore, to be effective, any bulbs prescribed for treatment would need to be made of some special material, possibly quarts, but not of ordinary glass.  (Ed.)


*     *     *     *     *     *     *


General Suggestions for Healing


    In the treatment of any local affliction the whole system should also be toned up.  It should be seen that the bowel move freely and the blood should be vitalized, which can be accomplished by using purple over the liver, stomach and lungs, along with outdoor sunlight, pure air and simple nourishing food.  The healing powers of light and color are so gentle, so penetrating, so enduring, and often potent when coarser methods are ineffective.   Yet the method should be accompanied by such other contributing facts as the physician may deem necessary.


    The action of color treatment is so gentle as at times to be almost imperceptible, taking sometimes 2, 6, 12, or 24 hours, and is not to be confused with the harsh immediate effect of coarse drugs.


    Several instruments were manufactured some years ago to facilitate the use of colors in healing, among them were the chromolume, the chromo-disc and the chromolens.  Newer methods are continually being tested.




    Following the idea of the ancients with their solaria on the roofs of their houses, a solarium can be built on the roof or in the attic if glass can be arranged to be overhead, so that it will be exposed to the sun all day.  The glass should be north or south or northeast and southwest so that the person lying under it can have the head to the north or northeast.  The center of the colored glass can be 15 inches wide; the blue 12 inches deep over the head, of a color excluding the red and yellow rays; then 12 inches of the mazarine blue; 4 inches of yellow, 8 inches of green, 8 inches of red purple, and 28 inches of red-orange for legs and feet.  To achieve a fine chemical action a strip of red or red orange glass 2 inches wide can be placed on each side of the blue glass, a strip of violet on each side of the yellow, red or dark red on each side of the green, yellow green or yellow on each side of the red-purple, and indigo blue on each side of the red-orange.  Clear glass would be placed outside the colored panes so that

Some Older Methods Used in Chromotherapy, page 3


part of the body can have the white light some of the time.  Children may be sent to play in the solarium to gain power, purity of blood and activity of the skin.


    In the matter of clothing white garments transmit more of the white rays than dark ones and light colored clothing has a more animating effect on the skin.


    All forms of energy or vibrations are related and can be easily stepped up or down into another vibration.  Heat can be stepped up into light, which when applied to a plant is stepped up into the vital manifestations of growth, nutrition and reproduction.


   Every diseases causes the body to give off energy.  The energies differ as the diseases differ.   All of these energies have color.  This is easily understood by observing that all metals under high temperature give off different colors.  The diseased condition in the body can therefore be identified by the color which it gives off.  When a complementary color is applied it interferes with the disease radiations and produces a temporary rest.  The effect is only temporary however, but if the color is applied intermittently it tends to cause a permanent rest of the disease.


Colored Screens and Radiant Light:


    To apply color to the human body most readily, Dr. Wood used colored screens placed in the front of a box containing a 60-watt electric light.  Each screen has four spaces so that as many as four colors can be applied at a time instead of having to use four separate screens.  There are about 200 of these screens, so there can be many combinations of colors for diagnosing and treatment.


    Radiant color provides a means of differentiating rates and modes of motion in a manner more subtle than any instrument.  This is because radiant colors interfere with or neutralize any energy acting upon vital energy or force, just as one wave will neutralize another wave of equal force and magnitude.  All true remedial agents must have for their ultimate aim the normalizing of an abnormal rate and mode of motion.


    Natural color has more to do with one’s well-being than is often realized.  The blue of space, the sky, is restful.  The green of foliage is more enlivening than the browns of autumn; therefore green may be said to have a tonic effect and brown and earth-like effect.  The blue of the sky with the brown in autumn gives to the system the poignant effect of purple.


    The red of sunrise and sunset has a different effect upon the organism than the red reflected from the earth, the former being stimulating, the latter irritating.  These natural colors are not used therapeutically because the colors are not constant.


    The treatment of disease by color seems almost as natural as treating it by sunlight.  It appears that the skin reflects from the full spectrum such colors as are called for in the body as a whole, or in any part of the body where an abnormal process is going on.

Some Older Methods Used in Chromotherapy, page 4


    From a therapeutic standpoint radiant colors are more effective than reflected hues, but the latter are also important.  Color therapy belongs to the finer forces.  Commercialism seems to have stunted the nature of so many people that grosser methods such as drugs, serums and vaccines have taken the place of the finer remedies.


Colored Silks:


    To obtain the desired radiant colors, colored glass was at first used, but colored silks and linens and some parchments give a softness to light that glass does not, especially when using artificial lights in back of a screen.  A grade of silk made under the trade name of Faile-Matinee is about right for chromotherapy and can be secured through most of the large dry goods houses.


    The silk can be placed in a frame to slide in a box holding several 60-watt incandescent lamps or one powerful one.  By using several different colors any desired color can be produced.


    Wire globes covered with silk can also be used; a 12 inch one can take a 100 to 300-watt lamp and a 7 inch one a 60 to 100-watt lamp, depending upon the density of the silk.  These globes can be used on a floor lamp standard.  A small wire frame covered with silk can also be used over a wall bracket.  The frame should entirely cover the light so that no unscreened light enters the room.  A fixture with several brackets can have a different shade over each bracket, any of the colors being used as required.


    The general technique for chromo-therapy is to have a room lighted entirely by the color rays selected.  The color to be of any benefit must come on the bare skin so the room should be comfortably warm, but not hot.  It should also have plenty of fresh air in it.


    It is well to preface the treatment by doing various exercises to keep the body in motion and stimulate deep breathing.  If too weak for this, let the patient lie down on a couch but practice deep breathing.


    The treatment should last from half to a full hour and can be given 2 or 3 times daily.  One treatment can be given in the physician’s office each day and the additional ones taken in the patient’s home.


    The diet should be regulated in a natural manner; raw foods should compromise a part of the meals.


    In general terms red, orange and yellow are primary colors, i.e. animating, stimulating and warming.  Red is especially indicated for the blood; yellow for the nerves.  Orange , partaking of both red and yellow is stimulating and animating to both blood and nerves.


    Green has a double action, animating the nerves and cooling the blood.


Color Therapy

Methods II


Simple Methods of Chromotherapy Using Glass


    Unlike most treatments, color healing does not involve much expense.  Another feature of it is that there is only an infinitesimal risk or danger attached to it.  The treatment may be expedited by the employment of various kinds of apparatus which have been devised for the purpose, such as those where different colors can play upon various portions of the body at once, or where the rays are more concentrated.


    The length of time for a color treatment depends greatly upon the individual and the severity of the ailment.  The more grave the trouble the longer should the exposure usually be, but the response of the individual also varies greatly, 3 minutes being sufficient for one where another will require much longer.


    For chromopathy several sheets of colored glass are required,.  Signal red, dark blue, yellow, purple and signal green are the most useful.  The sheets should be about 10 by 12 inches.  If there are definite symptoms a single sheet of one color may suffice. *


    The glass may be placed in a picture frame of the right size, or the glass cut to the size of a frame.  Or the glass may simply be hung up by means of a string in the window where the sun comes in.


    Sitting in the light for 20 minutes to an hour constitutes a sun bath.  When a color is used, it is a color bath.  If red glass, the head must be protected from the sun during hot weather.


    Outdoor treatments where the sun comes through the required color of glass are recommended.  Large panes of glass are best for this and these can be supported on a stand about 4 feet from the ground, arranged so the patient can lie under it comfortably.  Indoor artificial light can be used with color screens which are readily interchangeable, but this is less effective, except when a lamp scientifically constructed for that purpose is used.


    The healing powers of the different colors in glass are somewhat different from their appearance to the eye as can be perceived when tested by a prism.  Red for instance is the hottest visible color but red glass does not transmit as much heat as orange or even yellow glass.  The power to transmit color must therefore be considered, not the visual effect.


    Different kinds of glass transmit different powers of color.  The cobalt blue glass, called mezarine blue, transmits not only blue but other colors in the spectrum, both hot and cold, visible and invisible.  The yellow ray is absent and much of the green.  Orange and red are partially transmitted.  The infra-red rays pass through cobalt.  It is thus not advisable for persons with inflammatory conditions; but for nervousness and some dormancy of bodily functions it is beneficial.


    Deep blue glass colored by cupro-diammonium-sulfate is the best of the electric colors having almost no thermal rays.  For calming and cooling brain, nerves and inflammatory conditions it is unexcelled.


Simple Methods of Chromotherapy Using Glass, page 2


    Glass colored with iron oxide a deep iron green admits violet, blue and orange freely and some yellow and red.  It is good for cooling electric effects.


    Very brilliant copper green admits violet, blue and a small amount of orange, some yellow and full green.


    Manganese violet glass extends into the ultra violet.  Has few yellow rays, red is shortened, green fades into black shadow and the other rays blend into an intense blue.


    Many other combinations both in glass and solutions are possible.  Heat is transmitted by red or ruby glass, but the orange glass admitting a small amount of electric rays seems to produce even more heat; while clear glass especially with a little water causes the greatest amount of heat.


    Red glass should be used where there is a general lack of virility, a want of tone, anemia, or cold melancholia.


    Blue light is certain death to bacteria.  But it will not be used in any disease where there are symptoms of expended vitality or exhaustion.


    The warm colors such as red, orange and yellow are suited to the lower part of the body.  If it is necessary to use them on the upper portion, they should not rest over the body for too long a time. Red is not to be used where there is an excited condition of an orange or the mind. 


    Sunbaths are advocated at all periods of the year whenever it is possible to take one.  A half hour’s duration is sufficient, the light playing on the naked skin.  If towards noon or in the summer months the head can be protected by a set bandage or slouch hat and a little blue glass can be used over the heart.  A sunbath is a healthful luxury for those who have the time.


Medicating by Light


    A celestial Materia Medica of the most definite and exquisite kind, may be formed from the direct forces of sunlight, as these forces charge different substances.  We have seen that the whole range of forces from the warmest to the most electrical, is to be found in the solar spectrum, and these forces are signified by the color.  How shall we collect and store up these penetrating color forces fresh from the great fountain?   


    Light is a substance as well as a motion and, of course, each of the color rays that constitute light are substances with chemical and therapeutical potencies.   These rays may be strained off most conveniently by colored panes of glass which transmit certain rays that are required, and absorb the others.


    Thus what is called amber glass transmits the yellow rays principally with a slight amount of red, making its real color a yellow-orange.  Ruby glass transmits red rays and absorbs the other colors.



Simple Methods of Chromotherapy Using Glass, page 3


    Mazarine blue glass transmits blue as the leading color, also a considerable amount of violet, a large amount of the refined trans-violet among the invisible rays of the spectrum, a slight amount of red, etc.  To determine if a glass is the mazarine blue, hold a lighted match or lamp just back of it and it will have a violet tint; if it remains blue the same as before, it is not mazarine but a cooled grade of blue.  Blue glass itself, in the sun, becomes heated by the warm rays which it absorbs, but the rays which it transmits are cooling.


Charging Water


    In addition to sunbathing under colored glass, it is very beneficial to use water which has been exposed to the color rays.  Such water is to be taken either internally or used for fomenting or bathing.  To prepare this water, take clear glass bottles free from any tint; a 6-ounce bottle is a good size.  Fill the bottles with water and place them on the window will behind the sheets of colored glass; small strips of glass can be used.  Instead of using the color glass, the bottles may be of glass in the desired colors.  Only transparent colors may be used for this, such as those which colored lantern slides are painted; ordinary colors are too opaque to be of any use.


    To charge water place chromo lenses or bottles of different colors filled with pure water in the sun one hour upward.  Several hours will charge it more strongly than one hour.  In cold weather remember not to let it freeze and break the bottles.  The blue, being an antiseptic principle, prevents the water from becoming putrid, however long it may stand, but the red and yellow had best be changed every two or three weeks at least in cold weather and every three or four days in warm weather.  The purple water remains pure a long time.  


    Filtered water is more apt to generate bacteria than unfiltered, but it may be used in the bottles if not allowed to stand more than 3 days.  The same applies to boiled water.  Ordinary water treated with color will keep a couple of weeks in a temperature of 60° F.  But as a couple of hours of strong sunlight is sufficient to impregnate the water there is no need to keep it beyond a few days.


    If a large bottle, or a number of bottles can be light exposed, a bath in this water will be found very effectual where tone is lacking.  If there is not enough water for the bath, a sponge-down in the radiated water will be helpful.


    Clothing exposed to these colored rays has a therapeutic effect according to the color employed.  The beneficial results of a sun bath will be enhanced by wearing light and airy clothes.  When practicable the naked skin should receive the rays.


    Food or medicines are capable of transmitting the potency of the rays if exposed to them.  No taste of the color is perceptible, except to “sensitives” and this is a pleasant way of absorbing the radiation.



Simple Methods of Chromotherapy Using Glass, page 2


Charging Other Substances


    The color forces can be conveyed most readily, first, to water, as the most neutral and best balanced substance in nature and the most convenient for use, both internal and external; also to sugar of milk or to the smaller grade of Homeopathic pellets of sugar, or to pulverized gum Arabic, which can be got at any drug store.  Sugar of milk which is best for charging without becoming lumpy should be coarse and granulated.


    To charge sugar pellets, sugar of milk, etc., spread the material out thin in a chromolens, or if not available, in a small vial of the desired color.  These constitute medicines and should be kept in vials of the same color, of if these are not conveniently found, in cloth or paper of the same color, and should be kept in the sun as much as possible.  All solarized materials are most active when taken direct from the sun, but will retain the same kind of power for some time.


    We have spoken of the charging of solids and liquids by the solar forces.  But gases such as the atmosphere may also be color charged and in this way the lungs can be reached.  The air in a red bottle will become solarized by standing it for a few moments in the sun, and if inhaled as soon as the cork is draw, will prove animating to the bronchi and lungs.  In a blue bottle it will be ceruleanized and will prove healing and soothing to irritated or hemorrhage conditions of the lungs or for phthisis.  We may designate color-charged air as rubeges, ceruleges, purpurges, etc.




    By the following very simple nomenclature a whole system of materia medica is given in a nutshell, and these articles being medicated from the pure laboratory of the sky, are free from all poisons and marvelously cheap and effective.  Substances charged with different colors have a root signifying the color and an affix signifying the substance charged.


   Thus if we wish to charge a substance with blue light, we express the fact by the word ceruleanize.  Amberize means to charge with yellow-orange light, purpurize with purple light, rubify with red light, verdize with green light.


    The root signifying the color force are rubi for red, amber for yellow, with some orange, or mainly amber colored, purpur for purple viole for violet, cerule for blue or cerulean and verd for green.   


    The affix for water is the French “eau”, signifying water, pronounced with a long O, and spelled phonically using simply the letter “O”.  In this way we have the root rubio instead of having to say the 5 words, water charged with red light, or the 3 words, red-charged water; ambero for yellow-charged water; purpuro for purple-charged water; violeo for violet-charged water; ceruleo for blue-charged water; and verdo for green-charged water.


    To get absolutely pure violeo or any violet-charged substance, it will be necessary to expose the substance to the violet rays as separated by a prism in a camera obscura.  Ceruleo made in mazarine blue bottles or lens would almost equal violeo for soothing nerves, and surpass it for cooling the blood.

Simple Methods of Chromotherapy Using Glass, page 5


    The affix “lac” (Latin for milk) will be used for sugar of milk.  Thus the word rubilac would stand for the five words red-charged sugar of milk, amberlac for yellow-charged sugar of milk, while such words as purpurlac, verdlac, cerulelac, and violelac would be understood by the reader at once.


        The affix “sac” (saccharine substance) stands for charged sugar; thus rubisac is red-charged sugar, and the meaning of ambersac, purpursac, verdsac, violesac, and cerulesac is obvious.


    The affix “gum” from the Latin “gummi” will stand for charged gum Arabic, an excellent compound.  Thus we have rubigum (red-charged gum Arabic), ambergum, cerulegum, purpurgum, verdgum, violegum.


    The doses for these solar medicines can be taken, in the form of color-charged water, 2 to 4 swallows, or about 3 tablespoonfuls at a time, or 2 teaspoonfuls for little children.   The medicines ending in lac, sac, or gum, can be taken to the amount of 2 grains or more at a time, a grain being as large as a good-sized pea.  Ambero is excellent to take on rising in the morning, purpuro or rubio before or after dinner, and ceruleo on retiring, or the dry solar medicines on the same plane.  For severe cases, take every hour.


    A family that is constipated may amberize their bread a few minutes by placing it in the sun under amber glass and thus find relief.  Or persons who have too much irritation of the stomach and bowels may ceruleanize their food by placing it in the sun under blue glass.  Wine becomes more or less amberized, and thus animating in its nature, by being put into yellow bottles as is so commonly done.  It would not be safe to drink rubified liquors in the usual amount.


    The power of these sun-charged substances has been tested hundreds of times and in many cases they have proved marvelously effective when all drugs and other remedies have failed.  They are especially gentle, safe, far-reaching and enduring in their effect.


    Artificial light will medicate substances, although gas light or oil light is not so rich as electrical as in thermal forces.  Sunlight is of course the best.


    Substances charged by the full white light receives a vitalizing force.  Some delicate people cannot drink ordinary cold water, but if such water could stand in the sun awhile, it is probable that almost anyone however feeble could drink it.  Baron Reichenbach let a glass of water stand 5 minutes in the sun and then gave it to one of his sensitives who felt a burning feeling from it all the way to the stomach.  At another time he let her take his hand and then left the room.  Without her knowledge he let the sun shine on him on all sides for 10 minutes.  When he came in again he gave her his hand; she was astonished at the increased power with which he was charged, though she was unaware of the cause.  Abundant exposure to the sun will give a great increase of magnetic power.


*   Remember that ultraviolet rays do not pass through ordinary glass.  Colored or otherwise.

Color Therapy

Methods III

Treatment Method Using Interrupted Radiant Light


Better than Drugs


    The positive side of any force lies in the fine rather than the coarse principles, in the intangible rather than the material side of things.  The pure white light of the sun is best for ordinary use especially for well persons but under certain conditions various colors are more effective.


    Chromopathy is based on eternal truth.  Man occupies the highest scale of refinement in the visible world and the refined elements are best for him.  They animate not only the physical being but the mental and feeling side of his nature as well, thus beneficially affecting his whole self.  The exquisite and soft character of a force is an indication of its power, not its weakness.


    The normal healthy person has a definite rate of vital and psychic vibrations.  The temperature remains at an average of 98.2° F.  A change from this normal is caused by emotional or physical conditions.  The clinical thermometer is inadequate in recording other vibrations, vital or psychic, which are much finer and subtler than temperature.


    The drugs administered by medical science try to change the abnormal rates or vibration to the normal.  They can change the psychic vibrations, the structure of organs, tissue, nerves or bones and alter functions.  They also have no healing power but they often give the subconscious mind the chance to exercise its restorative powers.


    When a drug is taken into the body it is carried by the blood stream to that organ or part of the body in accordance with its particular make-up.  The drugged part or organ struggles to expel the drug and is thus stimulated or slowed down so that the normal rate of vibration is restored in many cases.  In many others, however, the disturbed rate of psychic vibration is aggravated, hence the effect of the drug is uncertain and often leaves the patient in a worse condition subsequently.


    It has been found that every disease has a specific rate of vibration which is uniform and invariable.  An apparatus to record these morbid vibrations was first devised by Dr. Abrams of San Francisco ; and he also showed that when the normal rate is restored the health becomes normal.


    Since sunlight carries the energy which established the normal vibrations it will likewise restore abnormal vibrations back to normal when properly employed.  When the body is in a normal condition it can filter from the white light of the sun whatever color vibration it may need.  But when it is in a morbid state it is much more easily restored to normal by having specific parts of the sunlight applied by means of color filters or screens.  This is the science of chromotherapy which applies specific colors to change morbid vibrations into normal healthy vibrations.

Treatment Method Using Interrupted Radiant Light, page 2


Methods Using Radiant Light Cabinets


    In some cases, a cabinet is very useful in irradiating the body, having much the same effect as the deep therapy lamp.  The amount of heat generated in the cabinet causes the 

patient to perspire freely.  The stimulation of the lymphatic and excretory organs makes this valuable in cases of auto-intoxication, rheumatism, colds, nephritis and any condition where forced elimination is needed.


    The best cabinet is one in which the patient can recline, as complete relaxation is of great assistance in getting the patient to perspire quickly and freely.


    There should be two types of colored lights in the cabinet, a series of cobalt blue and a series of scarlet-red bulbs.  These two colors are complementary to each other, which gives the bath greater therapeutic value.  The blue lights should be so arranged that their rays strike downward from the top of the cabinet and the red lights should strike from below upwards.


    To cause the patient to perspire quickly in the cabinet he should be given a sponging with a warm solution of Epsom salts, a cupful to 2 quarts of water, and be placed in the cabinet without drying off.  When he begins to perspire freely, turn the lights off in the cabinet and let him perspire more slowly, remaining in the cabinet until he feels it cooling slightly.  Remove him from the cabinet and give him a cold shower, an alcohol rub or a cold sheet pack.  The latter is given with the patient standing in a pan of warm water and the sheet, wring out in ordinary tap water, wrapped around him placed on the back first.


    A dry sheet is then wrapped around the wet sheet and the patient placed on the table and rubbed all over the body through the sheets, finally being dried with an ordinary rough textured towel, rubbed vigorously until the skin is red.  An alcohol rub following is always very stimulating and gives the patient a sense of ease and comfort.


Rhythmic Interrupted Radiant Light Method


    Some therapists very much favor connecting an interrupting device to the deep therapy lamp so that the light is interrupted on and off with a rhythmical frequency.  This interrupting device increases the therapeutic value of the light 50%, because with the interruption of the current a magnetic field is created about the patient as the light goes off.


    With the interrupted light there is an expansion and contraction of the capillaries and a massage action of the tissues.  The interruption should be done in accord with the rhythm of the patient’s pulse or breathing, and also in accord with the type of the individual.  The patient with low blood pressure is weak and anemic and gets along better with a rapid rhythmic interruption.  Slow interruption is better for those with high blood pressure, and also for sedation.    



Treatment Method Using Interrupted Radiant Light, page 3


Rhythmic Color Treatments


    It has been found that when a color is applied intermittently according to the physical rhythm of the individual it has much greater healing effect.  The flashing on and off of the light is synchronized with the breathing of the patient.


    A further increase in the effectiveness of the color treatment is gained by using the indicated color while the patient is inhaling and the complementary color while exhaling.  This is utilizing the same principle as in hydrotherapy applications of alternate hot and cold water.


    The effect of red, for instance, is greatly increased by the use of its complementary color blue; of yellow by the alternate use of its complementary color violet; of green by the alternate use of its complementary magenta; and so on.


    If red be the indicated color, the red is tuned to the patient’s natural rhythm and she inhales while the red radiates on her bared chest or body.  Then the blue is tune to her rhythm and radiates on her while she exhales.


    Each individual has a normal rhythm, but it is changed when there is some unrest of tissue in the body.  The rhythm may be too rapid or it may be too slow, or may be out or correct periodicity.  The average ratio of inhaling to exhaling is between 40 to 60 and 44 to 56.  The cycle of respiration averages from 7 to 12, when the patient is lying on the table or couch.


    At the beginning of the treatment the patient’s rhythm is recorded on the card and the first one or two treatments or sometimes more.  As the patient’s condition becomes more normal the rhythm will be found to change and the timing of the alternating color radiations will also have to be changed.  The beginning of one treatment, however, will be timed the same as the ending of the previous treatment.




    When there is illness in the body tissues, from errors that have come on gradually in eating or living habits, the subconscious mind does not report it to the conscious mind until there is a condition that alarms all the metabolic processes.  The individual then knows something is wrong but not where the trouble is.  If a sudden accelerated flow of blood were established through the diseased part or parts, the patient would become conscious of the congested art, as though a fog had been blown away and the location of the affected tissue stands out in bold relief.


    In this way the rhythmic color treatment enables the patient to tell what she feels and the seat of the troubles is verified.


Treatment Method Using Interrupted Radiant Light, page 4


    The same rhythm that locates the trouble will rectify the abnormal condition and establish ease in place of disease.


Breathing Instructions


    As correct breathing is an important part of health, the patient should be given instructions regarding it while under treatment.  The normal person takes more time to exhale than inhale, that is, there is a slight lull after this exhalation.


    As the patient is lying on the table, instruct him to elevate the chest by muscular effort to the utmost and while holding it elevated, breathe by diaphragm only.  In this manner the chest being elevated has to be filled before the air can push the diaphragm downwards.  As it is pushed down, instruct the patient to elevate the abdomen as in straining.  The patient will soon become accustomed to this true diaphragm breathing which is the only correct way to breathe and the only way anyone should breathe.


    The rhythm in breathing sets the pace of the heart and all the capillary movements of the entire body, including the interchange of body fluids and internal secretions.


Rithmo-Lite Therapy


    Rhythm is nature’s great law.  Health is a manifestation of natural rhythm, a natural flow of vital force, or a normal rate or mode of vibration.  Lack of health is a manifestation of the loss of natural rhythm, a leak of vital force, or an abnormal rate and mode of vibration.  To re-establish health, the leak of vital force must be stopped and the normal rate and mode of vibration be regained.


    This Ritho-Lite can be tuned to interfere with any abnormal rate and mode of vibration and the entire organism put into natural activity.  It is a radiant energy sent out with a “bang”, penetrating before the skin can react, hence its penetration is far greater than constant light.


    When the Rithmo-Lite is used over the body the patient inhales while the light is on, thus getting the attack of radiant energy while the body is tensed by the deep diaphragm intake of air surcharged with light energy.  The light is turned off during the expiration.


Duo-Color Treatment


    The rhythmatic duo-color treatment is given after the Rithmo-Lite.  If the latter has been given for 25 minutes on the front of the body, the duo color is given for about 15 minutes.


    The patient lies on the table face up and inhales while the indicated color is radiated on the epigastric regions and chest; then exhales while the complementary color is radiated on the body.   The colors are applied in the same rhythm as previously described.



Treatment Method Using Interrupted Radiant Light, page 5


The Complementary Colors


    Ruby is complementary to blue and vice versa

    Violet is                        to yellow and orange and vice versa

    Green is                        to magenta and vice versa  


Further Diagnosis


    If in doubt as to the nature of the disease located by the Rithmo-Lite system, use the duo-color system.  The color that causes the queer feelings to subside quickly tells what the disease is.  Ruby indicated tuberculosis; blue, syphilis or auto-intoxication; violet, gonorrheic conditions; orange, cancerous; green, hepatic intoxication.


    But even if no name is known to give the distressed condition, the treatment will be the same as that which located the lesions.  Remember that not 40% of regular diagnoses given by the average doctor are correct; the name of the disorder means little as it is not the name that is being treated but the disorder.


    Rithmo-Lite and Color are the keynotes in the re-establishment of the patient’s own natural rhythmic vibration which means renewed life, vigor and health.


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