Color Philosophy

Green – Part One  

Green Philosophy


    The fourth fundamental color is the Green ray, the central column of the shining spectrum of color.   


    It occupies the point of balance in the solar spectrum midway between the thermal, or heat end, and the cold or electric end of the spectrum. Thus is becomes the color of harmony, and the ray of balance and concord.


    Green is the color of Nature, and the keynote of our planet Earth.  Man’s first environment was a garden.  The green radiance is essential to our health and happiness.  Certain mystics speak of it as the ray that counterbalances Cause and Effect.


    It emits calm, refreshing emanations of peace and harmony.  Green is also the connecting link between the black of mineral life, and the red of animal life.


    As a combination of the yellow/Wisdom and blue/Truth rays, Green opens and enlightens the mind and spirit with wisdom and truth. The color is rich in the emerald Life-prana, the inexhaustible energy of nature.


    Green inspires harmony and peace on the inner or subjective plane, and attracts success and progress on the outer or objective plane, along with abundance, evolution, and supply.


    The fulfillment or completion of the subjective aspect of Green is the man of balanced mind, kindness, peace and harmony, sympathy, adaptation, and generosity.  The Life of Christ shows many of the beautiful qualities and emanations of the green ray.


    In terms of epoch, that of the green ray is midway between the lower periods of struggle and bitter experience, and the higher periods of soul growth and spiritual faculties.


    As the color of nature and vegetation, it has a soothing, harmonious radiation that is essential for the well-being of our nerves, and the proper functioning of the body.  Green pastures and fresh air are indeed a wonderful aid in recuperation of health, and it seems in line with this that the leaves of the Tree of Life are used for healing.  As a color of earthly, perceptible growing things, it represents the field of sensation, and also the victory of life over death, as in spring.  Fertility of the fields; immediate natural life.


    Green light gives us the energy of the sun in its safest and most natural form, and is identical with the green plant energy known as chlorophyll, which is prescribed by medical science as a specific for the heart.


    Green in any form is one of the finest tonics for tired nerves.  The shade or chroma should be bright and clear, but much will depend on individual preferences.


    Green is the symbol of energy, fertility, new life, growth, and charity.  It is refreshing and cool, suggesting youth, peace and relaxation.  The expression “green horn” indicates the youth and inexperience associated with green.




Green - Part One, page 2


    When green is darkened with black it indicates envy, jealousy and superstition.  “Green with envy” is the recognition of this. “Green around the gills” is another expression indicating an upset condition, an approaching illness, the result of fear, or a case of biliousness. 


    Desolation, poverty, lack, and auto suggestion are relieved by the green ray.  It impels imagination, keeps the creative sap of life flowing.


    Freely functioning, this color vibration makes for grace and symmetry in physical action and form.  It enhances artistic ability and stimulates creative imagination.


    When strong, it lends good taste, love of beauty, and fondness of pleasure and the lighter enjoyments.  It is the color symbolizing the planet Venus.


    A weakness or deficiency of green vibration causes physical centers to function badly and the related emotional powers to diminish.  If too strong, over-activity of the organs in the bodily areas it affects results in emotional excess, sensation-seeking, and waste of time in mere amusement.


    As a mildly sedative and depressant color, green promotes physical relaxation necessary for brain workers, and is beneficial for the subconscious activities involved in invention and artistic creation.  It gives poise in action.


    Green vitalizes and restores the blood and nerves with nature’s magnetism.  The green-vibration heals heart disorders, emotional complexes, and soothes the nerves of the head.  A calm green light is an excellent remedy for headache.


    It is beneficial to absorb as much green as possible by using green lamps, green garments, green decoration in the house, and by eating green vegetables.


    Use the green ray for mental restfulness, or emerald green for mental revitalization, and higher emotions, such as compassion and sympathy.


In the Aura:


    Green is the symbol of Harmony and Sympathy; the Higher Mental Plane.  Bright, clear rays bespeak good qualities.  Clear Green – Sympathy.


    Light green indicates prosperity and success.


    Mid-green shows adaptability and versatility.


    Excess of green in aura denotes individualism, supply, and independence.


    Dark green: deceit (dark shades are more sinister.)


    Grayish green: deceit or duplicity.


    Olive green: treachery; double nature.


    Green in church symbology is used to denote hope, regeneration, or immortality.




Color Therapy

Green – Part Two


    Green is the color of nature, balanced strength, progress in mind and body.  Its soothing influence upon the nervous system brings harmony; it is neither heating nor astringent, neither acid nor alkaline.


    It stimulates the heart center and affects the blood pressure by energizing the brain through the yellow in it, but moderates the pressure through the blue.  It acts as a tonic to both mind and body and strengthens the spirit.


    Green prevents fermentation. It brings resurrection; new life, hope, peace, nature expressing power.  In therapy it both soothes and exhilarates.  Without the green ray we feel desolate, and the loss of vitality.


  Variations in green bring different vibrations. Nature’s voice, meditation, liberty, and adventure. All sensitive, nervous people need the green ray. It has a purifying effect on the blood, better than drugs.


    Chlorophyll, the green in plant food is most beneficial. It is sometimes called a cleansing principle.  Foods containing green coloring include most of the green vegetables, and fruits which are neither acid nor alkaline in their reaction.


    The green used in healing should have neither a blue nor yellow tinge but should be the clear emerald green.


    The particular tone of green to be used depends upon the pulse rate and tension.  A low tension requires a lesser intensity of color and a high tension a greater intensity.


    This green is calming on the mentality and the nerves as well as on physiological functions, is anti-inflammatory, soothing in stomach or liver ailments, reduces blood pressure, decreases vital and metabolic action, being helpful in the treatment of jaundice and biliousness.  It is useful in calming nervous, excitable and irritable people, and in hysteria.


    Green is most effective used alternately with other colors and as a rhythmic or corrective with ruby or red.


    It is not to be used where there is anemia or lack of vitality.


    Green is called a negative color but can sometimes be used where blue is beneficial.  It is generally soothing, calming both mental and physical action.  It is generally unnecessary to use it in therapeutic work (says one expert).


    The green is mainly cooling, and much like the blue as strained through ordinary green glass, though the yellow part of green gives some nerve stimulus, good for uterine


Green – Part Two, page 2


inflammation.  The green may often be used to advantage over the small of the back and lower spine in cases of over-sexual warmth and seminal emissions.


    The metals and chemicals radiating green are sodium, copper, nickel, chromium, cobalt, platinum, aluminum, titanium, carbon, nitrogen, ferrous sulphate, hydrochloric acid, chlorophyll.      


    Glass to use contains combines of the above chemicals plus iron-oxide.


    One therapist calls green the master color because it affects and stimulates the master pituitary gland for better control of other glands and organs through the body.  The green dissolves blood clots thus preventing stoppages in the head, heart, legs and etc.


    The nitrogen or protein principle of the green builds the muscles and tissues.  The best form of protein is always obtained from green live foods from the vegetable and seed sources.  Animal proteins are toxic and destructive when used in large quantity, not conducive to creative living.


   Many elements needed by the body are picked up from the air as it enters the lungs. It is universally recognized that oxygen and some hydrogen is taken from the air but few realize that nitrogen is also taken from the air and used for building through the protein principle.  


    This is one of the many important reasons why smoking is so bad.  It prevents the lungs from properly absorbing and using these elements or gases.  Heavy smokers find they have more craving for toxic animal proteins because they become deficient otherwise.  Plants obtain a great percentage of their nitrogen from the air also.


    Green is the basic color for all disorders of either chronic or acute variations.  Start schedules of irradiations with one or more green exposures.  This makes the other colors more effective.  Many cases may be cleared up with the green alone.


    If you find it difficult to determine whether conditions are acute or chronic, use green and you will be right.  Because green builds muscles, tissues and cells, many masses of hardened and crystallized congestions are broken up and eliminated.  This includes cancerous and tumorous conditions.


    Since germs and virus exist only in toxic waste matter, green is a marvelous eliminator of such conditions.  Its use on open sores and decaying flesh is truly wonderful.


    Green affects the throat area, the thyroid and parathyroid glands, the kidneys, the adrenals, and the vasomotor system: the skin in its function as an organ of elimination, the lumbar region of the spine, and an area just above the pelvis; the skin as relating to the sense of touch being also affected.


Green – Part Two, page 3


    Green acts upon the nervous system as a sedative and is helpful in sleeplessness, exhaustion and nervous irritability.  It acts upon the sympathetic nervous system relieving the tension of the blood vessels and thereby lowering blood pressure.  The dilating of the capillaries produces the sensation of warmth.

    It can also be used in all nervous disorders as it causes no reaction.  Neuralgia, headaches and shell shock are benefited by its use.  It is likewise emotionally soothing, and it loosens and equalizes the etheric body.


    Some diseases which green helps to relieve are heart troubles, blood pressure, ulcers, cancer, headaches, neuralgia, influenza, erysipelas, syphilis.


Green acts as:


    Pituitary Stimulant – An agent that increases the functional activity of the Pituitary Gland in the Head, Area 1.


    Disinfectant – An agent that destroys rotting materials.


    Purificatory – An agent that purifies


    Antiseptic – An agent that prevents decay.


    Germicide – An agent that kills germs. 


    Bactericide – An agent that destroys Micro-Organisms or Bacteria.


    Detergent – An agent that cleans.


    Muscle and Tissue Builder – An agent that builds muscles and tissues.


Treatments using Green:


For low blood pressure focus the green light over the heart for half an hour treatments and drink the green solarized water at hourly intervals between meals in half a glass dosages.  Eat freely of green salads.   


For high blood pressure follow the same treatment but use a paler green color.


Neuralgic headaches are often relieved by just looking at the green light.  Sitting in green light for an hour at a time will refresh exhausted nerves and aid in optimistic thinking.


If the headaches come from insomnia and lack of rest, indigo-violet will help.



Green – Part Two, page 4


Ulcers can be relieved by the green ray treatment given over a long period of time.  As they are caused by fear, anger, criticism and antagonism, the opposite of these emotions built in through the use of compassionate green will heal them.


Syphilis, another perversion of love, yields to green solarized water and green light treatment.


Erysipelas if treated immediately, before going too deep, is healed by the green ray treatment.


Cancer can originate through a perversion of the love force in cruelty during the present or a previous life and its cure requires a change of feeling.  The universal and then the green breathing affirmations should be used, followed by green solarized water taken internally and the green light focused over the location of the cancer.  The green ray applied through a compress of yellow silk soaked in bring has been used successfully in the treatment of malignant growths as it gives forth a highly refined radioactivity on the etheric body.


Influenza requires both the green and blue light treatment, as do mucous fevers, whooping cough and croup.


Colds in the head yield to green solarized water and green light, sometimes with the help of indigo.


Boils are healed by indigo light drawing out the pus and green light helping healthy flesh to form over the wound.


Colds in the head, boils, gumboils, ulcers, influenza, whooping cough, cholera, dysentery, croup and syphilis yield to green glass and green water.  For boils use a green compress if possible.  For gumboils gargle frequently with green water.


Erysipelas can be treated with blue alternated green.  Green is indicated in all hepatic derangements and all ailments that are caused by hepatic or portal conditions.  For reconstruction and recuperation, green is a wonder.


    Green with its complementary magenta tones up the system after a debilitating disease such as the flu.  After all fevers green can be used advantageously.


    Green can be used as an aphrodisiac and sex tonic.  It is very useful in stimulating sex glands and will be found equally helpful to men and women.  It is the color of youth, the springtime of the year when vegetation shows its greatest growth and vigor.



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