As given to the Holy Order of Mans


For I have given unto you the BOOK OF ACTIVITY. Activity is the manifestation of life, and this is your Book of Life.

For as David was unto the Old Testament and out of it came the generations to our Lord Jesus Christ, likewise so out of the New Testament, the generations thereof, of his loved ones, comes the Book of Activity of the New Age.

For as the prophets of old and His Apostles did write the Gospels, thy way to light thy footsteps, so does the Book of Activity light the way for those to come in the future, and serves as a guide to thy mission on Earth.

While the basis of both the New and the Old are basically the same, the New Testament gives us the love of God and the Lord Jesus Christ to all man. So does the factualness of the Book of Activity open the gates to a new life through the Book of Activity in this Age.

Likewise shalt thou now write those things which shall open the doors of man for the future, not denying the New Testament, but working new and proper ways that man might fulfill the glory of the Father in this New Age, without denying either the Commandments, my Beatitudes, the Psalms, or those things which were taught by my Apostles.

There are one or two exceptions shall be, for as the Old Law was set according to man's needs, the New Law as a guide shall be set forth for both man and woman's needs.

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