11-Book of Activity  

Chapter 11

1. In this day, marriage should be a contract between man and woman, and a contract between woman and man, for this is spoken of in the letters of Paul and it shall be arranged and agreed to on the basis on which this contract is made, before the marriage takes place.

2. For in this day, many shall know Me but shall turn a deaf ear and try to know Me not. And those who know Me and stay with Me and with My children, with My elite, shall reap the harvest of golden grain of this earth.

3. For unto him who conquers both mind and Self, conquers much, for he who knows My Word and the Word which I gave unto the world as I taught it and showed its use, this man shall have conquered much and have earned rightly his place by My side.

4. For woman shall have her equality in choice, and male and female may meet, but never shall they be really the same. They shall be one, but not one. One, but both shall know their way and know My face in this work and in this day. But unto them who know one another in Holy Matrimony and follow My way, unto them the reward shall be great. Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all its glories shall be added unto you.

5. Worry not about My little ones and their stupidity. For if they had been using drugs, you would have understood this. But you do not yet realize that drug of the mass of the thinking of the people in the unreality which they worship in. This is a greater drug in its action and, therefore, it takes anywhere from seven months to a year before this has
passed off and their mind is free and clear. It is the thoughts of the flesh, so to speak, and so it is hard to understand the spirits of the flesh.

6. Let us work, work, work, and the joy shall come unto us greater than any pleasures heretofore known, saying work for the night is coming -- work for the day will be long. It is perfectly true. For there is this period which is now starting which is the night, and then will come the Light and the Sun and thy day will be long.

7. There is but one Way, and one day, and this day is thy day and thy service and this is My way. Seek ye of it.

8. Woman shall marry when she has first given unto Me and unto the Father which is the Father's. When she has given help to give first to the new day of the Christ, then she may reach an agreement and thus have a mate.

9. It should be a practice that before thy benediction thou should give a healing for all each night and this should be part of your prayer service. This is what they need. Then you will have little trouble with these things which have bothered you most.

10. When you go into prayers, lock thy outer chamber door and let those who are not there on time stay out. It is their loss.

11. Let all women at prayers be gathered in front, nearest the altar rail, as they need it most now. Then let the first-vowed students come, and then the second-vowed students and priests -- the priests next to the rail of the altar, but the second-vowed students at the rear.

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