10-Book of Activity


Chapter 10

1. For lo I say unto you, adulterate not My Word, lest thou shalt be weakened of thine self. Look unto the Way and it shall be given. For he who changes My Word, so shall he be changed.

2. For in the days to come, I will reveal the truths of revelations unto you, and it may be put down as the true words given by John.

3. For unto those who carry My Word, shall all things be opened to in this day, and in this way.

4. Unto him who gives unto My servants, shall be granted grace; for they work not for gold of earth, but gold of heaven.

5. When one approaches thee in the dark of blackness, and if blackness is his way; withdraw not, rid him and rid My kingdom of him; for he shall not destroy that which thou built.

6. For thy word is more powerful than the weapons of men. Fail not to use it, and it shall clear the way of him who would block My passage into the new day on earth.

7. Seek not glory for thyself lest pride setteth in and festers like a sore.

8. And unto him who knoweth Me, so knoweth My Father of him, and he shall reap a fat harvest in the days to come. For I say unto you, out of revelations shall come things unthought of by man, who has tried to solve these problems before.

9. If thou becomest as a little child, and think not of thyself, thou shalt have the wisdom of sages.

10. All these things do I say. And it shall be in this day, for those who have received the Light shall be like a carpet before thee. And thy way shall be lighted by the eternal lamps of thy brothers and those who seek the ways who are among the elite.

11. Give them that which they seek, and I shall lavish the fruits of the earth upon thee; if thou wants love, thou shalt give more.

12. Thus endeth the first chapter, the chapter. Harken unto these words, and start to flow across the country that they might carry the light like the runners of old, from city to city. The eternal fire of the Christos shall be carried to all men. Light their lamps that they may light the way for thy brothers who are in darkness. And then it shall be done, and the peace shall reign upon the earth, and it shall be changed and pass away.


Received January 22, 1970

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