9-Book of Activity

Chapter 9

1. Seek not to become great intellects, for intellect is of the material mind and the thoughts of other persons which do not concern you personally unless they be pure truth.

2. Seek to have the outer appearance of the intellect with the inner wisdom of the mystic and the reality of the attainment of the Great Self.

3. He that would obtain the regeneration, let him listen to My Words and follow My commands and he will live in the Light and the Light will make him alive.

4. For he whom seeks power for power's sake, shall destroy himself with the power he obtains.

5. For a fool can serve My Father better than he whom has lost his humility, and is seeking his own way through power or through knowledge; for wisdom only leads to humility, but power leads to self-destruction.

6. Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all these things shall be added unto you, as I have said when I was with you in My first approach to the New Age.

7. For this is what I have called you together for; that ye may know that the power and the wisdom are the opposite poles and the prerequisite of a man of God through My world and through My Lordship.

8. For he whom would build a kingdom of his own, seriously, he is trying to shut the door on My Father; and he whom shuts the door on My Father, shuts the door on Me and I know him not.

9. For he whom would reach the Father, reaches it through My veil; and My veil is a bitter veil for he whom does it for himself.

10. Seek ye first the Light of the Christos, for in it is eternal life. To he who becomes nothing, he shall attain all things under My guidance and in My Word, for it shall lead him to the Father, for this is My first work.

11. Seek ye to know thy brother, the one next to thee, and thou shalt know all man and thyself.

12. For he that would not give up his life, shall not receive eternal life; but becomes a pawn to the forces of darkness where My Light existeth not and bringeth not eternal life.

13. Where the Light of the Christos exists not, there neither do I partake nor do I give.

14. For let the Light as words from the Ancient Sages light thy path, that the living Light thou shalt receive from the First- born Son of the Father, under the Order in which thou partakest.

15. For he whom stands in My shadow, must live in accordance with My words and teachings which are the teachings of our Father and the Holy Ones of Old.

16. For wherever the sun and the moon rises, there am I, also, on this earth.

17. Entertain all men as though you were entertaining Me, for there are times when you know not whether you are entertaining men or angels.

18. For he that is guided shall be well disciplined, and he that is well disciplined shall be well guided by the Spirit.

19. For the ways of men are fruitless if they are not guided by the Spirit, or ye hear not the sound of My voice.

20. For the path of humility is victory, and the path of power without humility is defeat and loneliness without the heavenly guidance.

21. Unto him who sows without thought of harvest shall come a bountiful harvest in My Light and in My World.

22. For he whom sows with only the view of the harvest shall reap and shall harvest tares, and they shall prick his flesh and he shall not live in comfort and peace.

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