8-Book of Activity

Chapter 8

1. For the rich shall get richer, and they shall devour themselves in their own gluttony.

2. For the rich shall spew their seed across the land, and it shall wither, like the grain in a thistle patch.

3. Aye, I say unto you he that loveth money loveth that which will separate himself from his own soul.

4. But he that disliketh what money represents, shall die of hunger, and My guiding hand shall not be upon him.

5. The law of the land and the Law of God must come together, for man may not be ruled by two laws, but only one.

6. When you eat and you drink in my Name do it not with the unholy.

7. For he that denieth my Father is unholy, and I shall not quench his thirst.

8. Let him who acclaims the Light, open the windows of his soul, that it may come in, lest light break out and he babble like a fool.

9. Let him who denies himself meat also deny himself unholy words, for one means naught without the other.

10. To him that would be silent that he might hear My voice, without speaking to his brother -- let him also look within that he shall see My Child.

11. For he who would tell of God's wonders in riddles is an abomination of the Spirit.

12. Keep not My Father's Glories from thy little children, lest thy soul wander in darkness for thy negligence.

13. For thy mantle shall protect him who looketh at the Christ, and the ways of the Path of attainment shall be lighted by the Christ.

14. He that blocketh the Christ Light with his will buildeth a dam that must break, under the surge of Power.

15. For he that willeth himself into the Glories of God, taketh God's place, and he finds but confusion, for he sees a reflection in himself.

16. Accept My Words that I give you as a child, and thou shalt manifest the Wisdom of the sages.

17. Lie not about Me, or about men. For thou shalt only draw lies for answers about thyself in so doing.

18. The Path to My Father is strewn with people of great knowledge.

19. He who lays his body upon the altar of My Father receives Everlasting Life.

20. For these words are My Words. Obey ye them, and thou shalt be fruitful and flourish.


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