7-Book of Activity

Chapter 7

1. Beware of thy spiritual activity, that it is true; for thine acts are living prayer, and thy words are as solid as the earth. Parade not thy knowledge, lest thy soul be stripped of thy heritage.

2. Guard thy tongue in thy affections, in things of thy affection; and lead not thy female companion into a false path. Thy love and affection, be it carnal or heavenly, should be neutrally understood by the woman of thy affections.

3. In all thy love-making, keep ye My Presence in thy consciousness and the fruits thereof will be joyous.

4. Carry not in thy breast rejection of others into thy sleeping hours.

5. Pray not in many words, but in Truth, leaving ample time for revelation.

6. Be not ashamed of thy Father, lest He be ashamed of thee.

7. Go ye forth and teach the gospel, but administer to all the sick who ask and not receive.

8. Heal not the wounds of the damned, but shelter thyself in these last hours of tribulation, for thou shalt provide. Through the wings of the angels who sent us, thou shall be placed. My chick shall be hidden from the storm.

9. Watch ye close for those with split personalities, for many of these carry evil spirits.

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